Politicians and cricketers: Expected role, selection and performance evaluation (Part 1)

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I am an apolitical person. I am neither a political analyst nor a sports analyst. However, I closely observe both activities. I attentively observed recent political turmoil in Sri Lanka from a remote location via mass media. I watched the performan

Morals and ethics take a nosedive in Sinhala-Buddhist Sri Lanka

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As a Sri Lankan first, as a member of the predominant ethnic community, Sinhalese, as a follower of the Buddhist philosophy and as a grandmother, I have taken it upon myself to address the youth and young adults of Sri Lanka, amongst them – the fut

A lie is also a truth

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Gotabaya Rajapaksa is a determined contender for the presidency. His trenchant lecture to activists of the Viyathmaga forum demonstrated the man’s spiritedness and impulse to act. He is a driven man. What drives him?

Why Gota gave me a ‘Gotler’ feeling

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Bourgeoisie venues It is no accident that presidential-candidate hopeful Gotabaya Rajapaksa holds his Viyathmaga meetings in bourgeoisie spots. Once, it had been Shangri-La. Last Saturday, 12 January, it had been Waters Edge. Gota’s speech offered

Sri Lanka must focus on quality of exports rather than value

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Whilst Sri Lanka needs to be commended on the exports value of $ 17 billion that was achieved last year (the numbers include merchandise and export of services), a point to note us that Sri Lanka is ranked the lowest in our part of the world for new

Critical review of accountancy education in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is having three accountancy bodies, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka ( which was founded in 1959 by Act of Parliament, Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka ( which w

FCCISL on Government’s road to FTAs: How rational? Part 2

Views - 181 Tuesday, 15 January 2019 00:08

(5) Approach to FTAs of other countries (a) Lessons from India-EU FTA negotiations It is good for Sri Lankan negotiators to learn from their counter parts in India and EU. This is an exemplary occasion where negotiators from both India and EU showed

India and leadership of global democracy

Views - 389 Tuesday, 15 January 2019 00:03

After shouldering the leadership of global democracy for over seven decades, the United States is seen withdrawing from the rest of the world. The European Union is not as united as it once was with Brexit and far right movements getting more likely


Views - 96 Tuesday, 15 January 2019 00:00

A phrase that does not have much meaning with the rest of the world yet an integral part of the American political way of life. A distinct dysfunction of a working democracy in that. A default mechanism that works wholly and totally against the peopl

Seeking IMF support is necessary, but ailing economy needs permanent treatment

Views - 6663 Monday, 14 January 2019 00:10

Hitting a dying man on the head A high-level delegation led by Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has left for Washington DC to meet IMF’s high-ups. The purpose? To negotiate for the restoration of the Extended Fund Facility or EFF temporarily su

Wahhabi Salafi orthodoxy and an apostate

Views - 401 Monday, 14 January 2019 00:04

“Don’t let anyone break your wings, you are free, fight and get your RIGHTS,” were the words tweeted by the 18-year-old apostate, Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun from Saudi Arabia, who renounced Islam, ran away from her family and sought asylum in a f

FCCISL on Government’s road to FTAs: How rational? Part 1

Views - 287 Monday, 14 January 2019 00:00

The policy debate towards negotiations on Free Trade Agreements (FTA) has been intensified after Sri Lanka signed a Free Trade Agreement with Singapore in 2018. Almost two decades ago, Sri Lanka entered into its first-ever FTA with India, followed by

Significance of sustainable HRM: A salient Sri Lankan effort

Views - 725 Monday, 14 January 2019 00:00

I witnessed the launch of a book with a difference recently. It was Senior Professor Henarath Opatha, a veteran researcher in the field of HRM presenting his newest contribution titled ‘Sustainable HRM’. Today’s column is about the nature and f

Man is born free but corrupt political system has chained us without any mercy (Part 3)

Views - 145 Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:04

Ever since the dawn of our human civilisation, laws had been made to protect citizens from harm and to guarantee equal protection to everyone for the greater good. The leaders of our political parties should possess fundamental values and principles

Issues in implementing reservation for the poor among India’s Forward Castes

Views - 123 Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:02

Earlier this week, the Narendra Modi Government got the Indian Parliament to pass the 124th Constitutional Amendment bill to give 10% reservation for the “poor” among the “Forward Castes” or communities in the country. This was to address a

Another elephantine disaster waiting to happen?

Views - 348 Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:00

There is possibly no other wild elephant who is more famous in Sri Lanka than Rambo of Uda Walawe National Park (UNWP). For the past two decades, Rambo has patrolled the stretch of the UNWP bund, and he has now become a permanent fixture there. Many

O Democracy! What crimes are committed in thy name?

Views - 109 Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:00

Copious amounts of what has to be construed as democracy administered broadly and expansively to drench a desperate, bewildered citizenry by a rotating leadership of confirmed crooks pregnant with hypocrisy and insincerity have in essence contributed

Media freedom and a false dichotomy of government

Views - 297 Friday, 11 January 2019 00:02

Is there a void in journalistic reporting today? Has the culture of impunity which prevailed, to the detriment of the free press, been successfully arrested and imprisoned – in the past four years since ‘good government’ came into play? What co

Roots of bribery and corruption

Views - 471 Friday, 11 January 2019 00:01

In this article, I hope to discuss the roots of bribery and corruption which has engulfed the Sri Lankan State. I am of the view that corruption cannot be eliminated by a ruling party which does not involve people actively in the process of governanc

Banking is necessary; banks are not: Bill Gates

Views - 341 Friday, 11 January 2019 00:00

To those who say that Apple did not kill the music industry, being forced to buy the entire music album did, Amazon did not kill retailers, long queues at the local store did, AirBnb didn’t kill the hotel industry, limited availability of hotel roo

Central Bank, oversight and 2018 targets: A critique

Views - 259 Friday, 11 January 2019 00:00

Both growth1 and inflation2 have fallen below the targets set by the Central Bank. This failure, however, is going unnoticed due to the constitutional treason that has taken place. The Central Bank has failed on oversight of board appointments to sys

Development, international relations and policy transfer

Views - 132 Friday, 11 January 2019 00:00

Some writers claim that the recent political struggle in Sri Lanka reflects the geopolitical rivalry between China and India in South Asia. There has been a shift in foreign policy under both Sirisena and Wickremesinghe, whereby inclination towards I

One of my quotients is falling – A society in decline!?

Views - 277 Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:37

Today four technology revolutions are on the cards and of the lot the most recent is neurotechnology. Neurotechnology is adding to biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology. This technology really addresses the core essence of humanit

Reforming public corporations and enterprises: Focus on performance not inputs

Views - 242 Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:29

Recently the President issued a circular on recruitments to boards of public corporations and enterprises, overriding the prerogative of ministers to appoint boards to such entities under their jurisdictions. The new process includes the review of a

Malcolm Ranjith’s mouth shuts when it should open and opens when it should shut

Views - 410 Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:25

Our Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith holds the highest office in the Catholic Church in our country. By virtue of his position, he holds a direct link to the Holy Sea at Rome. I get the instinct that this gentleman isn’t conscious of his eminent position a

Behind the Mawanella bigotry (2)

Views - 221 Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:23

When I published an earlier piece on this topic on 30 December 2018, I did not intend to add another part to it. However, what happened in the Court when one of the culprits was produced before the Magistrate has compelled me to add another. In the f

President Sirisena’s world outlook: A foreign policy of transition for a world in transition

Views - 131 Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:18

President Sirisena’s foreign policy, just as that of any other leader anywhere in the world, must be seen in relation to several factors. These are the success or otherwise of the policy he inherited, the character of his own foreign policy as it e

50-day Govt. in 7 days attempts to award biggest value contract in history

Views - 890 Wednesday, 9 January 2019 00:00

The 50-day Government, formed by joining SLFP with Mahinda Rajapaksa’s alliance with blessings of President Sirisena, during the first Cabinet meeting approved the setting up of a Floating LNG Terminal north of Colombo Harbour to supply Liquid Natu

The terrifying Rajapaksa legacy

Views - 1634 Wednesday, 9 January 2019 00:00

The leader of a nation is like a parent to one’s children. The children emulate the examples set by the parent, for better or for worse. The morally-upright parent sets morally-upright examples and standards and ensures the children abide by them.

Need for two-engine growth: Public and private

Views - 92 Wednesday, 9 January 2019 00:00

It is a wrong premise to argue that to encourage the private sector and the market, the public sector and the Government have to step-back, and get involved only in necessary reforms and encouragement. This is the main thrust of ‘Vision 2025’. In

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MMDA, ACJU, politicians and women

Saturday, 16 February 2019

It is 10 years since Justice Saleem Marsoof (JSM) and his committee was appointed to review and make recommendations to reform the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), passed originally in 1951 and amended in 1954, 1955, 1965 and 1969 before becom

President Trump looked for the failed idea of a wall

Saturday, 16 February 2019

The talks over the “Wall of Trump” between the US-Mexico Border Security broke down with Congressional leaders over the weekend. After the renewed call for a wall at his second State of the Union, President Donald Trump attended a political rally

‘The Man Who Would Be King’: Remembering Anura Bandaranaike on his 70th birth anniversary

Friday, 15 February 2019

‘The Man Who Would Be King’ is the title of a long tale written by Rudyard Kipling in 1888. This very popular story was made into a successful film starring Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer by the well-known director John Husto

Of pseudo-democrats, discipline and the coming death of liberty?

Friday, 15 February 2019

I despair of our politicos and would-be politicians. Not that they are not all honourable men. From the honourable prime minister to the former defence secretary discharging his duty honourably after premature retirement! But that honour often dresse

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