Kandurata Umbrellas continues its support to SSC cricketers

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01Kandurata Umbrella Industries Ltd. will once again offer its support to the prestigious 118-year-old Sinhalese Sports Club as the clothing sponsor for SSC cricket, which produces extra-talented cricketers to cater to the national level. 

During our past we saw few of SSC’s cricketers entering into the Sri Lanka national squad and performing well to bring pride to the nation. The good partnership between SSC and Kandurata Umbrellas has enabled SSC to support their cricket academy to reach greater heights in this very competitive field of sport. Kandurata Umbrellas said it was honoured to be associated and interact actively with this prestigious club which has always looked for a high standard of cricketing excellence. 

Kandurata Umbrella’s prominent logo on the players’ clothing ensures the company’s great commitment and encouragement towards this gentlemen’s game, which has always been and will be the pride of our nations exquisite heritage, stated the DGM of Kandurata Umbrella Ind. Ltd. Riza Thahir. 

Kandurata Umbrella Ind. Ltd, the manufacturer and marketer of ‘Penguin brand’ products, consisting of a range of high quality umbrellas, mosquito nets, socks and raincoats for all ages and both genders to the explicit satisfaction of the end consumer or user. The need for expansion and diversification is to keep up with very competitive global markets.

SSC Cricket Chairman Samantha Dodanwela, when interviewed by the DGM of Kandurata Umbrella Ind. Ltd’s Thahir, went on to say: ‘’Unlike the good old days cricket is no longer a game which is played for the prestige or for the love of it. It has now become a profession. Hence like all other sports in the world, cricket too needs financial assistance. Kandurata Umbrellas coming forward to support SSC cricket for the sixth consecutive year will no doubt help SSC to recruit new talent and also to assist the budding cricketers financially to improve their skills, and I believe this relationship will go on for many more years for mutual benefit.”