Sajith says SJB only force capable of rebuilding Sri Lanka

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Sajith Premadasa 


  • Claims party has the best team to revive and rebuild Sri Lanka
  • Says SJB only Opposition party to work for the people 
  • Makes a plethora of promises to be implemented through a future SJB-led Govt. 

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa claims the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) led by him is the only political force able to rebuild the country. 

“Only we can provide solutions to the country now in a state of collapse,” he said. According to him, only the SJB can provide sustainable solutions instead of dragging the country down further. 

Highlighting the work done by the SJB while in the Opposition, Premadasa said in Sri Lanka’s 72-year history since independence, his party is the only one that has served the people while in the Opposition. Premadasa swore the SJB was different to other parties and groups as it had continued to serve the people while in the Opposition. 

“We have donated medical equipment and medicines worth Rs. 160 million to hospitals around the country since the COVID-19 outbreak. The SJB has also donated school buses and computers to State-owned schools,” he pointed out. 

The Opposition Leader said the SJB has the best team to rebuild the country along with a sound ideology, well thought out program and a sustainable vision for Sri Lanka. “We are prepared to rebuild and revive this country through the use of these resources,” Premadasa said. 

The leader of the SJB made these comments while attending the party’s Kaduwela electoral organising meeting held over the weekend. The event was organised by the party’s Kaduwela organiser MP Hirunika Premachandra. 

Addressing those gathered, Premadasa said the citizenry has been left with two choices. “That is, do you choose to believe in fairy tales or face reality? Following the 2019 presidential election, the people chose to believe in fairy tales and were tricked,” he pointed out. According to Premadasa, therefore the people now must give prominence to truth and reality to make a real change. 

Premadasa assured the crowds that the corrupt will not be given any chances under an SJB Government and that stolen dollars and public monies will be recovered. 

“Though the country is bankrupt, the illicit drug market is thriving. The country’s children are being destroyed. Under an SJB Government Sarath Fonseka will be given the responsibility to combat crime and to also eliminate this drug menace,” he said. 

According to Premadasa, though certain persons and parties attempted to dangle carrots in front of the SJB offering it power, the party chose to stand with the people by putting them first. 

“We do not need positions to work for the people but the solution for the current issues is an SJB-led Government. We have already created a macroeconomic development model to put into place. We promise to rebuild the country through an economic export development strategy. 

“We will create a real IT revolution in Sri Lanka. We will develop English education and introduce STEAM education to the country’s education system. Our Government will ensure a more efficient health sector,” he added. 

In English and STEAM education, new education systems will be implemented.