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Putting spirituality into practice: Changing Sri Lanka’s education paradigm

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What’s wrong with the existing education paradigm? The existing education system produces thousands of so-called ‘educated individuals’ every year. How useful are they? How have they changed Sri Lanka for the better? How much of creativity, wis

Harmony Quote

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“It is great wisdom to know how to be silent and to look at neither the remarks, nor the deeds, nor the lives of others” – Saint John of the Cross

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“Those whose consciousness is unified, abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace. But those whose desires are fragmented, who are selfishly attached to the results of their work, are bound in everything that they do.

Each human being is an ambassador of peace and understanding: narratives from Jaffna

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November and December are months that are coolest in the North of Sri Lanka, and 2019, the year that just ended, saw these two months being quite damp, with intermittent heavy rains. One thing that never fails to impress this writer, who has lately d

Another chance to evolve into a better version of ourselves; 2020

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In just a few more days we will be celebrating yet another brand new year. We have celebrated many new years in our lives and this is yet another one. After the festivities of 31st night and 1 January, we ofte

An inter-religious perusal of divine love

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By Fr. M.V.E. Ravichandran I fled Him down the nights and down the days I fled Him down the arches of the years I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind, and in the midst of tears I hid from him, and under running laughter. ……. Rise,

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“Being is desirable because it is identical with beauty, and beauty is loved because it is being….We ourselves possess beauty when we are true to our own being; ugliness is in going over to another order; knowing ourselves, we are beautiful; in


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How does one relate to the word ‘Harmony’? It is a word that is used across spheres; to describe peace within oneself and one’s outer world, fellowship within communities and also to describe anything that is perfect in its alignment.

The white-collar boy in a green paddy field

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Nalaka Priyadarshana works a regular nine-to-five job in the chaos of Colombo, facing the usual problems of noisy traffic, clogged drains and urban stress that is the hallmark of life of young urban professionals in any Asian megacity.

Seeking the spirituality of Christ this Christmas

Views - 26 Saturday, 21 December 2019 00:02

Christmas is now a universal commercial festival. Unfortunately it is not seen as a universal spiritual festival. By the word ‘spiritual’ what is meant here is that it is not remembered for the achieving of a higher consciousness....

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Our lives affect others, whether directly, through the environment, or by the force of our example. For instance, we could say that smoking shows a lack of love.

Urgent need to go to our roots for a harmonious life

Views - 14 Saturday, 14 December 2019 00:02

Last week we featured some health related indigenous knowledge of our country presented at a symposium by the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASL) titled Common Heritage and held on 30 November. It is pertinent to mention

Key insights from Omalpe Sobhitha Nayaka Thero

Views - 15 Saturday, 14 December 2019 00:02

Last week we featured a segment of the deliberations made at the RASL symposium, focusing on Indigenous Medicine, Health Care and Wellbeing. Today we feature some of the points made by Omalpe Sobhitha Nayaka Thero at the RASL symposium, on ‘Food Et

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People say, “What is the sense of our small effort?” They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time”

The way towards ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka: A spiritual perspective

Views - 78 Saturday, 7 December 2019 00:04

We often perceive ethnic diversity as a problem, as a source of conflicts. When we are fed-up with conflicts between different ethnic populations in our society, some even say how nice it would be if there is only one ethnic population in our society

A brief look at pre-colonial wellbeing models of traditional medicine

Views - 26 Saturday, 7 December 2019 00:02

‘Common Heritage’ was the theme at the symposium organised by the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASSL) on 30 November to celebrate its 175th anniversary. The themes that were presented were: Indigenous Medicine, Healthcare and wellbeing in

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We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth

Garbage and mindfulness

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The past week saw the miracle of spick and span garbage-free roads in some parts of Colombo and reports that garbage was cleared off roads within two hours in areas of Maharagama on the directive of the new Presid

Transformation of the world can come only from inner transformation in individuals

Views - 51 Saturday, 30 November 2019 00:01

When individuals transform, families transform; when families transform, communities transform; when communities transform, countries transform; when countries transform, the world transforms – Prof. Rohana Ulluwishewa

Author of award-winning book ‘Spirituality Demystified’ explains his work

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Q: ‘Spirituality Demystified – Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms’, is your second book. Your first book was ‘Spirituality and Sustainable Development’. Could you give a background on your early academic career, the study discipli

Let us be the leaders our country needs

Views - 35 Saturday, 16 November 2019 00:05

Last week this page carried a review of an internationally award winning book titled ‘Spirituality Demystified – Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms’. This is a book that breaks into small bits the misconceptions of that mysterious wor

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“Where are you searching for me, friend? Look! Here I am right within you. Not in temple nor in mosque. Not in Kaaba nor Kailas. But here right within you am I.”

Love humanity

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This below poem forms part of a manuscript of poetry being compiled for publication by a group of followers of the Naqshqbqndi Sufi Order, from Sri Lanka and abroad. Note: In the Sufi Islamic tradition promoting love and peace as preached by Proph


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How does one relate to the word ‘Harmony’? It is a word that is used across spheres; to describe peace within oneself and one’s outer world, fellowship within communities and also to describe anything that is perfect in its alignment.

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Most of us cannot help comparing ourselves with others, at least now and then. In fact this has become so entrenched today that in order to have self-esteem, it seems almost necessary to say “I am better than he is, so I am good.”

Book review: ‘Spirituality Demystified: Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms’

Views - 157 Saturday, 9 November 2019 01:58

‘Spirituality Demystified: Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms’, is the second book of Rohana Ulluwishewa, an award-winning author on topics linking ‘spirituality’ with the practical, such as the concept of ‘sustainability’ linke

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Who has not found the heaven below, will fail of it above. God’s residence is next to mind. His furniture is love. EMILY DICKINSON

Role of Muslims in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday carnage

Views - 210 Saturday, 2 November 2019 00:01

Deshabandu Jezima Ismail, prominent educator and social activist, speaks to Suryamithra Vishwa on the role of Muslims in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday terror. Following are excerpts of the interview:

Using Buddhism for peace

Views - 9 Saturday, 2 November 2019 00:00

Last year in March, the Digana area of Kandy went up in flames with anti-Muslim violence. Years of culmination of one particular community being seen as the ‘other’ and conspiracy theories spread freely on social media helped to steer the violenc

Strategies to combat the dengue menace

Views - 25 Saturday, 26 October 2019 00:10

One of the concerns in Sri Lanka these days is the rise of cases of dengue. Various efforts are being made by the authorities, and the Colombo Municipality personnel have been going around clearing plants...

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Research and Development: Is it essential for Sri Lanka?

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Not long ago, on the day of our 71st Independence Day celebrations, the Army for the first time in our history paraded a locally built Multi-Barrel rocket launcher. It was never revealed that the Sri Lanka Army had an R&D wing named Center for Resear

Our heritage is Kandyan law; not Roman Dutch law as Rathana Thero thinks

Thursday, 23 January 2020

There were four bills presented by private members to the Parliament on 8 January (one bill is to be presented) which were already advertised in the gazette. They were to repeal the Kandyan Marriage and Divorce Act No. 44 of 1952; to repeal the Musli

Sri Lanka at tipping point ?

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Let’s accept it, Sri Lanka is in trouble with the economy growing at +2.6%, exports declining for the fifth month in a row to register a marginal +1% growth, tourism declining by -20% and S&P credit rating at B with Negative Outlook, which sure ind

The importance of business incubators for emergence of new businesses

Thursday, 23 January 2020

The new Government is poised to enter an arena in the development of entrepreneurship in the country which most of the developed countries have succeeded at the initial stages as well as in continuous efforts. The appointment of the new chairman and

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