4rever Skin Naturals bags ‘Emerging Brand Award’ at 25th Global Brand Excellence Awards organised by

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4rever Group of Companies Group Financial Controller Sagara Fernando (left) receiving the award and certificate



4rever is the winner of the highly coveted ‘Emerging Brand Award’ of the 25th Global Brand Excellence Awards organised by the World Brand Congress held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11 April.

The ‘Emerging Brand Award’ recognises and rewards at the global level the most sustainable and fastest growing brand with tangible outstanding performance achieved within a very short period while maintaining healthy profit margins. In today’s ruthlessly competitive brands marketing environment, 4rever breaks out from the block by achieving outstanding performance in the industry within a very short period. 1

The World Brand Congress is the single largest professional body made up with the best of brains that are behind some of the world’s most successful and sought-after brands. The Congress comprises of over 500 branding and marketing professionals representing every sector and continent in the world. 

4rever’s most recent achievement is a clear testimony for its team’s excellence in brand-marketing not only in Sri Lanka but also in the international arena. The strength 4rever enjoys in the domestic market by competing head-on with well established multinational brands, will be the foundation on which 4rever will next extend its dominance in to the global arena. 

4rever has already embarked on venturing its footprints in to global arena as a natural result of the swift growth explosion enjoyed at home. 4rever products have already been successfully launched not only in neighbouring India but also as far Australia and 4rever will be introduced in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia in the very near future. 

The company behind 4rever takes pride in being one of the very few in the industry that invests in Value Innovation, which is the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy, wherein it challenges the conventional wisdom by pursuing both cost leadership and differentiation simultaneously to create value innovation. The said approach makes 4rever’s competition irrelevant to it and also makes it stand out in the market. 

4rever’s eminence is the result of both the ‘value innovation’ focus of the outstanding Research and Development (R&D) team behind it, as well as the timeless efficacy of Ayurveda that is at its core. The R&D team is lead by Chairperson Chandhani Bandara who is a professionally reputed cosmetologist and also a qualified chemist, which was the stepping stone of her career following a wealth of local and international experience. Bandara infuses in to the R&D team the pure and holistic Ayurveda knowledge inherited unspoiled from her ancestry and is deep rooted in Sri Lankan culture. 

Priyantha Aberathne, the group CEO who is by profession an engineer, is the one behind bringing together the expertise, knowledge and wisdom in to creating an award winning product, backed by his wealth of experience in both local blue-chip and multinational companies. 

4rever products are innovation at its best, as each product preserves the holistic goodness of Ayurveda through a state-of-the-art production process and reaching out with the end-user’s wellness in mind. This is the edge 4rever continues to enjoy in the market and the secret behind its tremendous success.