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A two-way street

Views - 52 Saturday, 11 May 2019 00:10

Engagement between communities is a two-way street that requires empathy, patience, understanding and a genuine commitment to progressive ideals. Unfortunately all of these qualities are in short supply in Sri Lanka at the moment and the situation is

Data protection

Views - 97 Friday, 10 May 2019 00:00

In the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks, the Government has proposed to develop and implement a high-tech system that will be able to track people and allow the State to collect sweeping information of their citizens. The fear of such a central

Identity politics

Views - 72 Thursday, 9 May 2019 00:00

Identity politics is a two edged sword. Around the world as well as in Sri Lanka identity politics was embraced by politicians belonging to different communities on the grounds that these underdog communities should be politically empowered to fight

Role models for peace

Views - 53 Wednesday, 8 May 2019 00:00

Much praise has been heaped on Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith following the Easter Sunday attacks. Immediately after the blasts and in the subsequent days, he behaved with exemplary restraint, attempting to bring communities together at a time when Sri Lan

Effective measures

Views - 53 Tuesday, 7 May 2019 00:00

A temporary social media ban was put in place on Sunday night after clashes erupted in Negombo. The move came as a surprise to many, but it was lifted hours later. In Digana and the recent Easter Sunday attacks, social media bans lasted for days. In

Moderates to the fore

Views - 43 Monday, 6 May 2019 00:00

As Sri Lanka adjusts to a new normal after the Easter Sunday attacks, the public remains concerned about national security and political actions taken to deal with the aftermath of the suicide bombings. Several steps have been taken and others propos

Place limits on political fodder

Views - 52 Saturday, 4 May 2019 00:01

For any decent-minded person, the idea of the Easter Sunday attacks being used for political agendas is an inherently abhorrent notion. But in Sri Lanka’s highly politicised environment, this is more than likely. The latest indication that the E

Revival strategies

Views - 51 Friday, 3 May 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka’s private sector in a show of unity has called on President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to come together to help revive the economy after the horrific Easter Sunday attacks. Penning a letter to the two lea

Anti-social impact of social media

Views - 56 Thursday, 2 May 2019 01:37

Since the lifting of the social media ban by President Maithripala Sirisena this week, communication has become easier for many millions of people still reeling from the Easter Sunday attacks, but the fight against misinformation and fake news must b

May Day

Views - 57 Wednesday, 1 May 2019 00:00

Roads in Colombo will be empty of the rallies which have colourfully celebrated May Day for decades. But the need for workers to be celebrated remains true. Working conditions in Sri Lanka still need to be celebrated, and acknowledgement of sacrifice

Learning the right lessons

Views - 49 Tuesday, 30 April 2019 00:00

Fear is the goal of terrorism. Sri Lanka knows what terror feels like and was familiar with it for decades. The emotions that have burst to the surface since the Easter Sunday attacks are understandably intense but they are not unfamiliar. There is m

Unity is the way forward

Views - 40 Monday, 29 April 2019 00:00

Sunday was a sombre day for Sri Lankans as they remembered the devastating Easter Sunday attacks that left 253 people dead and scores more injured. People who gathered to pray were openly weeping and many others joined in in their grief. It is clear

Decisive policies

Views - 46 Saturday, 27 April 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka is struggling to return to normalcy. After the unprecedented Easter Sunday attacks people are still afraid to step out, resulting in people being actively discouraged from gathering in public areas and even using public transport. The busin

Walk the talk

Views - 65 Friday, 26 April 2019 00:00

Accountability and security go hand in hand. As Sri Lanka continues to reel from the Easter Sunday attacks, the public are demanding answers and they want their political representatives to either step up and discharge their responsibilities or hand

Security and unity

Views - 64 Thursday, 25 April 2019 00:00

Fresh details emerging from the Easter Sunday attacks make for grim reading. The staggering level of planning, resources and coordination as well as the suspected use of military grade explosives have pushed the bombings into the realm of global terr

Unite to stand

Views - 35 Wednesday, 24 April 2019 00:00

Unity must become the national theme if Sri Lanka is to heal, rebuild and move on from the devastating attacks of Sunday. There were strikingly different scenes in different parts of the country on Tuesday with thousands of people gathering to mourn

Country over politics

Views - 136 Tuesday, 23 April 2019 00:00

Sri Lankans are still in shock over the Easter Sunday attacks that devastated a nation. The morning brought more news of rising death tolls and communities around the country remain wrecked with grief. Streets are quieter as a nation attempts to come

Step up for harmony

Views - 36 Monday, 22 April 2019 00:10

The string of blasts on Easter Sunday has shattered all Sri Lankans and plunged the country into deep sorrow. As a country that had suffered through a brutal conflict for nearly three decades, the events had additional impact as there was hope that t

Drought policies

Views - 31 Friday, 19 April 2019 00:00

Despite rains in some parts of the country nearly 600,000 people in 21 districts have been affected by the drought, which has renewed the need for the Government to make long term policies regarding climate change to reduce the economic fallout. Acco

Climate-smart agriculture

Views - 114 Thursday, 18 April 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka’s Government and the World Bank has signed two new agreements worth $ 150 million to improve climate resilience and agriculture productivity for small farmers and support priority infrastructure through public-private partnerships. Undoub

Power of transparency

Views - 44 Wednesday, 17 April 2019 00:00

With the New Year over, power cuts have returned to the top of the agenda the Government has to resolve, especially given that the weather situation is showing no signs of improvement. In such a situation it is imperative that the Government works wi

Little new in the New Year

Views - 52 Friday, 12 April 2019 00:00

The New Year is always much looked forward to by all Sri Lankans and this year will be no exception. However, indications are that there will be little new after the New Year dawns this weekend. The political and economic challenges before Sri Lanka

Labour reforms

Views - 118 Thursday, 11 April 2019 00:00

For decades the private sector has called for labour law reforms in Sri Lanka as the current regulations are archaic, inflexible and do not meet modern workplace requirements. The Labour Ministry has kicked off discussions to bring as many as 40 diff

Interest rates and growth

Views - 349 Wednesday, 10 April 2019 01:21

The Government has announced plans to reduce interest rates in an effort to boost growth by allowing businesses to access capital more easily. The logic of this decision, which has been backed by the Central Bank, is that the interest rates implement

A nudge out of limbo

Views - 65 Tuesday, 9 April 2019 00:00

Political uncertainty is not good for business. This is why election years are particularly tricky because in addition to dealing with the usual amount of challenges governments have to convince companies that it is a good idea to expand their busine

Budgets in the time of elections 

Views - 73 Monday, 8 April 2019 00:00

Budget 2019 has finally been passed after many months of delays, including a Constitutional crisis and a Vote on Account. The latest Budget has been viewed as one mixed with election promises and several key reforms but its implementation will be cha

Action that counts

Views - 35 Saturday, 6 April 2019 00:01

Sri Lanka’s tender process has long been a concern for anti-corruption activists and watchdogs. The tender process to award massive projects, as well as procurement of crucial items such as coal, LPG, and fuel, have been frequently questioned for l

Growth options

Views - 42 Friday, 5 April 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka’s ageing population and low growth has left the Government sitting on a fiscal time-bomb. After decades of steadily increasing recruitments to the public sector, the State will have to increasingly dole out larger amounts as pensions. In

Outcome-focused education

Views - 58 Thursday, 4 April 2019 00:30

President Maithripala Sirisena had recently defended the decision to abolish the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam, by contending that Sri Lanka should move to improving the quality of education across the board, and that the Scholarship Exam actually had the

Baseless Budgets?

Views - 47 Wednesday, 3 April 2019 00:00

The Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance (CoPF) has issued a highly critical reporting finding the Budget proposals presented in Parliament as lacking accuracy, proper estimates, and basis for proposals not being included in the documents presen

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Those who go by social proof are easy prey to crafty schemers

Monday, 17 June 2019

Going after social proof Swiss writer and novelist, Rolf Dobelli, in one of the essays in his 2013 book ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’, has given a fine warning to his readers. He has warned against going by ‘social proof’ or ‘majority view

Poson ponderings on positional power: ‘Authority vested’ vs. ‘authority wasted’

Monday, 17 June 2019

We witnessed a serene Poson Poya, in a far more improved security setting in Sri Lanka. Whilst the Sri Lankan life slowly returning to normal, political fronts do not appear to show the same. Has the political power become the people ‘pava’ (sin)

Emperors without clothes: Is Mother Lanka naked too?

Monday, 17 June 2019

The expression ‘The Emperor without clothes’ derives from the Hans Anderson tale that is based on Sufi wisdom. The Emperor in Anderson’s story was without doubt, the finest dressed man in the land and he loved wearing fine clothes and spent al

The confusion of the collision is becoming indescribable!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Strange are the things we are witnessing in the political scene. The fast-evaporating trust and confidence in politicians and the Government are seriously destroying the harmony of the nation. The Prime Minister of the country has admitted that the

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