ICC gives voice to official World Cup Mascot, Stumpy

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Chosen following an online selection process that drew proposals from thousands of cricket fans around the world, the official mascot of the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup ‘Stumpy,’ is giving a chance for Sri Lankan cricket fans to give him a voice.

The ‘Voice for Stumpy’ promotion will enable Sri Lankan cricket fans around the country, to get into World Cup mode and familiarise themselves with Stumpy, the Official Mascot. ‘Voice for Stumpy’ will also help create excitement for this world class event and inject some fun along the way.


Conducted across all three major languages via selected radio stations, the ‘Voice for Stumpy’ on air promotion will occur from late November to early December. During the promotion, on a daily basis, the Radio Personality will reveal a particular ‘cricketing’ related term and encourage listeners to call in and voice that term as Stumpy would, in effect giving a voice to Stumpy.

Whilst gibberish and various unusual sounds are expected to be heard, listeners are also welcome to convert their ‘Voice for Stumpy’ into a cheer or song.

According to the organisers, Stumpy is aged 10 human years, is enthusiastic and determined, thinks cricket is the most fun game in the world, loves playing street cricket – would play 24/7 if he could, worships cricket heroes, their technique, skill and character, understands there is a lot to learn and works hard at it along the way learning to master the art of concentration while he also dreams of playing in the World Cup, one day!

In addition to daily prizes, the lucky winner of the grand prize will walk away with a pair of tickets to a Quarter Final Game of the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup.

India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka jointly host the 10th World Cup from February 19 to April 2. The opening ceremony of the World Cup will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 17. The 43-day, 49-match tournament will be played under a new format with India hosting a majority of matches (29), including the final at the new-look Wankhede stadium in Mumbai on April 2. Games in Sri Lanka will commence on February 20.

Reservations for the 12 games in Sri Lanka are now underway and the organisers urge the public to make sure of their place as tickets for the tournament are moving swiftly.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 will bring the best of the international game to Sri Lanka, providing the cricket crazy island with a memorable spectacle as the greats of the game battle it out for the ‘Cup that Counts.’

Sri Lanka is an official Co-Host of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 alongside India and Bangladesh. Sri Lanka will host 12 matches in three venues, including one quarter and semi-final.