World Environment Day celebrations at Cinnamon Grand

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It seems that the Rain Gods and the Sun Lords are constantly up against arms, what with the constant rumbling rains and the dry spells that follow soon after. But what we often forget is that this fight for power would not prevail if not for the power hunger we have here, on earth, developing and growing at a rate that is not wholly sustainable. Come World Environment Day on 5 June and the world is a buzz with an eco-fever, calling out for masses to join hands and proclaim their responsibilities in creating an umbrella for the world, to protect it from deteriorating to a point that the future generations would have no paradise to live in. At Cinnamon Grand, this fight for a greener tomorrow is a daily occurrence, and one all 1,200 associates are proud to be part of. With sustainability identified as a core driving force behind the hotel’s growth, green practices are ingrained in to the ethos of the hotel, and the hotel, led by the Marketing Communications and Sustainability Team strives to keep the momentum going by introducing various activities for associates as well as guests and the public. Commemorating World Environment Day 2014 in keeping with this year’s theme ‘Raise your voice, not the sea level,’ the hotel organised a number of events for staff and patrons, drawing attention to everyday actions that can help to curb devastating effects of climate change. For the loyal patrons, Cinnamon Grand unveiled the fifth edition of the unique Bags to Banners (B2b) collection at the Cedar Room on Thursday (5 June), starting from 10 a.m. onwards. The collection featured 45 recycled flexi banners used by Cinnamon Grand the previous year, along with banners left by other companies after events within the hotel. These 45 banners were transformed in to 170 exclusive, fashionable and durable bags, stitched to perfection by retired tailors of the hotel. The initiative received great response from guests of the hotel, patrons and associates. “A great idea worth treasuring,” Sara Corit Jayasuriya, a happy customer at the sale said. All proceeds of this sale will be donated to the Children’s Ward of the National Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. For associates – the driving force behind the hotel’s success – an educative and interactive presentation on ‘Climate Change’ was held on Tuesday (3 June) by University of Colombo Department of Zoology Senior Lecturer Dr. Erandathi Lokupitiya. Over 230 associates participated. Dr. Lokupitiya outlined the causes of climate change, its effect on the environment and the world we live in. A future outlook and methods through which we can mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change were also shown. Drawing examples from environmental disasters occurring all over the world, she noted that the most obvious signs of the changing climatic conditions are the increased intensity of rain and increased frequency of hurricanes. “Although the world should ideally be moving towards a cooler climate, we are warming up. The cause of this is climate change,” Lokupitiya said. “Human influence on climate change started with the industrial revolution and has steadily increased its pace over the centuries. With the growth of development, fossil fuel has been consumed so much so that the future generations will have to opt for renewable energy sources.” With the increase in temperature, climate change has caused colossal damage on the ecosystem we live in. To mitigate this, people must now concentrate on improved management practices that increase carbon storage, afforestation and reforestation activities, carbon footprint analysis and carbon neutral technologies, among others, she asserted. Lokupitiya said: “Improved agri practices, less use of transportation, use of energy efficient equipment, improved land management, climate friendly buildings and vulnerability assessments can make a huge difference.” Every day actions such as keeping the refrigerator door closed, regular engine tune-ups in vehicles, walking and biking without using vehicles ad ironing all clothes at once would support this cause further. Further, an Interdepartmental Planet Quiz was held on 6 June (Friday) for associates. Held at the Atrium Lobby, the Quiz tested the knowledge of all departments on sustainability, green practices and climate change. Two representatives of every department took part in the quiz, totalling to 26 participants. The Human Resources Department of the hotel emerged winners, with Finance and Front Office coming in as first and second runners up, respectively. The hotel’s Green Corridor was also relaunched this year with new slogans and creatives, encouraging associates to take further sustainable approach to their daily operations, both at the hotel and at home.