Lanka Change Makers presents ‘Cyber Discipline’ program to prevent cyberbullying

Wednesday, 7 December 2022 00:00 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

By Maneshka Borham

The Lanka Change Makers, an activist group has proposed a program titled ‘Cyber Discipline’ to combat all forms of cyber harassment, cyberbullying and online stalking in Sri Lanka. 

According to the organisation the program has been created by the organisation to address socially sensitive issues relating to the topic.

The organisation said it is attempting to introduce cyber discipline to the national education curriculum in order to educate children about cyberspace and relevant topics while also taking steps to educate society and formulate a sustainable national program together with other groups on cyber discipline. 

According to the organisation, the group is also attempting to take legal steps against all illegal activities taking place online while intervening to also introduce a legal system on cyber discipline and formulate the necessary laws in Sri Lanka.

Taking note of the online harassment faced by various popular personalities in Sri Lanka, the Lanka Change Makers said they will also present proposals on how to combat these issues. 

The organisation is also set to introduce a program titled ‘Dear Bubble’ that will assist those who have been victimised by cyber harassment by supporting them in maintaining their mental health. It is expected a conference will also be held with the participation of all relevant parties in the near future to elicit their proposals and opinions on the subject.