Bakeer Markar in Parliament attributes Palestine crisis to global political interests

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  • Accuses US President Biden of providing substantial support to Netanyahu, despite global protests 
  • Says Israel through its contradictory stances has revealed its Zionist agenda to the world 
  • Emphasises global call to eliminate the influence of AIPAC from the US Congress
  • Stresses allowing atrocities in Gaza to continue in today’s modern era is an affront to humanity

SJB MP Imthiaz Bakeer 

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Imthiaz Bakeer Markar yesterday said the current humanitarian crisis in Palestine is a product of international political interests.  Speaking in parliament at the Adjournment Debate on the Palestine Issue, he also pointed out the contradiction in Israel’s stance. 

“While Israeli propaganda suggests an end to the conflict if Israeli hostages are freed, statements from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government ministers have emphasised their determination to continue the war, revealing their clear Zionist agenda to the global community,” he said. 

The MP accused US President Joe Biden of providing Netanyahu with substantial financial, military, and political support, enabling him to pursue his extremist and genocidal policies amid mounting global and domestic protests against them. 

“He has now had to reconsider his stance due to the increasing pressure from global and American public opinion,” he remarked. “Until the very end, the forces that shielded the South African apartheid regime continue to attempt to conceal the injustice, oppression, and brutality inflicted upon the Palestinian people, defying global opinion and providing sanctuary to that racist and inhumane regime,” he added. 

Bakeer Markar acknowledged the university student protests against Israel worldwide, stating that they are fighting for freedom, democracy, fairness, and justice while putting their lives and futures on the line.”

He also highlighted the emergence of a new generation of Jews, including Jewish scholars, members of the university community, and youth, who are uniting with other forces to oppose the extremist regime, Zionist agenda, oppression, and racism in Israel. The MP also emphasised the global call to eliminate the influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) from the US Congress.

“Last week, the United Nations passed a resolution granting new rights and privileges to the State of Palestine, a move that could lead to full membership in the UN. During the debate, the Israeli representative warned that passing the proposal could result in a reduction of American aid to the UN and its affiliated organisations. Despite this, 143 countries voted in favour of the proposal, while only nine, including the US and Israel, opposed it,”

“Throughout history, UN decisions on Palestinian independence, human rights, and apartheid have often been thwarted by the veto power of a single country. Challenges to international bodies like the International Court of Justice and the Human Rights Commission continue to persist despite global opinion,” Bakeer Markar noted. 

The MP highlighted Israel’s refusal to permit UN Peacekeeping Forces access to conflict areas, hindering the work of UN agencies. He cited the rejection of peace deals as evidence, referring to a statement by Haim Rubinstein, the former spokesman for the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, who asserted that the Netanyahu-led government has no intention of releasing detained Israelis.

 Bakeer Markar also addressed the dire circumstances faced by the Palestinian people over the last six months, emphasising that allowing such atrocities to continue in the modern era is an affront to humanity.

He urged everyone to condemn such war crimes and genocides, emphasising that it’s imperative for everyone to make efforts, according to their capabilities, to put an end to them.


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