Dilantha Malagamuwa joins to speed up Eco Tablets

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Dilantha Malagamuwa receiving the agreement


Aligned with its vision of creating an ‘Environmentally Protected Sri Lanka’ Ceylon Green Produce Ltd. accelerates the promotion of its flagship product, Eco Tablet, with appointing Dilantha Malagamuwa, the international racing champ, as its brand ambassador. 

Eco Tablet, which can be introduced as a magic pill that boosts fuel efficiency, is an organic product developed with NANO technology. “I always go for best quality products in my life. When it comes to racing I use the vehicle with the highest performance, the best quality tyres and the best mechanics, for example. When I came to know about Eco Tablet, I tested it with my Lamborghini and experienced it for myself. 

“My car has 550Hp engine, for which I am using 95 octane petrol as fuel. I tested the performance without Eco Tablet and the output was around 350Hp, and when Eco Tablet was added, its output increased to 540Hp. 

“The missing 10Hp can be attributed to the engine’s wearing out with the use. This means Eco Tablet really improvises the quality of fuel increasing its octane value. To conquer the life we need to switch on to high quality products. It can be, perhaps, costly, but it is a must if you want to win,” said Dilantha Malagamuwa.

Eco Tablet comes in two versions as Eco Racing for petrol vehicles and Eco Diesel for diesel vehicles. It claims to double the engine’s life time while cleansing spark plugs, combustion chambers and the fuel tank and reducing fuel consumption from 20% to 50%. Eco Racing boosts octane value from 5 to 10 and Eco Diesel increases cetane value of diesel from 1 to 5. 

Regular use of Eco Tablets improves engine’s overall performance, reducing emission of Carbon monoxide (CO) 100% and Sulphur dioxide SO2 up to 99%. A large number of mechanical engineers have recommended Eco tablet as a real fuel booster with multiple benefits to the users. 

Eco Tablet, a product known internationally for its quality and effectiveness over a decade, can be used in all vehicles including motorbikes and heavy machinery. Eco tablet is one of the many eco projects of Ceylon Green Produce Ltd. Contact +94 77 929 0222 for details.