Occidental Eden Beruwala’s Christmas tree lighting extravaganza

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Occidental Hotels Sri Lanka Cluster General Manager Suresh Athukorala 

In a night of festive cheer, Occidental Eden Beruwala welcomed guests to a spectacular Christmas tree lighting event on 15 December. The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as in-house guests together with the hotel staff came together for an exclusive celebration.

The evening kicked off with the harmonious notes of Christmas carols, setting the stage for a joyous gathering. Anticipation filled the air as everyone awaited the main event—the illumination of their stunning Christmas tree. When the lights gracefully came to life, the entire space was transformed into a breathtaking spectacle, evoking wonder and delight among all who attended.

Occidental Hotels Sri Lanka Cluster General Manager Suresh Athukorala took the stage to deliver an inspiring address that resonated with the audience, infusing the gathering with warmth and joy. As the lights shimmered on the tree, Occidental Hotels Sri Lanka Director of Sales and Marketing Adrian Jansz raised a heartfelt toast to the festive season. The clinking of glasses marked the official commencement of a truly magical time, symbolising the beginning of the holiday season. The Christmas tree at Occidental Eden Beruwala was crafted using sustainable materials, aligning with the sustainability concept of the Barcelo Hotel Group.

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to an array of delightful cocktails and delightful canapés. As everyone mingled and immersed themselves in the joyous atmosphere, cherished memories were created, promising to linger in the hearts of those present for a lifetime.