Hypocritical Opposition insulting genuine investments in the country – Kiriella

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Under the second phase of the Enterprise Sri Lanka initiative, a training program for entrepreneurs in the Central Province was held at the auditorium of Kandy Post Office on Sunday. 

Leader of the House and Minister of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development Lakshman Kiriella graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister stated, “The first proposal presented to the Parliament by the Good Governance Government stressed the importance of devising a new Constitution which can unite all ethnicities in the country. MP Mahinda and all Parliamentarians voted in favour of the proposal. A committee was appointed and a series of proposals were devised and presented to the Parliament. The Tamil political parties got together for the first time in history and urged for only one thing – to consolidate the Provincial Councils, not to create a new country.

As a government, this was implemented by us with the aim of achieving sustainable economic stability while encouraging new investments in the country. Unlike the failed entrepreneurships of the previous era, we intend to direct the investments to successfully elevate the country. This is how we were able to steer the biggest investment in Sri Lanka in Hambantota area. However, the program which commenced in the presence of a Minister from Oman has fallen under criticism of the Opposition today. The investments we introduce are criticised by the very persons who has drawn Chinese goods and inmates into the country and obtained loans and paid them back to China under the guise of foreign investments. They also raise objections against the job opportunities created by the very process.

As you are aware, the previous Government carried out their administration work in an unfavourable manner. We ran the Government in 2015 amidst issues such as economy, international community, and talks about electric chairs. Despite all obstacles, we have been able to properly manage them. This is why we launched ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka’ – a program to support the development of local entrepreneurs. These investments are not meant for the UNPers. They are made for the sake of the entire country. We have already established trade relations with India and Singapore. These investments also create new avenues to venture into the markets of those countries.

Two of our Expenditure Heads were defeated last week. This is not something new. In the past, both Ministers Ratnasiri and Thondaman have experienced defeat in terms of their Expenditure Heads. However, due to the existing Standing Orders, there is provision to return the situation to normalcy. We are currently taking necessary measures. At the party leaders’ meeting, we have agreed not to hold any vote.

However, just as in the incident of 26 October, the hypocritical Opposition broke our trust by backstabbing. They are quite used to it.

The Presidential election will be held in a few months. We will be able to win the election thanks to the unity upheld by our party. We intend to run for the Presidency with a candidate anticipated by the people.

Regional Development Bank Chairman Sujith Kariyawasam and Kandy City Mayor Kesara Senanayake as well as regional politicians were present at the occasion.