Health systems must provide cancer screening, detection and diagnosis at all levels of care

Views - 71 Wednesday, 6 February 2019 00:00

Cancer is far from an equal-opportunity killer. In 2018 – 18.1 million new cases developed worldwide, while around 9.6 million people died from the disease. 70% of those deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries, including those of the WHO

No Boracay in Sri Lanka please

Views - 583 Wednesday, 6 February 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka has been ranked first in many ratings highlighting the best Asian country to visit in 2019. For so many years Sri Lanka had received amazing reviews and recognition, and now it finally got ranked first and is advertised extensively in magaz

Concept of political power in Sri Lanka in relation to proposed constitution and political culture

Views - 150 Wednesday, 6 February 2019 00:00

It is perceived that in the process of creating a new constitution there are two issues to be addressed. One is about the executive presidency and the other is about devolution of power as a solution to the ethnic issue. Those are not two issues, ra

Is Colombo Municipality (and the country) wasting its waste?

Views - 260 Wednesday, 6 February 2019 00:00

Many people are talking about waste management. So much so it has become only a subject of talk shows! The City of Colombo is the prime focus and the centrepiece. It is seen as a debate that has been continuing for decades under different mayors as w

If God deleted Sri Lanka, who would notice and why?

Views - 2814 Tuesday, 5 February 2019 00:22

Professor Simon Anholt, who coined the term ‘nation brand’, once asked, “If the hand of God should accidentally slip on the celestial keyboard tomorrow and hit delete and Britain went, who would notice and why?” I would like to ask the same

May the good men take care of the public good (Part 2)

Views - 130 Tuesday, 5 February 2019 00:00

The President during his presidential election campaignhad stated: “I will achieve for the country 10 times the development that actually occurred during the past six years only by preventing mega corruption and wastage that existed in the country

Wannabe nations

Views - 167 Tuesday, 5 February 2019 00:00

They look at economically successful countries (built in the few decades) and then try to emulate their looks, not understanding that the high-rise buildings and highways you see in places like Singapore, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are all enabled by an

Good governance and economic development

Views - 6177 Monday, 4 February 2019 00:10

The rationale of economic policy governance could be explained by drawing on the viewpoints expressed by French economist, philosopher and legislator Frédéric Bastiat in two of his publications, one in 1848 and the other in 1850. In the first publ

In dependence – Are we really free?

Views - 299 Monday, 4 February 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) became free from British colonial rule on 4 February 1948. Many opine that ours was more of an after effect of independence granted to India rather than a consequence of a struggle for independence. Be that as it may, we celeb

US mission unaccomplished

Views - 89 Saturday, 2 February 2019 00:10

“If the history of knowledge about Islam in the West has been too closely tied to conquest and domination, the time has come to these ties to be severed completely. About this one cannot be too emphatic. For otherwise we will not only face protract

Dis-imprisoning a Thero

Views - 150 Saturday, 2 February 2019 00:10

The disorderly and bellicose reverend with an irrepressible proclivity for vitriol and incitement met his waterloo of all places inside a courthouse. Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara shouted at the presiding Judg

How and why perceptions count – and corrupt

Views - 143 Friday, 1 February 2019 00:20

Much has been made of it. If you haven’t heard about CPI 2018, you’re probably living under a rock. And if you don’t want to see what creepy-crawlies dwell there alongside a pure in heart you, don’t pick it – the rock, or CPI 2018 – up. B

Sri Lanka’s debt- ridden independence

Views - 531 Friday, 1 February 2019 00:05

On 4 February, Sri Lanka will clock 71 years since we got our independence from the British. Sri Lanka, today, has an estimated $ 87 billion GDP, an economy which is much bigger than what the numbers really reflect. However, the $ 87 billion economy

Passing the Animal Welfare Bill – an urgent need

Views - 65 Friday, 1 February 2019 00:00

As a veterinary practice, we at Pet Vet Clinic absolutely believe that animal welfare should be at the core and heart of all that we do as veterinarians and para-veterinary professionals. As such, we unequivocally believe that it is of utmost importa

Next choice of Sri Lanka, a People’s Constitution

Views - 136 Friday, 1 February 2019 00:00

At a meeting convened by the Punarudaya Movement, which was attended by 46 people’s organisations on 19 January at Kobbekaduwa Institution, Colombo, the topic of making a new constitution for the country was discussed at length reaching a consensus

The mirage that is COPE

Views - 168 Friday, 1 February 2019 00:00

COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti has very candidly stated inter-alia in his seventh COPE report under the Chairman’s Note as follows: “Whether the public will have confidence in COPE and in Parliament in general or not depends entirely on the trus

The Sri Lankan FTA debate: Substance and semantics: Final Part

Views - 249 Thursday, 31 January 2019 01:23

Unlike the SLIFTA and the SLPFTA, SLSFTA is a modern FTA.It has a wider range of reform provisions going beyond liberalisationoftrade in goods to include other areassuch asservices, movement of professionals, telecommunications and electronic commerc

Independence of the judiciary worldwide

Views - 112 Thursday, 31 January 2019 01:16

This is a very difficult question to answer and it is only the average citizen/litigant who may be capable of answering this million dollar question. In the West and many other in the Commonwealth and civil law jurisdictions, the judiciary is indepe

50 shades of Sumanthiran

Views - 272 Thursday, 31 January 2019 00:55

Although he didn’t reply to my open letter sent earlier, I feel like I have made a connection with Abraham Sumanthiran, MP. Firstly, I should thank Sumanthiran for speaking openly at a public television debate held on 22 January. He should’ve spo

The Sri Lankan FTA debate: Substance and semantics: Part 2

Views - 307 Wednesday, 30 January 2019 00:10

This section begins with a stage-setting discussion of the relative importance of supply-side and demand-side factors for Sri Lanka’s export performance and the compatibility of Sri Lankan trade patterns with that of the existing and potential FTA

Destination marketing is everybody’s business

Views - 180 Wednesday, 30 January 2019 00:04

Sri Lanka has not got its due position in the world as it has created its own downfall due to challenges created on many fronts for decades. Seventy years of bad political and administrative decisions along with pure self-centric segments of the busi

May the good men take care of the public good! Do we have such leaders? Part 1

Views - 153 Wednesday, 30 January 2019 00:00

The first Governor-General, Sir Henry Monck Mason Moore, of independent Ceylon, had said that “Ceylon would prove the best bet in Asia”. Likewise, it had been the considered opinion of everybody that Ceylon had excellent prospects of achieving ec

CSE: The cussed Stock Exchange

Views - 302 Wednesday, 30 January 2019 00:00

Sri Lanka’s only Stock Exchange in a bid to show activity recently obtained some good publicity. Due to a concerning lack of recent progress, things the Stock Exchange will achieve in the future were highlighted1. Also mentioned were trips abroad b

The Sri Lankan FTA debate: Substance and semantics: Part 1

Views - 425 Tuesday, 29 January 2019 02:43

The Government of Sri Lanka has embraced Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) as a key focus of the national trade and development strategy. The rationale of this policy choice has been intensely debated in Sri Lankan policy circles. The debate has reached a

Paranoia in the nanny state

Views - 182 Tuesday, 29 January 2019 02:40

A week is a long time in politics. In terms of the type of realpolitik practised in certain republics, it’s a grain of sand. Or, to coin a phrase, a line of crack on a glass table. Today (your yesterday, dear unsuspecting reader), marks the end of

Advanced vocational training opportunities for Sri Lanka’s youth

Views - 248 Tuesday, 29 January 2019 02:37

Relevant and pertinent questions regarding the missed opportunities of our great nation have appeared in the public domain for decades, raised by both local and international economists and other intellectuals alike. Same has also been a popular subj

Sri Lankan housewife raises her head

Views - 216 Tuesday, 29 January 2019 01:21

Whilst Sri Lanka is grappling with a 2.9% GDP growth in Q3 2018, which happens to be the lowest growth seen in the recent history of Sri Lanka, thankfully the Sri Lanka housewife is raising the head at the household end due to the low inflationary at

Good governance and economic development

Views - 6423 Monday, 28 January 2019 00:30

The presence of good governance at both the public and private sectors in a country has been viewed as a positive contributor to sustained economic growth. At the private sector level, practising good governance principles will enable the stakeholde

Enter the chartered HR professional: A new frontier for Sri Lanka

Views - 411 Monday, 28 January 2019 00:27

It is very encouraging to see the opportunities emerging for Sri Lankan HR professionals to reach a charter status. This is in fact filling a long-felt void in the profession of HR. It is in the broad context of the transformation of the Institute of

An obstreperous monk and ostensible compassion

Views - 77 Monday, 28 January 2019 00:12

The letter signed by a set of powerful Buddhist leaders including two Mahanayakes and the Diyawadana Nilame of Dalada Maligawa, and addressed to Buddha Sasana Minister Gamini Jayawickrema Perera, appealing for the release of Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara

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MMDA, ACJU, politicians and women

Saturday, 16 February 2019

It is 10 years since Justice Saleem Marsoof (JSM) and his committee was appointed to review and make recommendations to reform the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), passed originally in 1951 and amended in 1954, 1955, 1965 and 1969 before becom

President Trump looked for the failed idea of a wall

Saturday, 16 February 2019

The talks over the “Wall of Trump” between the US-Mexico Border Security broke down with Congressional leaders over the weekend. After the renewed call for a wall at his second State of the Union, President Donald Trump attended a political rally

‘The Man Who Would Be King’: Remembering Anura Bandaranaike on his 70th birth anniversary

Friday, 15 February 2019

‘The Man Who Would Be King’ is the title of a long tale written by Rudyard Kipling in 1888. This very popular story was made into a successful film starring Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer by the well-known director John Husto

Of pseudo-democrats, discipline and the coming death of liberty?

Friday, 15 February 2019

I despair of our politicos and would-be politicians. Not that they are not all honourable men. From the honourable prime minister to the former defence secretary discharging his duty honourably after premature retirement! But that honour often dresse

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