Ulterior motive behind proposed service extension for AG: Opposition

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 01:45 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

  • MP Prof. G.L Peiris questions unprecedented nature of proposed extension, citing lack of historical precedent
  • Criticises Govt.’s rationale for extension and deems arguments as baseless
  • Highlights unique responsibilities of AG emphasising potential disruption to electoral process

MP Prof. G.L Peiris


People’s Freedom Congress (FPC) MP Prof G.L. Peiris yesterday raised significant concerns regarding the proposed extension of Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam’s tenure by six months. 

Speaking at a press conference Peiris highlighted that such an extension has not been witnessed in Sri Lanka’s history. The MP stressed that allowing this extension amidst ongoing election campaigns could potentially disrupt the integrity of the electoral process.

During the press conference, Peiris criticised the Government’s rationale behind the proposed extension. He pointed out that the Government’s arguments, which cite the necessity of Rajaratnam’s involvement in investigations related to the Easter attack, the Xpress Pearl incident, and IMF negotiations, are baseless. According to Peiris, these reasons do not justify extending the Attorney General’s tenure.

Peiris emphasised the unique responsibilities held by the Attorney General in upholding justice within the legal framework. He underscored that extending the Attorney General’s term would be unprecedented, with no such occurrence recorded since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948. Peiris expressed concern that prolonging Rajaratnam’s tenure during the critical period leading up to the presidential election, scheduled to commence in 34 days, could potentially hinder the conduct of a fair electoral process.

The MP voiced scepticism regarding the Government’s motives behind the extension, suggesting that it might be an attempt to serve an ulterior agenda. He cautioned against accepting the Government’s proposition without due scrutiny, highlighting the need to ensure transparency and accountability in all governmental actions.

The decision regarding Rajaratnam’s tenure extension will ultimately rest with the Constitutional Council, scheduled to convene on 18 June. As of now, Rajaratnam’s current tenure is slated to conclude on 27 June, having been appointed as Attorney General on 26 May 2021.