Next Campus holds MBA graduation ceremony from MGU

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  By Charumini de Silva The graduation ceremony of the inaugural batch of Mahathma Gandhi University (MGU) in India MBA program hosted by NEXT Campus was held recently in Colombo with 61 students receiving their MBAs. The grand ceremony was held under the patronage of Chief Guest, Policy Planning and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva. NEXT Campus, which was established in 2007, is today a premier private education facilitator in the country, with a variety of professional and academic programs in the areas of marketing, management and supply chain. MGU together with NEXT Campus has ensured that the quality of the program is in no way compromised. MGU programs are delivered in 35 countries across the world and as a result the syllabus content is truly international. Further MGU is one of the few universities that have understood the true concept of adult learning and as such the assessments are developed and conducted in a manner which reflects the thought process and skills of adult learners. Addressing the audience, Dr. de Silva stated, “Your graduation is a significant step not only in your own education, but in the progress of this country towards greater economic and intellectual heights. I encourage you all to make the most of the education received through contributions to your profession, organisation and community.” “Today I brought something with me — it’s a catapult. Now, I didn’t bring to shoot anyone of you here. For me the 18 months was like this catapult.” NEXT Campus Director Dusty Alahakoon said, “For me the MBA is like the catapult. When you pull this catapult back to launch; launch as far as possible and aim the stars. You have the power to achieve bigger dreams and bigger goals today. But do not ask who made this catapult? Is the rubber good? Is the leather colour good? No more! Your job is to launch yourself as far as possible now.” Reflecting on the 18 months the students have invested in the MBA he said, “Initially some of you found it difficult to adjust spending a full Saturday and Sunday in a classroom, but sooner than later you started enjoying the weekend at NEXT – at least that’s what I like to think. As lecturers we want to give absolute best to make sure that the journey from Pannala, Kilinochchi or Kekirawa was worth every Saturday and Sunday. This is one lesson we want you to take with you when you leave the auditorium today. ‘Never ever give up!’ Good things don’t come easy, after all how can you have a rainbow without rain.” “We helped you to stretch as far back as possible. It was a hard task attending classes every weekend, listening to all the lectures, falling asleep in the afternoon with the eyes open – that’s a new skill that you master, group presentations, individual assignments, few kilos of books and exams. I’m sure all of this wasn’t easy. But in life, before you project yourself you need to struggle a bit and go through hardship. Some give up during this struggle, but the committed and the stronger prevail. And I congratulate you that you have prevailed,” Alahakoon added. Giving some life inspirational remarks he said, “In life remember to appreciate the 90% that’s good and do not focus on the 10% bad. Avoid the desire to focus on the bad excuses and criticise the mistake of others – it only make you a victim. What we have here is 61 leaders who will drive results. We saw the 90% good in you and chose to avoid the 10% because 90% was absolutely fantastic. I’m sure you will do the same in your life, as you move on.” “I’m sure you will continue to be in touch with each other and with us. We are happy that we have 61 ambassadors who will make MGU and NEXT proud. Keep in touch with each other because this is the power network you have created over the last 18 months. Remember who you know matters as much as what you know!” Alahakoon noted. Pix by Shehan Gunasekara