Leading with impact: Developing your authentic leadership

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It continues to surprise us at CEE Global, through our executive coaching engagements, how many leaders attempt to be one way at work while their true personality emerges outside of work. It is surprising when these same leaders seem shocked or confused when their employees do not trust them, do not like them and cannot really wait to work elsewhere. Authenticity has been explored throughout history, from Greek philosophers to the work of Shakespeare. Authentic leadership has been explored sporadically as part of modern management science, but found its highest levels of acceptance since Bill George’s 2003 book, Authentic Leadership.   Demystifying authentic leadership But what is authentic... 

Adopting Blue Ocean Strategy

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In a world with cutthroat competition prevailing in almost every industry, from telecommunications and FMCG to insurance, outdoing rivals takes a front seat at any cost. Companies’ insatiable appetite to increase market share by initiating price wars, massive discounts and buy-one-get-one-free promotions, etc. will really affect the bottom line by drastically eroding profit margins. This will be exacerbated by globalisation trends where the whole world is connected and information readily available, eliminating trade barriers among nations and thereby increasing throughput (rate of production) through imports and technological enhancements. All these mentioned factors lead to a mammoth influx... 

India has legitimate security concerns

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Chinese submarine docked at a Chinese-built berth   Almost all the newspapers have reported that India has expressed grave concerns over Chinese submarines visiting Colombo. The Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean region has been highlighted by the foreign policy experts all over the world and it never dawned on anyone to expect that a Chinese submarine would ever dock at a Chinese-built berth at the Colombo Harbour. It is truly a “great leap forward” as far as Chinese defence posture is concerned. This has triggered alarm bells in India as this may be considered a breach of the letter and spirit of the Indo-Lanka Agreement in which Sri Lanka has provided guarantees that Sri Lanka... 

Political marketing: Lessons from Modi

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Given that 2 January was announced by the weekend media to be the presidential elections, my mind took me to the sharpest marketing campaigns that we have seen in South Asia that might be relevant to the Sri Lankan candidates. Let me capture the relevance of the key strategies. Voter behaviour trends If I go back to my brand marketing days in the South Asian region when I managed the Dettol brand, and the subsequent national campaigns that we have done in the tourism and export sectors at a national level, we worked on the basis that consumer research can predict consumer behaviour on the propensity of purchase to around 50-60% which again is based on the sample size. However, the real value... 

How different is Rule by Law from Rule of Law?

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Is the Law supreme and the Ruler subject to the Law, or is the Ruler supreme? From ancient times, China has been ruled by law. The Emperor’s edicts were enforced very strictly, to the very letter of the law, literarily and in spirit, in word and deed, by an efficient Confucian bureaucracy, with scant regards for fundamental human rights. The more accountable and transparent Rule of Law was not heard of. However, since the late 1970s, China’s ruling Communist Party has officially been committed to the Rule of Law. In October 2014, when the Communist Party’s Central Committee met in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the subject of focus was ‘Governing the Country According to Law.’ Most... 

The Opposition’s platform and why Mahinda is winning

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I suppose it takes the Sri Lankan Opposition to make the slogan of a common candidate, a source of fissure and the search for unity a source of division. But that’s Sri Lanka, or rather, that’s the Sri Lankan Opposition. It would be fun to have good old CBK as common candidate though I doubt that even the Sri Lankan Opposition is going to do something that corny. CBK would be an entertaining, hard-hitting public speaker on a broad Opposition platform. As candidate though, she’d be able to achieve something really difficult: Poll far fewer votes than even Ranil Wickremesinghe. Not many could match that, unless you count the good Rev. Sobitha.  CBK is that out of sync with the zeitgeist. Chandrika... 

Havies flummoxed by CR

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The weekend saw a couple of upsets in the ongoing league season. Without doubt the loss by Kandy to dark horses Army will be the talking point for a long time to come and may have a bearing on Kandy’s bid for a league title this year. Early as the season may be, Navy appears to be the leading title contenders and the balance spots are up for grabs. The fact that the less fancied teams have shown that they are willing to stand up and be counted is a good sign. Traditional rivals of local rugby, CR and Havelocks, met on Saturday at Longdon place. In years gone by this game would be hosted at the end of the season and would effectively be the grand finale. It would be an event that everyone would... 

The evolution to 5G to support billions of connected devices

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Watches, bracelets, cars – they’re all getting smarter, but this is only the beginning. IDC has forecasted that by 2020, there will be 212 billion smart devices as the Internet of Things takes off. To ensure all these devices will be reliably connected to help people make real-time decisions and further improve their lives, we will have to evolve beyond 4G LTE into 5G. The truth is the current standard capabilities will not withhold the high volume of connected things in the near future. Because 5G is still in early development, there are many proposals and debates on its roadmap. However, one certainty is that 5G will be unlike any other wireless communication standard before it, addressing... 

Highlights of High Impact HR

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I had the opportunity of participating in one of the largest HR conferences in the world last week. The annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), UK, was held at the Manchester Conventions Centre on 5 and 6 November. Today’s column is a recollection and reflection of the reminiscences of the CIPD 2014 conference with the theme, ‘High Impact HR’. From left: NHRC 2015 Chairman Ajantha Dharmasiri, CIPD CEO Peter Cheese and President IPM Rohitha Amarapala   Overview The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition is the one event in the year which HR professionals around the world look forward to. There were more than 50 sessions on key HR topics with... 

Please mind the gap

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Suppose you are in the middle of a crummy burb of Colombo. Imagine that you need to whisk yourself from where you are stationed to a last-minute client meeting that starts in just under thirty minutes at one of the myriad Cinnamon establishments that pepper the city. Let us be a tad more specific. Let us say that you don’t have access to your own petrol-guzzler, that you only have a couple of hundred rupees and that you are entirely reliant on our public transport. You stand at the edge of the main street that slices through the crummy place in question, you are dressed to put Don Draper to shame; you are armed, of course, with confidential client documents and you need to emerge at the said... 

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