TMC Colombo to conduct AGM online

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Pradeep Edward


Following are excerpts of an interview with TMC Colombo Chairman and Sadaharitha Group of Companies Executive Director/CEO Pradeep 


Q: Being the Chairman of TMC, could you share your experience with us?

A: First and foremost, I would like to thank Fayaz Saleem President Emeritus and Deepal Abeysekara President Board of Management for nominating me as the Chairman to lead such a prestigious and elite club. I feel humbly proud in assuming this chairmanship in which I would undoubtedly hinge on the relationship with the team, where everyone is centred on honesty, trust and transparency. I have felt that the success of this chairmanship is based on that perspective and, I have experienced that even during these tough situations.

Q: Where had it all started and what are the activities carried out so far?

A: We started the year with a bang by having a membership night which was a great success and received positive feedbacks. Our team at Hotel Galadari was planning to initiate and implement numerous projects but regrettably all our plans and ideas were restricted due to the global pandemic where we were compelled to hold back all the projects we had planned to implement, which would have been very helpful to the members. However, we managed to Zoom all the events to educate our team during this challenging situation. We managed to hold about five webinars and workshops through this online platform. One of them was a Zoom session with Prof. Suranjith Senevirathne about COVID-19 vaccinations which I think would have been an eye opener for all the participants.

Q: That would have been a challenging task for you, but how do you think these online meetings, events, etc. on Zoom would have helped? And do you think this approach is practical and possible? 

A: Of course, yes …. why not? Unlike other countries, Sri Lankans are used to physical, face to face meetings and also often in being late for meetings with numerous reasons. I think these online meeting platforms have ironed out all that and now it’s very easy for all of us to join from wherever we are without any reasons for delays. I’m also happy that Sri Lankans are slowly adapting themselves to this technological culture, which I believe to be the future of business and much of what we do in everyday life. So, it’s both possible and practical doing things this way. Having said that I still prefer physical meetings and events as they are more productive and enable more networking opportunities.

Q: Did this pandemic affect your day-to-day routines?

A: Undoubtedly yes, however even during this situation, we have managed to conduct 12 good meetings both physical and online and the participation of members was very satisfying. This approach was easy so that the communication between the members has not been held back at any point.

Q: What is your future forecast for the Club? 

A: The Board of Management at the last meeting requested me to continue as the Chairman, having confidence in me. So firstly, I would like to thank them for that opportunity so that we may be able to clear the pipeline we have had last year. With the trust that we can place on the vaccines I hope we will be able to step on to some physical tasks, following proper Government guidelines for COVID. And I believe that we can provide a strong comeback and a fresh start.

Q: Any upcoming events for now?

A: Yes, we do. We have a list of events like: Management quiz, management awards ceremony, educational programs for managers, member talks, networking meetings, post-pandemic stress busters, and big match fever.

I think these would be refreshing and informative for the members after some days of boredom and stress.

Q: How do you like to conclude this?

A: I thank each and every one of the members for not letting this chain break even during the hard times and also for putting in their untiring effort in networking. My special thanks to the Secretary Roshni De Saram, Treasurer Priyantha Hapuarachchi, and Deputy Chairman Nishantha Delgoda. Not forgetting the committee for heading projects; Project Directors – Duneeshya Bogoda and Ranjith Fernando. And all the supporting committee members for a new look of the Club.