Warmongering and statesmanship

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In defeating the LTTE, the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, then Army Commander and the then military leaders did a wonderful job by way of strategic military plans and implementing the same. Sun Tzu, a military commander who lived in China in 5th century BC wrote a book called ‘The Art of War,’ where he discussed military strategies at length. This book is used today as well not only in war but also in marketing, management, sports and statesmanship. Sun Tzu was of the view that the greatest victory was that which required no battle. “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without... 

‘Made in China’ does not mean poor

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Sri Lanka witnessed the 100,000th Chinese tourist coming into Sri Lanka the other day. Ha Yeon and Chen Yu Hua were welcomed at the BIA airport and apparently they decided to come to Sri Lanka upon seeing the bus branding in Shanghau, which made my mind track back to consumer attitude and its formation to source of origin                         Country of Origin – Korean At one time when someone said ‘made in Japan,’ it meant low price and poor quality. Only products manufactured in Germany were considered to be of high quality. However, with brands like Sony and Toyota setting the stage the country of origin ‘Japan’ became... 

Hong Kong and the Arab Spring

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Joshua Wong is a charismatic, small-made, teenage schoolboy, going on 18 years, who wears rectangular glasses and sports a soup-bowl haircut. The other night he stood before an ocean of protesters who had taken over downtown Hong Kong, holding two microphones and addressing the massive crowd. His deep voice was drowned out by cheers. The crowd did not mind, they knew him and his message well. Young Joshua has been at the centre of the democracy movement in Hong Kong which has rattled Beijing’s hold on the city. On 1 October, the day on which the People’s Republic of China – of which Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region – celebrates the takeover of China by the Communist Party... 

Today, 13 October, is International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) Dealing with disasters

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Thirteenth of October in each year is International Day for Disaster Reduction. With the approval of United Nations General Assembly, the first day of IDDR, started in 1989. The purpose of the day is to encourage governments and communities to create a disaster reduction culture including the concepts of disaster preparedness, prevention and mitigation. Ratnapura, Kalutara, Galle, Batticaloa, Polonnaruwa and Kegalle Districts are the most affected by floods The UN is of the view that each individual in a society has an important role to play in disaster reduction and mitigation process. The declaration of IDDR emphasises formation of disaster resilient nations making all members in a society... 

Governments are losing monopoly over economic statistics; it means markets better-informed now

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Offering a yielding handto politicians Politicians love to show better economic performance pictures to their voters. The statistics-producing bodies of governments love to please politicians by generating exactly the reports which the latter would welcome. This joint manoeuvring should be checked by private sector institutions which have to act as a counter force. But in many countries, trade chambers love to endorse such massaged-up reports possibly they are more interested in winning favours from politicians than having credible economic numbers. Thus, the game ploy continues without interruption until things become totally unmanageable. At that stage, the systems do not answer to ordinary... 

Management research: The myths and truths

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Last week was the inauguration of our new batch of doctoral candidates at PIM. It has always been a moment of joy to welcome ‘knowledge creators’ who would contribute to management research whist gaining the highest qualification in the world. When research projects happen, we can look forward to the mega S, which is Success   We deal with management research, which falls into the larger domain of social research. Whilst positive initiatives are being taken, the current situation with respect to research in Sri Lanka is far from a satisfactory level. Today’s column will focus on management research in identifying seven myths associated. At a time where there is a growing awareness... 

Container freight rates to fall further

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Container freight rates to fall further The Shanghai Containerised Index is taking a break for China’s annual Golden Week, but sadly there is no break for the world’s ocean carriers amid reports that rates will decline even further this month. Rates fell across all trade lanes last week on the SCFI and box prices on the Asia-Europe trade fell to their lowest level for nearly a year. Alphaliner warned that the reluctance of carriers to reduce capacity on the Asia-Europe and transpacific trades in the winter slack season will increase pressure on rates even further.   With shipping lines pushing back their October GRIs to mid-month to coincide with Golden Week, Alphaliner warns that attempts... 

Jayalalithaa in her actress avatar sparkled on the silver screen

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The recent conviction and consequent imprisonment of Jayalalithaa Jayaram on charges of acquiring disproportionate wealth during her past term of office (1991-96) has resulted in the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister being under media spotlight for many days now. This week’s ‘Spotlight’ column too will be about Jayalalithaa but the focus will be on certain aspects of her family background, early life and scintillating career as a film star and not on her politics or present plight. People looking at her physical corpulence – which may be a sign of her ill-gotten opulence – would not believe that the rotund lady of today was at one time slim and lissom. Indeed she was and a ravishing... 

A modern consciousness?

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‘The Urban Wetland Park is hereby vested in the citizens of Sri Lanka by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and would remain a lasting testament to the glorious vision contained in the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’ of ushering in modernity to the State, sound health to the nation and picturesqueness to the environment, while bringing more lustre and grandeur to the renowned city of Nugedoda – Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary, Ministry of Defence and Urban Development on this 12th day of January 2013. A visitor to this country can be forgiven for thinking that the majority of Sri Lankans are automatons, living day-to-day in an unthinking... 

Constitution should meet nation’s aspirations, asserts Gammanpila

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Explains Harin Fernando poster fiasco, dissects Uva election outcomes Shares views on third presidential term and BBS policy framework   The Constitution should meet the aspirations of the nation, not those of an individual or a political party, stressed Udaya Gammanpila. Gammanpila, who is in political limelight once again following his challenge to United National Party’s Harin Fernando, pointed out: “In our Constitution, whatever features that had been tailor-made to meet personal needs of any president, politician or political party are bad features and should be amended at the earliest.” A Minister of the Western Provincial Council and a leader of the Jathika Hela Urumaya,... 

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