CBH Lands leads the next real estate wave in Kurunegala

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Land is a limited resource that breeds value and investment. With property ownership being attributed to social status and security, the appeal for land ownership has increased over the years. Recognising the potential for investment in Kurunegala, CBH Lands has capitalised on the increase in demand and expansion within the North Western Province, thus paving the pathway for potential clients to purchase land plots through the developments undertaken by CBH Lands. 

What sets CBH Lands apart is their efficiency and skilful planning pertaining to the development and sale of each plot coupled with adeptness of management that goes into understanding the market and consumer mindsets. While their keenness to assist customers extends to providing advice that best suits individual client needs, their investment in the development of the land prior to sale is a cut above. 

Affirming their expertise in real estate is CBH Land’s own primary investment on all the plots, which the company acquires. This ensures that the land is screened, legally cleared and then developed according to the demands of clients, thereby giving more value to the best investment a client can make. This multi-tiered process of operations adds to the accountability of the company, and the objective of meeting overall customer satisfaction.

The reasons for land purchase in Kurunegala, mainly for investment, have varied depending on a multitude of reasons. This is mainly driven by the infrastructure development taking place in the area, especially the Central Expressway which will connect Kurunegala to Colombo in less than one hour. The second stage of the Central Expressway connecting Gampaha to the Kurunegala District, a stretch of 40 km, will open by May-June. Furthermore, the demand for land in Kurunegala is driven by several factors such as low lending rates – as banks offer around 7% for housing, low fixed deposit rates of 5% per annum or below, and the negligible interest income for Fixed Deposits at the current inflation rate of 4.1%. In comparison, investment in land contains advantages such as absence of sales taxes involved in purchasing land, proven long term investment with minimum investment risk, low overall maintenance cost and finally, the continuous appreciation in value.  CBH Lands specialises in the development of real estate in Kurunegala. Originally the land availability in the district was determined based on the vicinity to the Kurunegala town, access to the Colombo, or Kandy roads, proximity to schools in Kurunegala and to be closer to bus stations, keeping in mind whether the purpose of the land was for residential or commercial use. However, the dynamic has shifted and the more recent trends focus on vicinity to highway exits and to have access to other roads such as the Negombo, Dambulla and the Puttalam roads. 

CBH Lands has embarked on a number of developments across the entire Kurunegala district with special emphasis with close proximity to the five expressway exits that will open spanning the entire district. All developments undertaken by CBH Lands have been approved by the necessary government institutions and bodies, legally clean land plots with all infrastructure developed ready for immediate investment. This provides an ideal opportunity for the investor as all the red tape has been cleared by CBH Lands. These lands are obtained by identifying potential hotspots through intensive research carried out by the company’s research arm and the ground selection. As such, it ensures that the lands are affordable owing to their strategic locations. 

Investment in real estate with CBH Lands is an advantage, with plots for purchase from less than 1.5 to 2.5 million. Customised payment plans are readily available for investors with added assistance when applying for housing loans from selected banks, making the complete investment process effortless.

“We adopt a comprehensive, research-based analysis prior to purchasing properties for development. This gives a strategic lead to the client that purchases from us, whether it may be for investment, residential or commercial purposes,” said CBH Lands Founder Chairman Yatila Wijemanne. 

The Research and Analysis capabilities of the team ensures that CBH Lands is in possession of a better understanding about the needs of the investors, thus singling out specific categories and thereby developing solutions accordingly. If the purpose of obtaining land is for financial investment primarily, CBH Lands will provide a comprehensive analysis via comparisons to available investment tools such as deposit rates, rental yields, stock market. 

If the need is for land for the use of families including those who aim to invest for the purpose of university/college funds as well as retirement funds, CBH Lands understand and assures the safety that is tied to a proven long-term investment that is real-estate. Even though employees of the private sector generally lack making plans for retirement at an early stage, those educated on the matter are noted for regularly comparing exchange rates and investing in real-estate retirement and the CBH team are readily available to assist them in finding the perfect land to suit their needs. 

Founder Deputy Chairman Manjarie Tissera emphasised, “Land is often purchased, especially to be used as collateral by business owners to raise funds for companies. CBH Lands promotes this investment, with the knowledge of higher appreciation value of land in comparison to Fixed Deposits, as the ideal asset for companies.” Owners can simultaneously utilise their investment for their business, and CBH Lands is happy to assist owners in making the right choice to suit their requirements in an area that is fast growing.  Extensive research and study conducted by the CBH team have also highlighted the fact that female investors look for long-term minimum risk options, making real-estate investment the ideal option. Regardless of the number of questions any investors might have, CBH is ready to provide a solution to suit all levels of real-estate requirements. 

With the understanding that specific criteria need to be met for each type of investor, CBH Lands also provides consulting services prior to land purchase, guide the buyers through the purchase as well as consult after-sale and re-sale investment opportunities; a service that only they can provide based on extensive knowledge of the Kurunegala area and years of experience.