Govt. nod to multiple green transition drives

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 00:00 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

  • Cabinet approves National Framework for eco-labelling and National Policy for environmentally sensitive areas in SL
  • Govt. declares 3 November as ‘National Biosphere Protection Day’

In a bid to meet ambitious sustainability targets, the Government has made multiple decisions to accelerate the green transition, including two national strategies.

To enable customers to make informed product purchase decisions, the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday approved the introduction of a National Framework for eco-labelling to confirm the environmental performance of its products.

In a statement, the Government Information Department noted that for that purpose, scientific methods such as standardisation and certification should be introduced to verify the 12th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) “Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns”.

“Producers should carry out their production activities in a sustainable manner and consumers should consume products and services responsibly and prudently for long-term environmental, social and economic well-being,” it added. 

The proposal to this effect submitted by Environment Minister Naseer Ahamed was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Separately, the Cabinet nod was also granted for a proposal Submitted by Minister Ahamed to implement a National Policy on the environmentally sensitive areas in Sri Lanka to ensure a healthy, secure and conserved environment and an economy.

“The policy will provide the necessary guidance required for the conservation of environmentally sensitive areas. It also emphasises sustainable utilisation by ensuring management access at all levels.  “The participation includes all sectors such as the community, private sector, public sector and experts for planning land utilisation and management in those areas,” the statement containing weekly Cabinet Decisions noted.

It also added that numerous issues such as degradation of ecosystems, soil erosion, drying of hydro-catchment areas/water sources and human-wildlife conflicts due to various human activities such as informal land use, agricultural habits, irregular disposal of waste and non-sustainable utilisation of national resources. As a result, the foundations of biodiversity and ecosystems have been threatened. 

“Inaction to these may lead to a vicious circle of eco-system degradation in the long run. Through the establishment of environmentally sensitive areas, it aims to ensure the environment, socioeconomic well-being and liveability of everyone,” the statement noted. 

The Cabinet of Ministers also approved a proposal submitted by Education Minister Susil Premjayanth to declare 3 November as ‘National Biosphere Protection Day’.

“The UNESCO has declared 3 November of each year as the ‘National Biosphere Protection Day’.  “UNESCO emphasises that measures should be taken to draw the attention of the people by the member States of the organisation to encourage preserving the biosphere reserves,” the statement containing weekly Cabinet Decisions noted.