Sri Lanka’s first fully integrated security service ‘Vigilant Premium’ debuts

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Vigilant Security Chairman Felix Perumal and Vigilant Security Managing Director Mario Perumal


Marking a milestone in the country’s security industry, Vigilant Security unveiled the country’s first ever fully integrated security service. 

Branded as ‘Vigilant Premium’, the service combines highly trained security officers, distinctly marked security patrol vehicles and a surfeit of security technology integrated solutions to assure absolute protection. 


With the launch of ‘Vigilant Premium’, Vigilant Security, a pioneer in the industry with a history of over four decades introduces state-of-the-art technology solutions including intruder alarms, CCTV and real time GPS based guard patrol monitoring systems all integrated and interlinked to a central monitoring point monitored by a team of trained professionals.  Welcoming a collective of corporate entities for whom this integrated security solution will be invaluable, Chairman of Vigilant Security, Felix Perumal states that with Sri Lanka’s security industry being labour intensive and now becoming relatively expensive, better solutions that are cost effective need to be pursued. 

“The country has an immense shortage of security personnel, which translates into longer working hours, less productivity and as a result, ineffective security. It is this reason that prompted us to seek a solution that would deal with these emerging challenges and also infuse the strategic use of technology, which in combination can be most effective and result-oriented.”

Renowned Economist, Former Director Economic Affairs of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Advisor to the Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade Dr. Inrajit Coomaraswamy in delivering the keynote address, added to this saying, “The security industry faces both opportunities and challenges in the coming years. Major development schemes, including the Western Region Megapolis Plan, second tier cities upgrading program. 

“The inventory in the pipeline for the hospitality industry and the expected increase in overall private sector economic activity are likely to lead to a sharp rise in demand for security services. This will also generate pressure on the supply side for increasing numbers and higher quality of security personnel. Technology will have to be part of the solution to these emerging trends in the security sector.”

Augmenting the fact that the entities will be paying around 25% more for security due to the proposed budgetary relief allowance of Rs. 2,500 being added to the private sector’s budgets, Managing Director Mario Perumal opines that this pioneering solution makes absolute sense in astute cost management. “Making optimum use of a combination of personnel and technology to deliver effective security at a lower cost will assist companies in keeping their costs manageable.” 

He explained that while elements of security technology including CCTV is currently in use in Sri Lanka, it is the very first time that Sri Lanka is being offered the integration of on-site guards, technology, remote monitoring, mobile security patrols and emergency response on a single platform. “This integrated solution will be a pioneering initiative that will surely revolutionise the way security is operated in Sri Lanka.”

Pix by Bhanuka Kirinde