John assures quicker tourism revival; hails Cinnamon’s move

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Assuring the Government will do its utmost for a quicker revival, Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga yesterday hailed the proactive promotional campaign by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts to boost tourism post-Easter Sunday setback. 

Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs Minister John Amaratunga

“At the moment we are bouncing back to normalcy, whereas other countries that faced similar incidents took years to revive,” the Minister told the audience at the launch of Cinnamon’s “Bring A Friend Home” campaign.  

“We have been able to bounce back within three months, with 4,000 tourist arrivals per day, and flights resuming their operations as usual,” he added.

He outlined a number of initiatives underway, including free visa on arrival for 43 countries from 1 August, and reduced airport levies to attract more airlines, which he believes will contribute significantly to recover the tourism industry back to normalcy.

In terms of the much-awaited and talked global promotion campaign by Sri Lanka Tourism, the Minister said: “Advertisement programs are all on board. The officials are working very hard on it, despite the cumbersome procedures that are there in Government spending. However, before the end of next month the programs will be up and running.”  


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