Alliance must get serious, work quickly and meet deadlines: Rajiva Wijesinha

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The incident he faced as State Minister of Higher Education regarding the removal of the UGC Head and Faizer Mustapha’s resignation as State Minister of Aviation will not negatively impact the 100-day program but is a wakeup call for the whole alliance to realise that it needs to be more serious, says Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha. In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily FT, he also noted that the alliance gave a specific deadline to the people and there were very important pledges that it had done nothing about. “People are expecting us to fulfil these within the mentioned deadlines. We are here to respond to people and we must do so quickly,” he added. However, Wijesinha emphasised that the... 

Public sector efficiency and private sector productivity key to build creative, innovative societies in Sri Lanka

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The progressive action initiated at key public sector institutions are Judiciary, Police and Public Sector bureaucracy     Sri Lanka needs to get things right this time as the hopes and aspirations of the people in the country, particularly the younger generation, is very high. The pre- and post-presidential election platform has created great expectations for a meaningful change where all can experience its impact positively.   Sri Lankan societies live below their potential Sri Lanka is such a unique country not only because of its geographical location in the Indian Ocean but by virtue of many other factors too. Its multi-ethnic, multi-religious population of over 20 million... 

Building profitable organisations through talent, leadership, and culture

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In order to build sustainable profitable organisations, boards would need to ensure that talent, leadership and culture are at the top of their board agenda     Today the challenge for most leaders is centred around building organisations that accomplish the desired results for all stakeholders. This is often called strategy execution. Business leaders are primarily responsibl for delivering results and to do that they need to design and deliver effective organisations that can create competitive advantage. For organisations to win in today’s changing marketplace, they need to continuously differentiate. Therefore, competitive advantage means meeting customer needs in unique ways. Often,... 

Sri Lanka needs to encourage faith, not ‘the’ faith

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I think we may be in danger of squandering yet another good opportunity. Whilst there is a flurry of activity to embrace good governance, heave out corruption – squealing and screeching – by its ear, and pen spanking new additions to the Constitution, there is a giant shush about provisions for religious equality. The general vibe seems to be that all is well, thank you very much. Of course we have our fair share of kovils and temples and churches and mosques, and everyone is free to practise whatever religion they fancy. And this includes worshipping mushrooms or elves, if that is what floats your boat. But is it right – or fair – that a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society has one... 

Unsealing the ‘Ascharya’ deception

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Loans apparently obtained to build roads could have resulted in the roads being built with gold, as keenly pointed out by some politicians     Many a tightly-sealed lid is being opened with vigour, steam and, more importantly, tons of inexhaustible determination. A multitude of weapons are being deployed at suspicious sites and on cankering vaults both locally and in distant lands. It’s a hive of activity and work is reassuringly in progress. Huge clobbers are meted out with weapons of diabolical thrust by an entire battalion of chivalrous soldiers. Sahodarayas from the Hela Urumaya fame, the rotund and World Cup-winning Captain Cool and the inimitable Rathu Sahodarayas are surprisingly... 

Maithri’s mandate and Ranil’s Royalist regency?

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The war on privilege will never end. Its next great campaign will be against the privileges of the underprivileged – H.L. Mencken         Sri Lanka is witnessing a constitutional experiment that is fast turning out to be elitist and exclusionary. A popular mandate seems to be dwarfed by an unelected regency. The President was voted into office by a rainbow coalition on a platform of reforms that produced an electoral activism of exceptional outreach. There is now a clear and present danger of the ‘Maithri’ mandate being misread as a partisan power enterprise instead of the reform project as was intended by the coalition. The mandate for reform received by President... 

Who manages risks, controls and compliance in governance?

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Governance, risk and compliance Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) function is a key focus of the board, CEO and the top team of any global multinational operation. “The business environment over the past few years has experienced an unprecedented series of issues, surprises, and negative events that have increased the focus on the adequacy of organisations’ governance, risk, and control activities. To address strategic issues, some organisations have developed initiatives referred to as GRC, which look across their risk and control functions holistically and seek to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.” [1] A Strategic Framework for Governance, Risk, and Compliance by Mark... 

India-USA-China: The new Government’s foreign policy

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“…we’re going to talk today about President Sirisena’s thoughts about how to move Sri Lanka away from 30 years of war with the Tamils…”–  Secretary of State John Kerry, 12 February 2015     Given that India is Sri Lanka’s only neighbour and that it is a huge country and an Asian power, it is correct that Sri Lanka regards the management of its relations with India as the top priority. Therefore, it is appropriate that the President Sirisena, preceded by the new Government’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, should make New Delhi their first destination. President Sirisena is quite correct to follow this up with a visit to China in March. However, the new Foreign... 

Good governance: The hard road from slogan to reality

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“Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable” – Camus (An Absurd Reasoning) Building up water-tight cases against the Rajapaksas and their close acolytes would be no easy task and a blotched job can discredit the entire effort, as the case of Tissa Attanayake demonstrates On 5 January, the last day of the campaign, newspapers were full of advertisements, most supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa. Unique amongst them was a full page ad by the Diyawadana Nilame and the Basnayake Nilames of 31 devales. The ad denounced ‘local and international forces and other evil people’ who are trying to ‘commit the great sin of destabilising the country’; it also expressed full backing... 

Growth prospects in the food processing industry in Sri Lanka

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The food processing industry in Sri Lanka is one of the emerging and lucrative industries in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects     Food processing sector is indispensable for overall development of an economy as it provides a vital linkage and synergy between the agriculture and industry. It helps to diversify and commercialise farming; enhance income of farmers; create markets for export of agro foods as well as generate greater employment opportunities. Through the presence of such industries, a wider range of food products could be sold and distributed to the distant locations. The term ‘food processing’ is mainly defined as a process of value addition... 

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