Superbrands emerge from long-term development

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When the first edition of the Superbrands book went to print in London more than a decade ago, no one dared to imagine where it would be today, operating in over 50 countries and featuring over 5,000 of the world’s leading brands.

It is by no means easy to earn the prestigious ‘Superbrand’ title. Superbrands Councils supported by market research grades tens and thousands of brands each year voluntarily, confidently and with brutal honesty. Sri Lanka has been no exception to the rigorous criteria that must be met in order to become a Superbrand, with the Superbrands Council having met a few weeks ago to select the new set of brands that are to be featured in the New Year.

“Since we have completed the selection process, through a two tiered system of market research and an expert Brand Council, we will soon be approaching the brands, inviting them to participate,” said Shyami Cabraal, Head of Marketing of Superbrands Lanka.

“We will be welcoming the brands for the year 2011-2012, with pride, which will be featured in the second volume of Sri Lanka’s Superbrands.”

According to Ruchi Gunewardene, CEO of Superbrands Lanka, “These selected brands are perfectly positioned to take on the opportunities in the new business environment. It is those who have been diligently building their brands during the difficult years, which will now emerge stronger and at the forefront in the years ahead.”

“There are many methods with which maturity and progress of a nation can be measured, but few are as fundamentally indicative as the branding industry. Millions of rupees are spent on research before multinational brands enter new markets, and major home grown brands are created with an intimate understanding of local needs and expectations. Therefore where you find brands, you will find hope for a strong and healthy economy, and a bright future.”

“As any marketer would tell you, quality brands cannot be built overnight. It takes years, and more likely decades to build powerful brands. It is this undying dedication towards long-term business development and commitment which the Superbrand programme recognises,” concluded Gunewardene.