Thursday 24th April 2014

Avurudu awakening

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Another Avurudu is round the corner. Holidays give us time to refresh, reflect and renew. As Sinhalese and Tamils unite in enjoying the festive times together, it radiates the symbol of national unity. Today’s column on Humane Results is a relaxed reflection on the need to collectively awaken towards prosperity through productivity. Significance of Avurudu Goodwill, happiness and joy fill the air and the hearts of people of Sinhala and Tamil homes during the New Year. The familiar sound of the koha and the rhythm of the drums are heard. Old customs are revived and people exchange greetings. Age old Sinhalese and Tamil traditions and popular customs which were meticulously observed by the... 

Sports is a catalyst for development and peace

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6 April is International Day of Sports for Development and Peace  Sports have become world language. A common denominator that breaks down all the walls, all the barriers. It is a worldwide industry whose practices can have widespread impact. It is a powerful tool for progress and development – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Sports are defined as physical activities that contribute to physical fitness, mental health and social interactions. They include recreation, playing, modern and traditional sports and games and organised competitions. During the past, sports were aimed at producing amusement, fun and pleasure. Considerations on preserving physical fitness and health had been secondary... 

Lessons and options for Govt. and Opposition

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In a famous moment in the history of Hollywood movies in Don Siegel’s iconic film Dirty Harry begins with Clint Eastwood, playing Inspector Harry Callahan says “I know what you’re thinking — did he fire six shots or only five…” In similar vein I can tell what the strategists of the Opposition are thinking after the Provincial Council election: “when we add the total vote of the ethnic and religious minorities to the 25% plus that the UNP has got, we can get the 50.1% we need to beat Mahinda Rajapaksa.” In that movie scene, Dirty Harry went on to add a qualifier: “but seein’ as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and could blow your head clean... 

Discipline at rugby games

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As I write this there a buzz about town as Sri Lanka prepare to take on giant killers the Windies in the T20 semi-finals. Thus there is very little talk about school rugby and for a change it has taken a back seat. Only two games are scheduled for Saturday with Kingswood taking on Science in Kandy and the Joes playing Royal. On their day the Joes are capable of upsetting any side and will obviously look at ironing out their weaknesses. Royal under new coach Martis are out to prove a point but do not look a championship side. It’s still early days as all the sides have just played two matches each and the usual lack of match practice and teething problems of a new team was very much in evidence.... 

A chink in the armour!

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The Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa is having a spectacularly bad week. Technically, with the two assemblies lapsing in late April, March 29 elections for the Western and Southern Provincial Councils took place on schedule. But the polls were also extraordinarily timed – with a little help from the Elections Department – to take place 24 hours after the UN Human Rights Council vote on a US resolution that would launch a war crimes investigation into the last seven years of Sri Lanka’s war against the LTTE. Calls had been mounting for an international investigation to be set up by the Council in March 2014 and President Rajapaksa, who has mastered the art of using international... 

The fall of the Titans/rise of the Olympians?

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The Sri Lankan people have spoken – loud and clear… The people speak of their Government With the rays of dawn on our paradise isle, the Hiru Deviyo (Sun god) of our forefathers also ushered in a rare occasion where our faith can be reaffirmed in the provisions of Article 3 of the Constitution which some of us sworn to uphold and protect; that Sovereignty of this great Republic lies in its people; that it is inalienable and only vested for a limited period (however long it may seem) on institutions (Article 4 – which includes both the government and opposition in the Legislature) to be exercised “in Public Trust” for our ultimate benefit; that when it appears not to be so, the people... 

Petes in lacklustre win over Science

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Over the past few years Science has shot into the limelight in the school rugby scene. The fact that they are in Division I, speaks volumes of their ability and meteoritic rise as certain teams that have been playing rugby for a much longer period of time are languishing at the bottom. In any sport attitude plays a big part in the success of the team. Science College have a very positive ‘can do’ attitude, and they have loads of self belief. Teams with a reputation mean nothing to them as they go and play as they know best. Thus against the Peterites they did just that. They went out and played their hearts out giving the much fancied Petes a torrid time. The Petes had come into this game... 

Fishy politics in Palk Bay

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Indian Prime Minister stakes Domestic politics in Lanka and imminent Parliamentary elections in India have brought into sharp focus the issue of fishing in Palk Bay. The Government in Colombo seems unable to reconcile itself to conceding a role for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC) in dealing with India on this issue; only Ministers from Delhi, Colombo and Chennai, Tamil Nadu State and not the NPC have met on this issue. Recently a group of Lankan fishers from the Jaffna Peninsula met with their counterparts from Tamil Nadu, in India to have a discussion on the issue of alleged poaching by Tamil Nadu fishers in the Lankan waters of Palk Bay. The... 

Can time be actually managed?

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It is very unfortunate that the UNHCR resolution and the subsequent activities that the media has been reporting will definitely have an impact to the overall competitiveness of the country. A point that the world forgets to note is that Sri Lanka lost over 200 billion dollars due to the war on tourism, FDI and the cost of managing containing one of the most ruthless terror organisations that the world has seen. But post-2009 Sri Lanka’s rating has increased from 87 to 51, which just indicates the pent-up economic growth that the country unleashed. But now the country will have to manage the ramifications from the development post-Geneva. Public sector – market drive Given that Sri Lanka... 

Opportunities and threats of infrastructure development

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This article is an analysis of the opportunities and threats presented with the development of infrastructure (focusing on roads) and its effects on the SME sector in the country. It is indeed encouraging to witness the rapid development of the road network in the country. This development is cause for more efficient information dissemination in country to every nook and corner which provides for more information being shared more regularly with the consumer. What are the implications of this?  Consumers will be driven in their purchasing behaviour more to do with emotional drive, attractive advertisements and promotions rather than based on need.  Large companies also use popular personalities... 

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