9 March to be a historical day in SL’s history: S.M. Marikkar

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  • Says ninth has been significant for Sri Lankans since 9 April last year 
  • Blames the Rajapaksa led Govt. of 2019 for country’s rapid deterioration 
  • Claims only group of capable and talented persons such as SJB can revive country

SJB MP Tissa Attanayake
SJB MP S.M. Marikkar

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Deputy National Organiser S.M. Marikkar says 9 March will be a historical day in Sri Lanka’s history. 

Noting that the election has now been set for 9 March despite the Government’s repeated attempts to delay it, Marikkar said the ninth is a significant date for the country. 

“9 April last year, 9 May, 9 June and 9 July were all historical dates for Sri Lanka. The people ousted the President and others on days that were the ninth of that particular month through a citizen’s struggle. The people are not able to continue their struggle anymore. 

“Therefore the ninth will give them the opportunity to express their views in a democratic manner and oust everyone in power,” he said while speaking at a press conference held at the Opposition leader’s office yesterday. 

Slamming allegations that the country’s rulers have done nothing for it since independence, Marikkar said the country’s downward spiral began following the election of 2019. 

“After this those who do not have the people’s mandate were appointed last year,” he noted. The MP said on 9 March the corrupt Rajapaksa clan will be defeated while President Ranil Wickremesinghe will be shown his true status among the people. 

“The country will choose the correct and democratic path on March 9,” he said. 

Marikkar noted the country has always taken the wrong path by choosing a person instead of a group to rule the country. 

“Today we need a talented and capable group to rebuild the country. They must be able to work and not be corrupt. Only then will our creditors be willing to go for debt restructuring,” he said. According to Marikkar, the SJB is the only group that can deliver this. “We ask the people to carefully consider before casting their vote on March 9,” he added. 

Meanwhile, also addressing those gatherers, SJB’s national organiser MP Tissa Attanayake said only a few of the party’s nomination lists were rejected. 

“We will contest for 336 Local Government bodies. There was much demand for the SJB when compiling nomination lists. As a result of this, our party is the one that is contesting for the most number of Local Government institutions. 

“The people believe SJB is the group that can bring in a real change. The ninth is a date of many historical and significant events. March 9 will undoubtedly be special,” he said. 

Noting that the SJB will be contesting in the Local Government elections for the first time, Attanayake said he is confident the party will be able to secure the control of a majority of local Government bodies in the country.