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Easter Sunday bombings and spy agencies in Sri Lanka – Part I

Views - 142 Friday, 14 June 2019 00:00

By Bentota Unnanse Why do we need intelligence services? Many people are questioning this, after the Easter Sunday bombings by the extremist group ideologically inspired by Islamic State, though most of the bombers never maintained any direct contact

Sri Lanka Tourism gets third chance: will we blow it?

Views - 641 Thursday, 13 June 2019 00:00

Whilst many are looking at the downturn in Sri Lanka tourism, in my view, we have got a third chance to make Sri Lanka Tourism a world-beater in the future. We can use the next year to re-position the brand, just like Bhutan and Rwanda Tourism, did t

ADIC fumes against Mangala’s proposal to license import foreign cigarettes to Sri Lanka

Views - 93 Thursday, 13 June 2019 00:00

The aim of the Ministry of Finance in offering licensing to import foreign cigarettes to Sri Lanka must be to increase revenue for the country. If so, they can easily achieve this aim by applying a rational tax policy to the existing tobacco company.

Silver lining in cloudy storms

Views - 449 Thursday, 13 June 2019 00:00

Sri Lankans, last week, saw a different side to Parliament - of what it is capable of doing, and meant to do, apart from providing the public with endless entertainment with chili powder and butter knives. Rather than getting at each other’s throat

Believing and belonging: A Muslim dilemma

Views - 374 Thursday, 13 June 2019 00:00

At a time when an entire community is unjustly called upon to account for the barbarism of a few lunatics, and, because of that, when an organised mob, backed by sections of the media, saffron-clad firebrands, racist law enforcers and power-hungry po

Divided political leadership led to Easter Sunday IS attacks: Prof. Gunaratna

Views - 306 Thursday, 13 June 2019 00:00

The Easter Sunday suicide attacks by the Islamic State (IS) happened not due to lapses in intelligence services, but due to the divided leadership, international counter terrorism expert Prof. Rohan Gunaratna said last week. “During this period, we

Don’t let national security suffer through PSC proceedings

Views - 42 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

Dear Mr. Speaker, I write this with reference to the media statement issued by your office, on your behalf, dated 8 June 2019, regarding the current controversies over the proceedings of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on the Terrorist Atta

‘For your eyes only’ or ‘eyes only?’

Views - 196 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

If one phrase sticks out from the babel of voices that followed the chaos of 21 April, it surely is ‘eyes only’. ‘Men only’, ‘tourists only’, ‘invitees only’, we are familiar with the diktat explicit in the words, but ‘eyes only’?

Creating ethnic and religious harmony in Sri Lanka

Views - 146 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

The purpose of this article is to discuss ways and means of creating harmony among the various ethnic and religious communities in Sri Lanka (SL) in order to lay a stable foundation for speedy economic recovery mainly to alleviate poverty. The Easter

Bhikkhus who go against Buddhism and the Muslim ministers who follow it

Views - 253 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

All Muslim ministers resigned in protest of the anti- Muslim campaign of Buddhist Bhikkhus Athuraliye Rathana, a politician, and Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara, a political activist. Prior to that, Governors Azath Salley and M.L.A.M. Hizbullah had resigne

Strong Sri Lanka-Russia ties poised to grow further

Views - 124 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

On 12 June, Russia celebrates its major National Holiday – Russia Day. It is a great pleasure to congratulate all the compatriots who are fortunate to be in Sri Lanka as well as our Sri Lankan friends on this solemn occasion. This day the Russian p

India’s foreign policy, with special emphasis on national security

Views - 78 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Taranjit Singh Sandhu delivered the keynote address at the inauguration of the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute’s (BDTI) 21st Diploma in Diplomacy & World Affairs Course recently. BDTI D

NEETs: an analysis of Sri Lanka’s disengaged youth

Views - 107 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

The world stands on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution, where dramatic changes in technological advancements will have profound impacts on the future employment landscape and skill requirements. This means that engaging in lifelong learning

To be a child is to be a dreamer

Views - 190 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 00:00

One in a hundred! That is how many children in Sri Lanka are in child labour, skipping out on regular schooling. These young ones and teenagers are foregoing basic education or tertiary level vocational skill-set attainment; unwittingly pushed and pu

Election Commission Jaffna’s foundation stone: tombstone or hero stone?

Views - 204 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:14

GA and District Secretary Vedanayahan, Prabhus assembled here, including women, friends: When I accepted appointment as a Member of the Commission, it was on a happy day. We had come out of a hellish, brutish period when many men and women had been d

Grieve for our country in crisis; prevent a descent into ‘Yamapalanaya’: Friday Forum

Views - 75 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:13

Even as our country was struggling to cope after the Easter Sunday terrorism, sharing in solidarity a collective sense of grief with victims, violence erupted on 13May. Information in the public domain indicates that the destruction of private proper

People should beware of imposters

Views - 22 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:00

I read the article captioned‘A democratic people’s revolution’ in an English daily of 28 May , with dismay, for several reasons. The article, purportedly dealing with the prevailing security situation and corrupt governance, is incoherentto the

Keep it clean: A reflection

Views - 1174 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:00

A Colombo taxi driver informed a customer that he was a Muslim. It sounded like an apology. His two previous hires had been cancelled after his cultural identity had been guessed. In the hill-country, a group of persons got into a heated argument wi

Is a trap being set for the Presidential Election?

Views - 127 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:00

Rathana and Gnanasara Theros are back. They were almost forgotten in recent times and with the Presidential Election close by, an opportunity has been presented to them to be in the limelight again. As we tend to have short memories, it is worthwhile

What makes a good president for the country?

Views - 290 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 00:00

Election Committee Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya got straight to the point recently and stated that the next Presidential Election must be held between 15 November and 7 December. Based on the historical information, the 2019 Election will be the eight

Nationalism helps democracy to survive, but only up to a limit

Views - 6045 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:20

Claim that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala-Buddhist country Sri Lanka is hailed by many, mainly by those who are ethnically Sinhalese and religion-wise Buddhists, as a Sinhala-Buddhist country. This is not an arrangement which it has got under its Constitutio

Gubernatorial and Ministerial resignations, monks and law

Views - 241 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:18

The resignation en masse of two Muslim governors and all Muslim ministers and deputies is an unprecedented political act in the history of Sri Lankan democracy and Muslim politics. If they had not relinquished their privileges yet, as some reports s

The presidential hopefuls – Have they not read Article 43?

Views - 896 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:16

The national poll for the election of the next president is required to be held between 8 November and 8 December this year. Since the incumbent President has now indicated that he might not be seeking re-election, Sri Lanka’s next president will a

Are we a country without ethics, a moral code and shame?

Views - 377 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:14

The saying ‘dogs may bark but the caravan moves on’ is found in many languages from the Middle East to India. In Turkish and Azerbaijani, it rhymes [it ürür, kervan yürür (in Turkish), and it hürər, karvan keçər (in Azerbaijani)], sugg

‘For your eyes only’ or ‘eyes only’?

Views - 118 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:10

If one phrase sticks out from the babel of voices that followed the chaos of 21 April, it surely is ‘eyes only’. ‘Men only,’ ‘tourists only,’ ‘invitees only,’ we are familiar with the diktat explicit in the words, but ‘eyes only’?

Lurking in the shadows: A closer look at multidimensional poverty in Sri Lanka

Views - 279 Monday, 10 June 2019 00:00

Sunil is a labourer who lives in a small hut with his wife, and their two children, aged seven and four years. Both Sunil and his wife have had schooling only up to grade five. Their hut has no electricity or proper sanitation facilities. The elder c

Learn lessons from Sri Lanka attack to prevent future attacks

Views - 198 Saturday, 8 June 2019 00:10

‘Israel never hesitated to share intelligence with the relevant authority’ – Schweitzer

Stop! In the name of love and respect

Views - 198 Saturday, 8 June 2019 00:10

By Dilkie Umagiliya I am horrified at the overload of communalism and racism circulating in social media and the irresponsible coverage in the electronic and print media. Free press and freedom of speech does not mean this ‘freedom’ is demonised.

India’s elections making history

Views - 73 Saturday, 8 June 2019 00:10

By Swaran Singh Thursday saw general elections results for 543 seats of the 17th Lower House of India’s National Parliament, reinforcing most of the preceding exit poll predictions that had already set television screens on fire since Monday mornin

The Donald Trump mythos

Views - 47 Saturday, 8 June 2019 00:01

The overarching pretension of America is that it believes itself to be the final telomere of every human society. It believes, in the words of a US military officer in Stanley Kubrick’s macabre masterpiece ‘Full Metal Jacket’ that: “Inside ev

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Is Sri Lanka under the dominance of a powerful cabal?

Saturday, 15 June 2019

There is a saying that “A fish rots from the head”. That is the expression used when a country’s leadership is seen as responsible for violence and unethical behaviour of its supporters and the citizens in general - agitating the majority commu

Behind the scenes

Saturday, 15 June 2019

We see and hear many things happening on the stage. Some we only hear about and do not see. More things are happening without being seen clearly. An observation with extensive view and survey will be the only means of bringing to light the true natur

My way or the Huawei: global battle for 5G dominance and its impact on Sri Lanka

Friday, 14 June 2019

The ongoing battle between the US and the Chinese tech giant Huawei is escalating due to both parties’ eagerness to dominate 5G technology, the next major global technological revolution. It will define the future of the World Wide Web, creating a

Plunder of public property by rulers

Friday, 14 June 2019

While the failure to build the modern nation has been the prime factor that had caused the wretchedness of Sri Lanka, plundering of public property by rulers when they are under their custody can be considered the next vital factor that had exacerbat

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