Boutique Agency Network unveils ground-breaking AI tools

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The Boutique Agency Network team unveiling its new AI-powered tools

  • ‘The Boutique Alchemist’ set to enhance power of marketing communications industry

Boutique Agency Network, a renowned leader in data-driven advertising, proudly announces the launch of its ground-breaking AI tools, which marks a significant milestone in the advertising industry. 

Along with its all-new, cutting-edge AI tool, “The Boutique Alchemist”, the agency aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the industry for AI-powered econometric modelling. The agency also introduced another powerful creative technology namely MAD AI, which is designed to increase the ROI of creative developments.

It is widely noted that data is key to unlocking success in every facet of business. With this in mind, the Boutique Agency Network has developed these innovative tools to help revolutionise decision-making processes and reduce the margin of error. By harnessing the power of AI, these tools enhance critical thinking and creativity, empowering businesses to achieve remarkable results.

It was the agency’s own experience grappling with these challenges that prompted Seninda Bandara, the founder of Boutique Agency Network, to spearhead the development of these solutions. By blending a professional and serious tone with compelling storytelling, the company aims to ensure clear comprehension and engagement with its ground-breaking products.

“At Boutique Agency Network, we understand that unsolvable problems in advertising and marketing are no longer insurmountable in Sri Lanka. As a data-driven agency, we have always been committed to tech-based solutions that help enhance decision-making both individually and in the corporate sphere. Through the integration of technology and data, there now exists a tangible pathway to overcome these obstacles. The agency invites businesses, regardless of their size, to reach out and engage with their team, even for the smallest of decision-making dilemmas,” Seninda Bandara said. 

Over the years, Boutique Agency Network has consistently demonstrated its commitment to data-driven advertising, consistently exceeding expectations. With an unwavering dedication to adding value to an industry often reliant on intuition, the agency’s extensive expertise and tireless efforts have culminated in the creation of robust products that effectively solve key business challenges. They hold a vast portfolio of multinational and local clients which serves as a testament to their client’s trust and satisfaction.