Kapruka Global Shop introduces revolutionary $ 15 flat rate shipping for heavy goods, for first time

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Following its overwhelming success with the launch of Sri Lanka’s first-ever ‘global shopping’ concept, Kapruka, in its continuing efforts to innovate and provide its growing customer base with the best of service, recently introduced a shipping facility to transport heavy products to Sri Lanka from the United States. For a nominal fee of only US$ 15, customers in Sri Lanka can now order heavy goods via famous American shopping websites such as Amazon.com, ebay.com and Bestbuy.com and many others, which will be transported to Sri Lanka through Kapruka’s Global Shop via sea freight. Early in May this year, Kapruka shook up the local shopping scene when they unveiled an exciting new shopping concept, the first-of-its-kind for Sri Lankans which gave them the opportunity to order any product advertised on popular shopping sites in the United States through the ‘Kapruka Global Shop’. Since the launch of the Kapruka Global Shop, the response has been tremendous. “People were very excited to be able to order genuine high quality products from the US market and bring them down to Sri Lanka reliably and at the lowest cost – we knew it was a unique concept but even we were surprised by the overwhelming response; we never realised it would become this popular and catch on so fast,” said Dulith Herath, who is both founder and Chairman of Kapruka. According to  Herath, when the Global Shop was launched, customers were initially able to receive their purchases at the global shop showroom in Bambalapitiya, via air freight. “But with the growing number of orders we were receiving, we realised that air freight restricts our shoppers when it comes to ordering extra-large items such as a used car door of a old Morris Minor or even furniture – therefore we decided to introduce a shipping facility with a flat rate of just US$ 15 for any product ordered via our global shop. This means even if you order an elephant from Amazon.com, the shipping will cost you only US$ 15,” Herath added in a lighter vein. However, he noted that unlike air freight, shipping takes a longer period to transport goods, which could be between 35 to 40 days.  He however assured the safe delivery of all products ordered while emphasising that when a customer requests a quote, the final price of the product will include all charges including tax and freight, delivery, etc., thereby preventing unnecessary hassle and shocks for the customer. “All the customer has to do is purchase the product online via the Kapruka Global Shop with the click of a button, and we will do all the hard work including transport to Sri Lanka, paying taxes and duties, and getting it cleared from customs, etc. – when it arrives in Colombo and is cleared, we will call the customer to come and pick it up from our global shop showroom in Bambalapitiya,” Herath added. He also noted that customers do not have to restrict their purchases to only Amazon, eBay or Best Buy but also had the opportunity to purchase from other famous US retailers such as IKEA, Wal-Mart, NewEgg, etc. Kapruka is a billion rupee company which commenced operations in February 2002 with the launch of Kapruka.com, which is Sri Lanka’s largest online shopping portal. Kapruka.com and Kapruka Global Shop is owned by Kapruka Lanka Ltd., which is the Sri Lanka’s largest and leading e-commerce company.