PM designs way forward

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Seeking to regroup swiftly after the Local Government polls setback, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday reinforced his intention to priorit ..


Modi and Macron invite Sirisena to Solar Alliance Conference

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:11 Views - 146

On the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron, President Maithripala Sirisena is set to attend the Int


SriLankan staff backs restructuring, wants greater transparency in decision making of national carri

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:10 Views - 292

Calling for an immediate end to the politicisation of the national carrier, the trade union collective of SriLankan Airlines yesterday urged the Gover


Bandula Gunawardana goes to court against Active Liability Management Bill

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:01 Views - 76

Former Deputy Finance Minister Bandula Gunawarda filed a petition before the Supreme Court yesterday seeking a special determination on the proposed A


Rupee ends marginally firmer in dull trade

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:01 Views - 111

(Reuters) - The rupee ended slightly firmer on Friday in dull trade as banks’ dollar selling on remittance inflows surpassed the importer greenback


Commercial Bank ends 2017 on strong footing

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:10 Views - 577

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC has posted profit before VAT and NBT of Rs. 28.064 billion for the year ending 31 December 2017, reflecting growth of 18


Paper on fertilizer subsidy to next Cabinet

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:01 Views - 121

The Agriculture Ministry is set to present a paper at the next Cabinet meeting proposing an increase in fertilizer subsidy to match the market price,


Import levy on potatoes increased

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:01 Views - 45

The Ministry of Finance has increased the special commodity levy imposed on imported potatoes by Rs. 29 per kilogram from midnight yesterday. The cur


Subramaniam elected NOCSL President

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:01 Views - 92

Suresh Subramaniam has been elected the new President of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka, in the first election in two decades. Running a




Gotabhaya files revision application in CA seeking release from Avant Garde case

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:10 Views - 41

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse yesterday filed a revision application in the Court of Appeal on the High Court rejection of his applicat


New frontier of cooperation in infrastructure and connectivity between Indonesia and Sri Lanka

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:05 Views - 53

Indonesia’s Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimoeljono has said that a new frontier of cooperation in infrastructure and connectivity


WB Director calls for more private sector involvement to achieve upper middle-income status

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 44

While Sri Lanka in many ways has been a development success story since its independence 70 years ago, the island nation still faces some critical cha


President kicks off Gama Hada Gamu

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 32

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday kicked off the Gama Hada Gamu rural development program implemented under the Mathin Nidahas Ratak initiative


High Court rejects first accused objections in RADA fraud case

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 322

Colombo High Court Judge Vikum Kaluarachchi rejected the objections raised by the Counsel for the accused appearing for former MP Tiran Alles in the R


Underworld figure D Manju shot dead

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 114

An underworld figure known as Dadallage Manju was shot and killed yesterday in a Special Task Force (STF) operation in Wattala.


Sri Lankans in Seychelles celebrate 70th Independence anniversary

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 28

A commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Independence of Sri Lanka took place in Victoria, Mahe Island, on 3 and 4 February with the participation o


Epoch making ACMC victory hints at shift in Lankan Muslim leadership

Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:00 Views - 87

A major shift in the Sri Lankan Muslim political landscape is evident in the aftermath of inroads made by All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) in the rec


Karu says presenting coalition agreement to P’ment unnecessary

Friday, 23 February 2018 00:10 Views - 96

Presenting the agreement signed between the United National Party (UNP) and the United People’s Freedom Alliance


US Pacific Partnership mission to return to Sri Lanka for second time

Friday, 23 February 2018 00:00 Views - 60

The Asia-Pacific’s largest humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief preparedness mission will return to Sri Lanka for a second


Prosecutor calls Maldives’ extension of state of emergency unconstitutional

Friday, 23 February 2018 00:00 Views - 54

MALE (Reuters) - The extension of a state of emergency in the Maldives was unconstitutional, the country’s prosecutor general has said


Dr. Sara Dissanayake responds to Opposition Leader Sampanthan

Friday, 23 February 2018 00:00 Views - 488

Dr. Sara Dissanayake, whose opinion article titled ‘Looking beyond the current political gridlock: Future of Tamil nationalist politics’



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Saturday, 24 February 2018

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