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Disqualifying twice-elected presidents: A failed endeavour?

Views - 31 Tuesday, 21 August 2018 00:00

By Dr. Nihal Jayawickrama One of the declared objectives of the Government in introducing the Bill for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was to restore the provision that no person who had been twice elected to the office of President by the Peo

Fiscal consolidation – Wrong solution for debt

Views - 50 Tuesday, 21 August 2018 00:00

“The debt burden is so high, the Government does not have the capacity to revive the economy.” “Fiscal consolidation is underway to reduce the budget deficit.” “Public debt would be brought down to 70% of GDP by 2020.” These are some of t

Tea industry sans glyphosate?

Views - 90 Tuesday, 21 August 2018 00:00

By Gamini Weerasinghe After the recent landmark order delivered by a court in San Francisco, US, where cancer patient Dewayne Johnson, who was ruled to have developed the disease through regular contact with glyphosate, was awarded compensation of $

Rule of Law and unruly legislators

Views - 4 Monday, 20 August 2018 00:00

Representative democracy is subject to many challenges in this era of acceleration. It is observed that outcomes of many elections held in mature and amateur democracies across the regions; the popular will of the majority to rule is often gets side-

GSP Plus impact

Views - 327 Monday, 20 August 2018 00:00

Sri Lanka was blackballed and lost its GSP+ concession in August 2010 due to allegations of human rights, resulting in a loss of export revenues till the reinstatement of GSP+ in May 2017 of Rs. 150-250 billion.

In search of an alternative economic development model

Views - 126 Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:00

One of the objectives of the open economic policy as articulated by President J.R Jayewardene in 1977 was to have an export-led growth strategy and to accelerate international trade and investments. This would enable the country to eventually have a

Fisheries cooperation in EEZ is an economic advantage for India, SL and Maldives

Views - 131 Friday, 17 August 2018 00:10

The ocean has long been a source of economic livelihood for billions of people worldwide. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), oceans contribute $1.5 trillion annually in value-added to the overall economy.

A journey to keep the land forested

Views - 202 Friday, 17 August 2018 00:10

An interview with Dr. Ranil Senanayake who introduced the model of analog foresting to the world

Sagaa Dharmasena lived a full life and moulded some excellent citizens

Views - 88 Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00

G in his initials stood for the very common Gamini. But I have never heard anyone call him by that name. Those who refer to him would refer to him as Sagaa and his equals would call him Dharme and the junior teachers and students would call him Dharm

Mediating radicalism of the undergraduate youth of Sri Lanka

Views - 147 Thursday, 16 August 2018 00:00

By Piyumani Ranasinghe Against the backdrop of all nine faculties of the University of Peradeniya being closed, due to an alleged ‘crisis’ situation at the Engineering Faculty, there is no better time to ponder on the question of undergraduate ra

Should weak financial institutions be allowed to exit?

Views - 480 Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:10

Recently there were protests by depositors of several distressed finance companies in the country. Angry protesters gathered in front of the relevant entities and Government buildings, demanding redress.

Sri Lankan consumer sinking ?

Views - 746 Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:10

Globally we see that when an economy gets challenged at the corporate end, it has a ripple effect on the consumer, leading to protests, strikes and agitation. The latter is often termed by politicians as having linkage to

The emergence of medicocracy – Challenge to both Government and Opposition alike

Views - 187 Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:10

That a political agenda lies behind the GMOA trade union actions is now beyond doubt. We had suspected this all along through the line of serial lightning strikes carried out by the doctors ever since the Yahapalanaya Government had been installed.

A different National Export Strategy

Views - 49 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00

This is an attempt to provide a framework for a five-year National Export Strategy consisting of five broad segments. Government budget support – the key starting point Considering the national importance of this initiative, the Government itself

Why other countries are giving China a licence to print money

Views - 59 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00

South China Morning Post: China is printing foreign currencies on a massive scale as Beijing seeks to increase its influence on the world economy and geopolitics. Multiple sources in the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation confirmed to th

Jaffna uniquely positioned for dual-hub IT strategy: Stax

Views - 470 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00

Sri Lanka’s leading management consulting firm, Stax, recently launched a research report outlining a dual-hub IT strategy for Jaffna. In collaboration with Market Development Facility (MDF), STAX released this report with a view to fostering the r

Improving Sri Lanka’s learning outcomes: Get the ABCs right before following others!

Views - 111 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00

By Ashani Abayasekara Sri Lanka’s National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) recently put forward a proposal to eliminate all examinations until students reach 17 years of age, following in the footsteps of world’s top Finnish education system.

War-affected women with disabilities cry for recognition

Views - 766 Tuesday, 14 August 2018 00:00

By Shanika Sriyananda The LTTE cadres were at their doorstep that night, to recruit one member from the family to fight against the on-going military thrust that was progressing rapidly towards Mullaitivu in 2008. They were eyeing to drag Devi Selv

Tackling the threat of climate change

Views - 228 Monday, 13 August 2018 00:07

In an effort to set forth a cohesive discussion on the opportunities available in response to threats and impacts posed by climate change, Dilmah Conservation and Global Compact Network Sri Lanka and Biodiversity Sri Lanka organised the inaugural Cli

Dayan J. responds to NGO ‘civil society’ petition submitted to Parliamentary High Posts Committee

Views - 166 Saturday, 11 August 2018 01:45

This rebuttal is dated 5 July. The responses are to individual points made in the ‘civil society’ petition. The points made in the petition are in inverted commas, while my responses are in bold type.

What neoliberals they are: Reply to Advocata

Views - 128 Friday, 10 August 2018 00:10

Avocado’s analysis (‘What kind of liberals are these?’, 29 June) inspired retort from ‘Fellows of the Advocata Institute’ (‘The kind of ‘liberals’ we are’, 24 July). These Fellows accuse us of “casting aspersions on their motives

Underwater myth of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port deal

Views - 324 Friday, 10 August 2018 00:10

A $ 1.12-billion agreement, a 99-year lease and “debt diplomacy” are some of the flashy words weaving different stories about the Hambantota Port project between China and Sri Lanka. But what is really happening under the turbulent waters of the

The origin of Sinhalese written law tradition alias Niti Nighanduva

Views - 71 Friday, 10 August 2018 00:10

The autochthonous administration of justice system that evolved in the hands of indigenous people from immoral days in Sri Lankacannot be liberated from the formative legal structure. Perhaps, bearing counter minds on this light, dozens of Western w

Fair Trader cries foul, not understanding that consolidation of shipping is a global phenomena

Views - 115 Thursday, 9 August 2018 00:00

By the Son of the Sea Reading the poorly-worded article published in Daily FT under the heading ‘Strong monopoly regulations a must if Sri Lanka needs to be an international centre of excellence,’ I thought it is right to respond to this maliciou

A Fill-T look at Sinhala rap videos, pornography and women

Views - 662 Wednesday, 8 August 2018 00:00

A Sinhala rap music video was the talk of the town a couple of weeks ago. The video for the song ‘Malli’ by the rapper Fill-T

Why not levy a ‘Kunu’ tax?

Views - 110 Wednesday, 8 August 2018 00:00

Now almost all of us pay a nominal santhosam to the garbage collector to facilitate the easy disposal of our garbage.

‘Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration in Sri Lanka’ by Dr. Harsha Cabral, President’s Counsel

Views - 103 Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:09

I am indeed happy to do a review of this book for three main reasons. Firstly, the book relates to a very important aspect of Commercial Law and Practice in this country. Secondly, this is a definitive book on the subject which anyone interested in a

Strong monopoly regulations a must if Sri Lanka to be international centre of excellence: Part II

Views - 158 Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:08

By The Fair Trader Clear evidence of the intention of monopolistic behaviour further exposed Monopolistic behaviour does not happen overnight: it’s a gradual acquisition of competing forces, and gaining control of the larger market share, in most i

National Export Strategy a critical review

Views - 103 Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:07

The National Export Strategy (NES) was launched recently, while trade data for the month of May was also published around the same time.

Playing politics with the MMDA

Views - 140 Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:00

As with everything of value for this country & everything that should matter to the citizens of this country seems political clout and political longevity override all other considerations. It has taken over 30 years for some of the finest representa

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Identifying traitors: I cannot wait until Dr. Padeniya presents his point scheme

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Cause for excitement I am excited! A way of identifying and measuring a traitor is soon to be unveiled; by no less than the President of the GMOA! Hasn’t he also qualified in some department of neurology? All the more reason to justify my excitemen

The evils of translocating wild elephants

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The subject of translocating wild elephants has been a much-debated topic recently, after the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWLC), acting on the orders of the Minster for Wildlife, wanted to move the only two wild elephants habituating the Sin

Singapore miracle – How SL could benefit from trade with Singapore

Monday, 20 August 2018

According to a media report released by President’s Media Division, a committee of experts has been appointed by the President to examine and report on ‘the practical impact and use of the proposed officer policy guidelines and recommendations on

High NPAs in SME sector: Who is responsible?

Monday, 20 August 2018

Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of the banking sector have been increasing in the recent past. Gross NPA ratio reached about 3.3% as at end of May2018 recording an increase of about 0.8% over the past five months.

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