1390 COVID-19 Integrated Home-based Care Solution reaches over 100,000 patients

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Health Services Director General Dr. Asela Gunewardena

GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya

BOC Chairman Kanchana Ratwatte

Dialog Axiata Group CEO Supun Weerasinghe
Global Wavenet CEO Suren Pinto

The COVID-19 Integrated Home-based Care Solution conceptualised and implemented effectively by the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced successful administration of care to over 100,000 home-quarantined COVID-19 patients last week. 

This initiative was supported by the World Health Organization, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) and powered by Dialog Axiata, Bank of Ceylon, and Wavenet International Ltd.

The 1390 Toll-free Trilingual Hotline and the Patient Management System was launched to support the patient management efficiently by implementing an Integrated Digital platform to manage the home care of PCR/RAT positive patients. 

The toll-free 1390 hotline and all connectivity requirements are sponsored by Dialog Axiata PLC, the Patient Management System is sponsored by Wavenet International, and the Call Centre is sponsored by Bank of Ceylon. The patient management was led by specialised consultants, and over 600 trained medical doctors were deployed with the coordination of GMOA under the guidance of the Ministry of Health to provide individual care. 

The successful execution of the 1390 integrated home-based care program has also reduced the burden to hospital care systems during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the spread of new variants of the virus. The solution was also successful in reducing the workload of the front-line health care providers by providing a platform to manage asymptomatic and non-critical patients remotely. The solution was quickly adopted by the healthcare workers, which aided in digitising the manual process of patient data management, record-keeping and turnaround time in administering home-based care to patients.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, the toll-free 1390 Trilingual Hotline has now been extended to the general public to register to the Ministry database if they have been tested positive for COVID-19, thereby creating a central hub for COVID-related patient administration. If patients who have tested positive are yet to be registered with the local PHI or Medical officer, they can call 1390 and register with the Home-based Care Solution to be treated from the safety and comfort of their own home as per the guidelines by the Ministry of Health.

Speaking on this milestone moment, Health Services Director General Dr. Asela Gunewardena said: “The 1390 Home-based Care Solution is a supplement to the country’s efforts in controlling COVID-19, and on behalf of the MOH, I would like to acknowledge the dedication of the health care workers, who have made this system a success, while also extending my gratitude to Dialog Axiata, Bank of Ceylon and Wavenet International for deploying the patient management system and the GMOA and WHO for their support given. 

“This national initiative is an asset to the country and the collaborative efforts of these parties will not only substantially facilitate the progress of the country’s pandemic control but also the long-term future plans of implementing a primary healthcare system for every Sri Lankan.”

GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said: “As of today, the GMOA is happy to state that over 600 doctors and pre-intern doctors have actively monitored over 100,000 COVID patients from their respective homes using advanced technology while also maintaining a proper recording system and a clinical hierarchy. We are grateful to the collaborative strengths of Dialog Axiata, Bank of Ceylon and Wavenet International in supporting the GMOA to bring a high level COVID patient monitoring system to life; thereby, making an example to the world while maintaining an advanced system to better manage COVID in future as well.”

Dialog Axiata PLC Group Chief Executive Supun Weerasinghe said: “We are thankful to the Ministry of Health for giving us this opportunity to further support health care providers with their COVID-19 eradication efforts. We are also grateful to the support received from Wavenet International, Bank of Ceylon, and the GMOA, whose combined strengths have enabled us to further our ongoing commitment to support the national pandemic mitigation endeavours and those affected by COVID-19”.

Bank of Ceylon Chairman Kanchana Ratwatte said: “We at Bank of Ceylon, along with our partners Dialog Axiata and Wavenet are extremely proud of our achievement as we reach the milestone of 100,000 homecare patients under this program. In future, I hope that opportunity will present itself to consolidate this service, post-COVID, as a community health care centre. It is opportune to thank the officials of the Ministry of Health, the GMOA and the frontline health workers who were all party to this meritorious act.”

Global Wavenet CEO Suren Pinto stated: “Wavenet takes great pride in its partnership with Dialog Axiata and BOC to deliver a robust and scalable platform, with advanced technology that supports an entire nation’s health care needs. It is a true testament of our commitment towards continuously advancing the Health Tech space in Sri Lanka.”