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Another success story

Views - 45 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:10

Reading about N.U. Jayawardena’s Founder’s Day activities early this week in Daily FT, I recalled the coffee table book we did for Sampath Bank to mark its 25th anniversary seven years back. Though NU had passed away (in 2002) he figured prominen

‘How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World’

Views - 36 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

‘How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World’ is showing at Colombo City Centre Scope Cinemas and Liberty Cinema. Pictured are some scenes from the movie premiere at CCC – Pix by Shehan Gunasekara

Meeting ‘thorough gents’

Views - 28 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

Among the contacts I made in the early days on the ‘Dinamina’ were several bureaucrats who were ‘thorough gentlemen’. Dr. Gamani Corea, the country’s most distinguished economist, highly-acclaimed worldwide, was one. As Director of the Pla

121st All Breeds Championship Dog Show

Views - 28 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

The 121st All Breeds Championship Dog Show organised by the Ceylon Kennel Club was held at the BMICH recently. The Ceylon Kennel Club was established in 1899 at Temple Trees which subsequently became the residence of the Prime Minister of

Drugs and equipment for rural hospitals

Views - 28 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

Sri Lankans in the major cities in Australia render an invaluable service by supplying medical equipment and drugs to needy hospitals in remote areas in Sri Lanka through the Hospital Services Council. The Director of the Council, Ven Rajawelle Subhu

‘Postcards from Home’ exhibition by Cresside Collette

Views - 66 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

‘Postcards from Home,’ an exhibition by Cresside Collette opened to the public on 14 February and will remain open daily until 7 March at the Saskia Fernando Gallery, 41 Horton Place, Colombo 7, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Every time I return to th

‘Secret Vows’ exhibition by Chathurika Jayani

Views - 40 Saturday, 2 March 2019 00:00

‘Secret Vows,’ an exhibition by Chathurika Jayani was held from 15 February to 27 February at Art Space. “Their shapes and colours overlap and stand out against serene and peaceful backdrops, and they are used as a symbol of a vow or prayer for

The great rugby game fails to score big time!

Views - 461 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:10

Rugby is the rage. There’s the slap by a coach that was heard around Sri Lanka. Then there was the great showdown between two rival teams making national headlines. In green: the Arsikcity Butterflies Sports Club. In blue: the Kotaudagama Chilli Po

Anuradhapura-Amaravati cultural interface

Views - 221 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:10

Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal has written extensively about art. She is a wonderful raconteur who possesses a wealth of knowledge on great works of art that span across thousands of years. So bonded is her attachment to what she loves, that it seems just

Seeing ‘Maname for Rs. 2

Views - 64 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:10

At the dawn of the 20th century, Sinhala theatre reached high standards due to the efforts of two leading dramatists, John de Silva (1854-1933) and Charles Dias (1878-1944), who staged plays at the Tower Hall, Maradana, opened in 1911. The plays dre

NAPSL holds ‘Sonduru Netheththo’ photography exhibition

Views - 51 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:00

The 2017 and 2018 students of the National Association of Photographers of Sri Lanka (NAPSL) held the ‘Sonduru Netheththo’ photography exhibition at J.D.A. Perera Gallery recently. Chief Guest at the exhibition was Cinematographer

Youth talent aplenty

Views - 36 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:00

When a friend asked me to watch the popular Derana Dream Star Reality Show, I wasn’t keen though I am a Sinhala music fan. He insisted I should watch since it had reached the final stages and assured me I would not be disappointed. I could not thr


Views - 37 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:00

Much like the Indian born writer Rohinton Mistry who sets his stories within the backdrop of his dwindling Parsi community, Sri Lanka’s Ameena Hussein often sets her stories and essays within the relatively small microcosm of the Sri Lankan Muslim

uloolaa: Unique kids’ clothing brand by stay-at-home mums

Views - 192 Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:00

uloolaa is a newly-launched online clothing brand for kids, powered by stay-at-home mums. Kids’ clothing may belong to a saturated market but uloolaa has found a way to stand out in the crowd through its distinctive features: The designs accommodat

Chity, Sri Lanka’s icon of music activism

Views - 435 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:10

Popular rock musician and firebrand Chitral “Chity” Somapala slammed the local music scene in an interview with Weekend FT, asserting that Sri Lanka does not have a music industry. Pointing out that most musicians present crude and vulgar lyrics

‘Unseen’ by Preethi Hapuwatte at Barefoot Gallery

Views - 76 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:10

An exhibition of paintings titled ‘Unseen’ by Preethi Hapuwatte is on at the Barefoot Gallery Colombo from 12 February to 4 March. The exhibition can be viewed from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays

Abrupt end of the pact

Views - 66 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:10

Prime Minister Bandaranaike met pressmen once a week in the morning at his residence in Rosmead Place. (He did not occupy Temple Trees, the official residence of the prime minister, using it only for official functions.) ‘Kiribath’ was served and

The Leaf provides a fresh and tasty lamprais

Views - 379 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:10

Lamprais is a favourite among Sri Lankans and a fresh version of it is served up by Shakila Perera Samaraweera, with delectable options of chicken, mixed meat and even vegetarian to choose from. Shakila, who has had training as

Citro Craft Exhibition this weekend

Views - 55 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:00

Students of Poorna Kalaratne will hold her seventh exhibition of embroidery and quelling at the J. D. A. Perera Gallery, No. 46, Horton Place, Colombo 07 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 16 and 17 February.

‘Alita Battle Angel’ at CCC – Scope Cinemas and Liberty Cinema

Views - 94 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:00

‘Alita Battle Angel’ is now showing at Colombo City Center – Scope Cinemas and Liberty Cinema. ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ is a 2019 American cyberpunk action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm, also known as Battle Angel Alita. Produce

Warning note for the Aus Government?

Views - 16 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:00

It was rather an ominous start for the Liberal Party Government in Australia when it lost the vote on a bill in the House of Representatives earlier this week. The opposition Labour Party and a group of independent MPs voted for a bill moved by an in

The Big Girl

Views - 37 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:00

When this book of short stories written by Alagu Subramaniam was first published in 1964, Ceylon had been independent of the British for about 16 years. Then as now, the effect of colonialism was a topic of open discussion.

A Rare Valentine’s treat

Views - 68 Saturday, 16 February 2019 00:00

If you’re familiar with Colombo’s fine dining space, then you’re likely already aware of the calibre of fare offered by Rare at Residences by Uga. However this past Valentine’s Day the ‘Rare Valentine’s’ food and beverage pairing surpas

The Days We Screamed

Views - 123 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:10

In the early ’70s, the Sri Lankan political landscape started changing, with violence becoming an integral part of society and politics – and with it Sri Lankan art lost its naïve innocence. The early ’80s saw the wor

10 things to do in Negombo

Views - 84 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:10

The golden beach in Negombo is an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city of tourists. Not second to the many spectacular beaches in the island, at the views of sunset is absolutely stunning and a walk along the shore with feet buried under the wa

‘Rural Zone’ by Sandatharaka Abeysinghe at Paradise Road Galleries

Views - 48 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:05

‘Rural Zone,’ an exhibition by Sandatharaka Abeysinghe, is being held from 8 to 27 February at Paradise Road Galleries, No. 2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3. Nourished by folklore, Abeysinghe’s works highlight the authenticity of rural culture;

Fairway Colombo starts the year Desi style

Views - 63 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:00

Fairway Colombo City Hotel’s first Street Food Festival for the year kicked off as an Indian Food Festival, celebrating 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi at Hospital Street. The successful event saw a massive crowd visiting over the weekend, local and fo

Global Gallery & Café opens at Global Towers

Views - 50 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:00

Global Gallery & Café opened at Global Towers on Thursday, presenting an opportunity for artists to exhibit their creations while catering to discerning clients with fine taste in both food and art. At hand to welcome guests at the celebratory openi

Removing “remnants of colonialism”

Views - 59 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:00

The Bandaranaike Government had announced a policy of nonalignment in terms of foreign and defence policy, which meant that there was not going to be any alignment with power-blocs.

Cave divers Australian(s) of the Year

Views - 44 Saturday, 9 February 2019 00:00

Remember how in June last year the entire world waited anxiously to see how the 12 soccer players and their coach who were trapped in a cave after heavy rain in Thailand would escape? Two Australians gave the lead for the rescue team. The two cave di

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Expand employer-backed childcare to close the gender gap in Sri Lanka

Friday, 19 July 2019

In Sri Lanka, women’s formal workforce participation is at only 36%, compared with 75% for men. Sri Lanka could raise its gross domestic product by as much as 20% in the long-run by closing the gender gap in the workforce, according to one estimate

Who should be our next president?

Friday, 19 July 2019

After the recent terrorist attacks and the subsequent violence unleashed against innocent Muslims by racists, Sri Lankans are searching for a leader who can save the country. Many have lost faith in the leaders, due to the breakdown in the security a

The messed-up lives

Friday, 19 July 2019

It can be seen that there is a serious mess-up not only in the State and the social system in Sri Lanka, but also in the lives of the people. People of Sri Lanka are having smiling faces, yet those who live happily are very rare. You will find that u

Reimagining our reality: the last best hope for us?

Friday, 19 July 2019

Imagination can be a powerful tool for shaping everyday reality. We use it to construct everything from the mundane to the mystic. A down-to-earth example would be our subscription to the idea of the intrinsic value and worth of every human being. I

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