Sri Lanka pavilion at 22nd International Architectural and Design Exhibition in Milano

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A Sri Lanka Pavilion is in display at the 22nd International Architecture and Design Exhibition which is being held at the Museum of Modern Art at Triennale di Milano, in Milan, Italy. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival’.  

The Sri Lanka pavilion which showcases the connections of humans to the natural environment, is owned by Promo Lanka Ltd. and designed by PEIA Associati. PEIA Associati CEO/Chief Architect Giampiero Peia, who designed the pavilion, has stated that the Sri Lanka pavilion’s theme ‘A Piece of Sky’, was inspired by the UN Habitat program discussion on the settlement of the marginalised communities.  

The Sri Lanka pavilion presents an interpretation of the exhibition’s theme ‘Broken Nature’ by exploring a ‘Piece of Sky’ where a sustainable green shelter provides the deprived people the minimum conditions to start economic and social recovery. As suggested by the pavilion concept, within a provided structural space, and with the help of Robonica’s hydroponic system, urban and vertical farming can be propagated by combining light, with natural minerals and water to generate three to five crops per year. 

This process can be applied to any intensive and extensive production at any latitude, through the installation of different types of envelopes to create proper microclimates. In the pavilion, harvesting of the real plant is being displayed by utilising the hydroponic system.

Accordingly, the idea and the proposal which are presented under the theme Piece of Sky offers a minimum environment which is conducive to start productive activities and settlements protected from different climatic conditions. 

Additionally, the proposal respects cultural conditions and regional traditions and allows further propagation with the application of appropriate technologies and self-construction. The simplicity and affordability of the solution makes it versatile, enabling it to be accessible to both government programs and private individuals.

This has been presented as a project and also a technical proposal for rural areas which carefully manages the scarce resources, within the given structural environment and associated technology. Accordingly, individuals who are facing the issues of minimum access to technology and security have the capacity to improve their living conditions, both socially and economically in this technology.

The Consul General participated at a public program conducted for the Sri Lanka Day of the Milano Arch Week, which was held at the Museum of Modern Art, at Triennale di Milano. The exhibition continues for six months from 1 March to 1 September.