CleanCo’s emission testing technology helps DriveGreen customers save fuel

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Vehicle carbon emission causes increased environmental concerns in Sri Lanka. With the increase in vehicle ownership, carbon emissions levels have to be controlled and maintained at an environmentally acceptable limit.

As one of the prominent companies in vehicle emission testing, CleanCo Lanka Limited, the owners of DriveGreen, is not only contributing to increasing the cleanliness of the environment but is also helping its customers improve the fuel economy of vehicles they use. This contributes towards reducing the carbon footprint of the vehicles by controlling the usage of fuel as well as reducing harmful emissions overall.

CleanCo Lanka’s DriveGreen Stations use Uniscan 4 gas analysers and smoke meters sourced from USA’s market leader in testing equipment, Environmental Systems Products (ESP). These machines are fully compliant with worldwide emission testing standards such as BAR97, ISO3930 OIML R99 and CMVR 115/116.

By testing the vehicles for the harmful emissions accurately with the state-of-the-art equipment which CleanCo uses, the customers can appreciate what condition their vehicle is in. Based on these findings, the CleanCo staff can provide the customers with initial recommendations on the steps that they should be taking to improve the fuel usage efficiency of the vehicle.

This will allow the customers to identify and rectify any problems related to their vehicle’s fuel usage at an early stage. This also saves the repair cost of such vehicles. Generally, most vehicle related problems can be corrected at a fraction of the cost at the initial stage compared with repair at later, more aggravated stage. Thus, CleanCo provides a necessary health check of vehicles to detect any negative signs on their fuel efficiency.

Out of the total number of vehicles passing through CleanCo’s vehicle emission testing centres in an average month, over 50% are motorcycles, while around 15% are motorcars; the remaining 35% consists of other vehicles Their testing procedures and recommendations on improvement provides a massive saving on fuel to the consumer as well as contributing to reducing country’s import expenditure of oil.

One customer at a DriveGreen station stated: “CleanCo is doing a service to the customers and the nation.

They have the knowledge to test your vehicle and tell you what you need to do to improve the performance of the vehicle and save your fuel bill. It is not just testing for emissions.”

CleanCo Lanka Limited operates over 50 DriveGreen vehicle emission testing centres, spanning 90 locations across Sri Lanka. The emission testing certificate is mandatory for all vehicles on an annual basis. Having been in the business since 2007, CleanCo Lanka is one of the only two companies licensed to carry out annual emission tests for vehicles registered with the Department of Motor Traffic in Sri Lanka.

With the new duty rates in effect from 30 June, the total number of vehicles population is expected to increase. In keeping with this increasing need, DriveGreen hopes to expand its network to 115 locations by the end of 2011, while enhancing the facilities provided in the current stations. CleanCo Lanka is a subsidiary of well-established local family owned company, Akbar Brothers Pvt. Ltd.