Sri Lanka hosts Asia Pacific Retailers Conference and Exhibition 2024

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FAPRA delegation 

  • SLRA ex-President Murali Prakash appointed as the next Chairman of FAPRA for a period of 3 years from 2024 onwards

The Sri Lanka Retailers Association (SLRA), which serves as the foremost organisation for organised retail in Sri Lanka, recently played host to the eagerly awaited Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA) Head of Delegations Meeting. This significant event took place at the prestigious Cinnamon Grand Colombo.

A pivotal point of discussion during the FAPRA Head of Delegations Meeting was the selection of the host country for the Asia Pacific Retailers Association Conference and Exhibition 2024 (APRCE 2024). This decision holds substantial implications for the global retail landscape and is determined through a voting process among FAPRA members. Sri Lanka’s noteworthy role as the Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee for APRCE 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to advancing the retail industry.

The outcomes of the FAPRA Head of Delegations Meeting were officially disclosed during the recently convened seventh Sri Lanka Retail Forum. The announcement was made by distinguished individuals, including FAPRA Chairman Roy Nicolas Mandey, Philippine Retailers Association President Roberto Claudio, Advisor of the Malaysian Retailers Association James Loke and Sri Lanka Retailers Association former President Murali Prakash.

Mandey announced that Sri Lanka has been voted as the host nation of the upcoming Asia Pacific Retailers Conference and Exhibition 2024, which will be held from 4 to 6 September 2024. Mandey also announced that Murali Prakash has been appointed as the next Chairman of FAPRA for a period of 3 years from 2024 onwards. 

In his address to the Forum, Mandey said, “FAPRA is the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association. FAPRA was established in 1983 for the Asia Pacific line, making it nearly 40 years old. Our members span from all regions of Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and more. At the moment FAPRA consists of 18 countries in total. Our main event in a calendar year is the Asia Pacific Retailers Conference and Exhibition or APRCE and all of you are invited to join us, as it will be held in Sri Lanka from the 4 to 6 September 2024. It is a good opportunity to share knowledge, network and enhance retail as a delegation from the 18 FAPRA countries will be represented. We are glad to meet all of you as this will be a first for Sri Lankan retailers and we hope to continue in the future, especially as Murali Prakash has been appointed Chairman of FAPRA from 2024 onwards for 3 years.“

Philippine Retailers Association President Roberto Claudio also addressed the forum and emphasised the pivotal role that FAPRA plays in shaping the retail industry throughout Asia. Additionally, he delved into the transformation and evolution of the retail sector over the years.

Malaysian Retailers Association Presidential Advisor James Loke also addressed the forum. His focus was on shedding light on FAPRA and the APRCE, highlighting their profound impact on the Malaysian retail industry. He also discussed the forthcoming APRCE 2024 and the significant influence it is poised to have on Sri Lanka, the host nation for the event in the coming year.

Malaysian Retail Association Deputy President Law Boon Eng also shared his thoughts, stating “Congratulations to Sri Lanka Retail Association (SLRA) for hosting the 21st APRCE on 4 to 6 September 2024. At the last Head of Delegates (HOD) meeting in Bangkok on 31 May 2023, we were very sceptical that the country will be ready to host such an International Event considering the local condition in the country as was conceived. However, on 19 October 2023, when they hosted the HOD meeting in Colombo, we were impressed at the local conditions which is conducive for SLRA to host the APRCE and all those misconceptions were unfounded. The hotel was good, the streets are safe, food was great, the locals are very friendly and speaks English. Welcome to the 21st APRCE, Colombo 2024.”