Health Ministry keeps Disaster Management Unit open 24x7

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The Health Ministry will keep its Disaster Management Unit (DMU) open 24 hours until the flood recedes.

Children under five years and pregnant women will be admitted to the nearest State hospital in the flood affected areas as a precautionary measure. The Ministry’s Medical Supplies Division (MSD) will also be kept open 24 hours during this time.

Arrangements have also been made to transport patients in critical condition by helicopters.

Typhoid injections have been dispatched to all affected areas while mobile health clinics are being opened in the affected areas.

The Ministry has prioritised three main requirements of the flood victims. They are providing safe sanitary facilities, preventing any possible outbreak of epidemics and ensuring food safety.

Five medical teams as well as epidemiologists have been dispatched to the flood affected areas.

The Ministry has sent 75 Public Health Inspectors to Ampara and 45 to Polonnaruwa to look after health issues of the flood victims. (SS)