G.L. to back Sajith at Presidentials

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 01:49 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

  • Says failure to hold Presidential election this year would render Govt. illegitimate after 18 November 
  • Claims abolishment of Executive Presidency is Govt.’s final attempt to halt Presidential polls 
  • Stresses people are eagerly awaiting a poll to remove current Govt. from power
  • Notes ECSL is obligated to announce Presidential election by July or August

Freedom People’s Congress (FPC) member and independent MP Prof. G.L Peiris yesterday publicly announced his endorsement of Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) leader Sajith Premadasa’s candidacy in the upcoming Presidential election, along with several other independent MPs. 

Addressing a press conference, Peiris stressed that the Presidential election should take place between 17 September and 19 October, with the new President being sworn in before 17 November. Peiris emphasised the necessity for the Presidential election to adhere to the designated dates within the current year, expressing scepticism about the possibility of garnering a two-thirds majority in Parliament to abolish the Presidency before that time. According to him, attempting to abolish the Presidency at this juncture is the Government’s final attempt to halt the Presidential election.

Peiris maintained that the decision regarding whether to abolish the Presidency and prolong the current Government for another year will be directly posed to the public and he believes that the people are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to cast their first vote to remove this destructive Government from power.

Peiris highlighted that it is the Election Commission of Sri Lanka, rather than the Presidential Secretariat, that possesses the legal authority to declare the scheduling of the Presidential election. Additionally, he underscored that any citizen retains the right to contest the outcomes of a referendum.

He highlighted that the ECSL is obligated to announce the Presidential election either by the end of July or at the beginning of August this year. Peiris emphasised that failure to hold the Presidential election on schedule this year would result in the Government after 18 November being non-compliant with the law, rendering it an illegitimate Government. 

Peiris accused the Sri Lanka Police of attempting to procure new anti-riot equipment to quell the growing public dissent against the Government. He also stressed the necessity for the forthcoming elections to be conducted fairly and impartially, without any undue influence or suppression/+.