CAA warns traders disobeying MRP for eggs

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  • CAA Chief says grocery stores and markets can be fined from Rs. 100,000-Rs. 500,000; companies will be fined from Rs. 1 m up to Rs. 5 m
  • Consumers note they will not buy eggs at higher price 

The Consumer Affairs Authority yesterday warned traders disobeying stipulated Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) for eggs, affirming that legal action will be taken against several vendors who violated the law.

On Friday, the Government issued a Gazette notification on the advice of the Attorney General stipulating the new MRP for eggs, where a white egg should be sold at an MRP of Rs. 44 and a brown egg at Rs. 46.

However, during raids conducted by the CAA yesterday, several traders were caught selling eggs at a higher price disregarding the stipulated MRP. 

“The regular grocery stores and markets can be fined from Rs. 100,000 up to Rs. 500,000. Those registered as companies can be fined from Rs. 1 million up to Rs. 5 million for selling eggs at a higher price ignoring the MRP imposed,” Consumer Affairs Authority Chairman Shantha Niriella said yesterday. 

Despite having severe regulations and raids, traders were seen selling eggs at various prices above the stipulated MRP, after the All Ceylon Egg Producers Association refused to abide by the Gazette.

The association reiterated that they were unable to provide eggs at a low price, considering the high costs involved in the production costs.

Separately, the irked consumers were saying that they were not keen to purchase eggs at a higher price and would rather buy fish for that price. 

“This situation is a great example of how traders take advantage of a crisis and loot consumers to gain a profit,” they added.

They also called on the authorities to take action against such vendors, not abide by the regulations. 


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