The Eagle journey marks 15 years of excellence

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The management team

COO Christine Jennifer



The Eagle story begins when Managing Director Asanga Weerackody joined hands with CL Synergy in 2005 to form the company Eagle Logistics. It was pretty challenging at the beginning of the journey to abide by the fact that the operation should be carried out with no experienced staff. But with the support of the staff and management of CL Synergy it turned out to be successful. 

It then became an era for operational changes and to have a separate team. That was yet another challenge to work with a small bunch with very minimal experience. It was always the willingness of Weerackody to believe that young blood could do anything. Finally, it was proved as this team became strong and independent to handle any operational activity.

Eagle has been a home and a school for many youngsters. One could even consider Eagle as a learning hub. School-leavers pave their way with the foundation led by Eagle. There were lot of training activities and training modules carried out in-house which was pretty much a support to internship students as well. It’s the ‘We learn – We teach’ theory that is being applied for the betterment of all employees.

By 2011, it was time for diversification into shipping desk solutions. That was a new area much removed from daily freight forwarding activities. There was no one to handle such work. 

Chief Operating Officer Christine Jennifer stated: “Our MD knew that if I was put in a well, I would come out in some way. Yes, I really did. We managed to grab our first account for the shipping desk operation and it was a leading multinational company.”

This diversification finally ended up in forming the new company E-Visible Ltd., which handles shipping desk operations and provides supply chain solutions. This team handles the daily shipping activities with regular KPI monitoring in order to avoid unnecessary expenses incurred due to mishandling of activities. 

While this process was carried out it was found out that there was a common process which was followed by many companies for which there was no automation/software solution available in Sri Lanka. The project study was carried out by a member of E-Visible team and it resulted in creating a shipping management platform named ‘Bridge’. Finally, ‘Bridge’ became the prime product under SCM Studio Ltd., which is a joint venture between E-Visible Ltd. and E-Consulate Ltd. 

Throughout this journey all these steps were taken by youngsters who started their career at Eagle. There is no doubt that the 15-year journey marks a successful story. Young blood always carries energy and energy can do wonders.

Christine further stated: “I’m proud to be one of the many school leavers who started the journey at Eagle. My 13 years of experience has taught me many lessons. Being positive is the key factor that has helped me to come this far. Never be afraid to take a challenge in doing something which you have never done or which you have never heard of. Just believe in yourself. That will bring you success.”