Breaking the pandemic spell

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Vaccine protection against infection and “mild disease” has pretty much collapsed, whereas protection against severe disease and death remains at a reasonable level, however with the partial exception of the most senior citizens and especially nursing home residents. Moreover, future coronavirus variants will clearly achieve additional immune evasion Pic by Shehan Gunasekara


It seems we’re in a trance. We hear proclamations about vaccines, utterly detached from clearly emerging global data.

Three hundred policemen apparently double jabbed have contracted C-19. We saw a similar phenomenon in India with 1,700 army officers out of a cadre of 2,000, getting reinfected despite being “fully vaccinated.” What is now being said in the press is the vaccines don’t stop you from being reinfected, but from becoming seriously ill or dying. 

But we don’t know that either, it is just the relatively mild mortality nature of the Delta variant, and mortality among vaxxed and non-vaxxed in the UK and Israel, and the US, is not distinguishable. In fact, more of the vaccinated in Israel and the UK were getting infected. At least, finally, that will, upon recovery, give them some real immunity. 

The idea of getting everyone vaccinated, with the above confession in hand, is silly. Since the vaccines neither seem to stop reinfection or transmissibility, who cares whether everyone is vaccinated? Even Fauci in the US has admitted that with Delta, “viral load” is the same whether you are vaccinated or not. 

If the vaccines worked fully, you wouldn’t worry for the vaccinated, because they’d be safe. US mortality, despite surging “positive tests” is as low as it’s been since March 2020. In the UK, no excess mortality. In Sweden (about 40% vaccination), below 5-year lows. So, if those who wish to be vaccinated are, it’s irrelevant about the rest, as they are either assuming the risk (as we do with eating sugar, smoking cigarettes, driving fast, or anything else), or frankly as it’s an age stratified illness only of risk to those above 60 with comorbidities overwhelmingly, they may prefer natural immunity. Moreover, there are large numbers who have had COVID and recovered, and do not therefore need vaccination at all, as we’ll explain below.

The worst idea being floated and circulated is that of vaccinating children. Not one child without serious comorbidities has died in the US as per the CDC. Children are at close to zero risk, and do not transmit either. Young teens have been shown to be at nominal risk from COVID, but of real concern re myocarditis from a vaccination they do not need. Again, what is the mania to inject young people at no risk, with vaccines that have not completed safety trials, that have adverse events cited globally? The calculus with the old and vulnerable may indeed be different, but this cannot be a “mass jabbing” exercise divorced again from costs and benefits, just as the whole debacle has been, for example with ruinous “lockdowns” utterly impotent against an airborne virus that is already widespread.

We had two of the world’s top doctors, front-line clinicians, and researchers and leading COVID early treatment pioneers, present to leading practitioners at Lady Ridgeway Hospital for children. I invite and urge all readers to avail of this to get further details and inspiration on this front:


Reviewing the evidence

The latest data from Israel, which has used primarily the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, indicates that vaccine effectiveness against Delta coronavirus infection and symptomatic (“mild”) disease has dropped from about 95% to about 40%, whereas effectiveness against hospitalisation and severe disease (i.e., low blood oxygen levels) remains at 80% to 90%, falling but not as steeply or as fast.

Importantly, in people who got vaccinated already in January 2021 (primarily the elderly), protection against infection and mild disease may already have dropped to near 0%. Moreover, since the Delta COVID outbreak is still accelerating in Israel, the effectiveness against hospitalisation and severe disease may further decrease (due to lags in hospitalisations). Israel, perhaps embarrassed by how “counter-narrative” the data is, has now stopped indicating “vaccination status” of the hospitalised.

In the UK, which has primarily used the AstraZeneca DNA adenovector vaccine, the latest estimate by researchers at University College London indicated an effectiveness against infection of close to zero percent and an effectiveness against severe disease of about 60%. In very senior citizens, the effectiveness against severe disease may be even lower (due to a weaker immune response).

While an earlier, higher estimate by Public Health England (PHE), had been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it apparently was based on earlier data from June. The most recent PHE update on AstraZeneca effectiveness in the UK, shows a drop in effectiveness below 20%!

The Israeli data shown indicates that effectiveness against infection and mild symptoms decreases rapidly over time and reaches near-zero levels after about half a year. Most likely, this is because the “vaccines” do not achieve mucosal immunity (in contrast to natural infection) and serum antibody levels in the blood decline sharply within months. 

Moreover, highly vaccinated jurisdictions from Seychelles to Iceland, have huge post vaccination spikes (seen also in Israel and the UK initially), again addressed more fully below.

Thus, the false promise of very high protection against “symptomatic infection”, found during official vaccine trials, was simply based on very high short-term serum antibody levels mimicking mucosal immunity. The pharmaceutical companies probably even knew that this was just a (very lucrative) “flash in the pan” and not a lasting protective effect.

Since the trials, they’ve since jabbed those with placebos, so no real long-term comparison is even possible. But even the trial data we have from the mRNA vaccines show:

  • Zero reduction in all-cause mortality
  • Nonsignificant 0.01% reduction in COVID mortality
  • 4 times the rate of adverse effects in the active arm
  • 2 times the rate of adverse effects
  • Declining efficacy after months

(Pfizer specifically in trials, 15 patients who took the vaccine have died, 14 who received placebo died. But by vaccinating the placebo group, the “trial blind” is broken, so this is all the data we’ll have.)

Short of the greatest propaganda onslaught and fear mongering drive in history, on those facts, is anyone likely to sign up?

Taking it further, protection against severe disease is achieved by lower serum antibody levels in combination with immunological memory (B cells) and cellular immunity (T cells). However, the Delta variant has already achieved partial immune evasion (as did Beta and Gamma, but not Alpha), and future coronavirus variants will likely achieve almost complete immune evasion. So, by September, when all 30 and above are to be jabbed here, the vaccines will be utterly irrelevant! How is this a sane, national goal?

Other considerations

Thus, vaccine protection even against severe disease will likely further decrease due to new variants, or, in the very worst case, will turn into antibody dependent immune enhancement (ADE), if high levels of non-neutralising antibodies aggravate the infection. Indeed, this is what happened in the case of vaccines against SARS-1 and dengue fever.

To prevent such a decrease in protection against severe disease, or to restore short-term protection against infection and mild disease, updated “booster shots” will likely become necessary.

However, there is a very real risk that additional vaccinations, which inject or induce the coronavirus spike protein (which we’ve learned is what causes the distinctive harm related to COVID-19), could substantially increase the risk of serious cardiovascular and neurological adverse effects, such as strokes, GBS and heart muscle inflammation. Globally, COVID “vaccines” may already have killed tens of thousands of people as per adverse effect reports on government databases (which tend to be 1-20% of actuals). Alternatives include safer oral vaccine candidates or medically supervised, low-dose oral live virus challenges in low-risk people, and a plethora of early treatments we seem to assiduously be ignoring.

And we keep saying “WHO has authorised” with all the sacramental fervour of a revelation from on high, whereas their prescriptions, as per the European and American adherents have produced the worst COVID results in the world. WHO has to present data like anyone else, they are not some fount of verity and probity to be untroubled by the same scientific and medical rigor as anyone else.

Furthermore, the millions of people who were told that vaccination will protect them against a coronavirus infection will soon have to realise (once again) that this is not the case: instead, most of them will get infected anyway. On the positive side, as cited above, this reinfection may actually provide additional mucosal immunity, so other than adverse effects, the vaccines may circuitously get them “immunity” after all.

Indeed, data from Israel as well as numerous highly credible recent studies all confirm that a previous coronavirus infection continues to offer the best protection against future infections and disease. And for those not at risk (the overwhelming majority), this has never been much of a risk anyway.

In contrast, vaccination cannot achieve “sterile immunity” against infection and infectiousness. Thus, the whole idea of “vaccination certificates” has become conceptually obsolete – at least from a medical and epidemiological perspective – and should be rejected: the claim that it’s just “the unvaccinated” that are driving outbreaks – a claim made many authorities by simply not “testing” the vaccinated when they are hospitalised as in many of the US States or comparing the total numbers of hospitalised from the beginning to the pandemic to those hospitalised since vaccination (a few months) – is simply false.

For instance, as mentioned in my last article, a “fully vaccinated” Australian managed to pre-symptomatically infect about 60 people at a party in the United States. Many similar stories have already been reported in Europe and Israel: fully vaccinated people can easily transmit the virus even to large groups. Hence, imposing “vaccination certificates” or “green passes” may only serve some debatable political purpose.

A recent data update from Israel gives slightly more positive news, showing that 80% of fully vaccinated people haven’t infected others in public spaces. While authorities claim that this is a good result, in reality, it is the same percentage from unvaccinated people, thus confirming zero effectiveness against infection and transmission, in terms of any demonstrated, sustained advantage.

As also alluded to above, in many countries, mass vaccination campaigns have themselves triggered large coronavirus outbreaks (“post first dose spike”), possibly due to a combination of vaccine-induced temporary immune suppression and infections at large indoor vaccination centres visited by thousands of people. The vaccine-induced temporary immune suppression may also explain the frequently observed post-vaccination appearance of shingles (i.e., herpes zoster reactivation).

Concerning children, since COVID remains mostly asymptomatic (naturally dealt with by their immune system) or mild in them anyway, and since vaccination cannot prevent infection and infectiousness, the vaccination of children and even of young low-risk adults becomes increasingly difficult to justify, especially given the very real vaccine-associated cardiovascular risks to them (e.g., teen myocarditis and cerebral blood clots).

So, to summarise what we know, vaccine protection against infection and “mild disease” has pretty much collapsed, whereas protection against severe disease and death remains at a reasonable level, however with the partial exception of the most senior citizens and especially nursing home residents (who are the most vulnerable and the ones we most are concerned with), some of whom have never mounted a neutralising antibody response to the vaccine. Moreover, future coronavirus variants will clearly achieve additional immune evasion.

Given the current situation and outlook, it may once again be emphasised that research and implementation of early treatment options for high-risk patients – especially anti-viral, anti-inflammatory (immuno-modulatory) and anti-thrombotic treatment – should be a top priority. 

Dr. Chetty’s breakthrough

If you treated over 6,000 patients in rural South Africa for C-19, and not one needed oxygen, got hospitalised, or died (and these are verifiable stats), surely the world would be beating a path to your door. And indeed, globally Dr. Chetty’s protocol is now widely and keenly sought after. It even bypasses using “controversial” drugs like Ivermectin (with a billion doses, this Nobel Prize winning anti-parasitic molecule of nature, demonstrated to be a COVID killer at all stages of the disease, and cheap to administer, and which has had more randomised clinical trials than mask wearing or lockdowns or pointless six feet rules for an airborne virus, is not really “controversial” but WHO knows?) and HCQ.

Most attempts at treatment had focused on the first, viral phase. And most of the exceptional early treatment protocols we’ve referenced seek to reduce viral replication and thereby curb the progression of the disease.

And most recover. About 20 to 30% worsen, and these are the leading candidates among the vulnerable demographic, for hospitalisation and death. Dr. Chetty discovered, they “worsen” on the eighth day. His hypothesis was that the onset of the inflammatory phase was a “hypersensitivity,” a kind of allergic reaction to the spike proteins. Hence, his treatment protocol uses simple antihistamines, corticosteroids and aspirin (as anti-coagulants) primarily.

His clinic is outdoors, remember no outdoor transmission verifiably reported. Therefore, well ventilated, plenty of natural sunlight. And with the drugs, the treatment can take place on an outpatient basis. The dyspnea that sets in, though with differences in speed and severity, seemed to present on the eighth day.

Dr. Chetty says, “I tried, on a patient who was critically ill, a dose of promethazine and oxygen saturation returned to 95% within 24 hours.” This pattern repeated confirmed the hypersensitivity hypothesis.

The protocol evolved from steroids to antihistamines to ecotrin/aspirin and montelukast. 99% of his patients were fully recovered within 14 days from the onset of symptomatic reactions.

Since his treatment is not “off label,” as he’s treating for allergic reactions and inflammation, the drugs used are acutely “on label,” I have continued to urge policy makers here to allow me to put them in touch with Dr. Chetty, as this version of “early treatment” can begin right away…far safer, cheaper and clearly more efficacious than vaccines, while the “off label” debates (irrational as they are) continue. There is no disincentive here, and we can immediately take the stress off oxygen needs and ICU usage.

We need to speak up

Without awaiting symptoms, there are numerous effective treatments and preventatives. HCQ, Ivermectin, quercetin, EGCG, cups of green tea, zinc supplements, Vitamin D3, even bromhexine, dramatically shorten the course of infection and reduce transmission. Since herd immunity via mass vaccination will not happen for reasons explained, dangerous mutations will continue to be “stressed” into existence, mass prophylaxis over a two-week period of time, worldwide, by a reasonable percentage, would resolve undetected early infections, and transmission would be impeded by the temporary immunity. Why should such a campaign not be considered? It has no downside!

We must reclaim “life”. This one pathogen, no matter if it surges or not, has to be rendered endemic. Mass testing has to stop. PCR tests, the folly continues, all indicate they are not diagnostic, and their EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation as not one is “authorised” to date) was only granted for symptomatic testing! 

So, we have completely swerved away from that. The US CDC just announced they are withdrawing the EUA application of the original February 2020 deeply flawed PCR test on which the others are modelled by December 2021 and indicate testing methods need to be “multiplexed” and be those that can “differentiate between coronavirus and influenza”! The implications that this wasn’t currently the case are staggering. 

Even WHO now indicates to stop mass testing the asymptomatic. So, time to stop! Time to treat symptoms. Time to think that loss of education and livelihood, and other health concerns, poverty and viability, all matter as much as a median influenza strain. It is not a “pandemic” now, as we do not have “excess deaths everywhere,” in fact “anywhere.”

So, time to speak up people, to and with our leaders. The COVID Emperor and the Vaccine God both have no clothes now. That folk tale wasn’t for children, it’s a lesson about freedom, it’s for you and me.

I am not, per se, an Ayn Rand fan. But her insight here was searingly accurate: “When you see that in order to produce you need to obtain permission…when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favours; when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work; and your laws don’t protect you against them but protect them against you. When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice; you may know your society is doomed.”

So, let’s prove the doomsayers wrong. Let’s return liberties and permission and autonomy to families and entrepreneurs and take penal lockdown off the list of potential prescriptions. What did it do for us but national despair and devastation? The virus was unimpressed, and our unknown mortality accounting, with no references or specifics, continues unabated. We need to get rid of this shoddy testing method, and only count as “COVID deaths” those who died clearly from acute respiratory distress flowing from it. We cannot even bring ourselves to list the comorbidities anymore. What do we gain from the distortion?

Let’s let everyone who wants a shot at success take it and let the country flourish through the productive capability of its people. Let’s be reverent towards data, not vague pronouncements. If leadership is shown by the value you add to the assets in your stewardship, it is high time our leaders helped us clarify not only what we seek to be free “from” but what we are free “for.” High time we nourished and stoked our national will and get on with creating the future.

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