National Management Conference 2015

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Good Governance: Challenges and Strategies – was the theme of the National Management Conference – 2015 (NMC – 2015) held recently at the Grand Ballroom of the Galadari Hotel in Colombo (the host hotel of the Management Club).

This conference which was organised by the Institute of Management of Sri Lanka was chaired for the second consecutive year by IMSL Vice President Errol Smith, who is also the Vice President of the Board of Management of the Management Club.

Errol Smith, speaking on the importance of the conference said that it was a management education program aimed at sharing knowledge on diverse management issues with special emphasis this year, on the ‘Challenges and Strategies to ensure Good Governance’, which he articulated as being of special significance and relevance to both the government and corporate sector.

He further said that NMC – 2015 would highlight and discuss the core issued related to the macro perspective, micro issues at corporate level as well as the main issues and challenges in the context of good governance in a wider spectrum.

The keynote address was delivered by Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremasinghe, who spoke on the key priority areas of the Government, its responsibilities, accountability and transparency, etc., which he said will be in great demand in the new international economic and political order.

He stressed on the importance of good governance for countries at all stages of development.  At the macro level where a country relates to other governments and international organisations. At the micro level in addressing gaps pertaining to commercial entities and the social, economic and institutional systems which govern them and at the individual level, where the people at large take an interest in and engage with decision makers and hold them and their institutions to account. So this makes, consolidating good governance the responsibility of all, he emphasised.

He further said that establishing good governance is much more than just building institutions. It is about empowering people to engage with governments, and holding institutions to account to bring about financial and social stability. In this context, the role of professional organisations is critical and a prime key that allows greater discourse and analysis of issues of national interest; builds consensus and influences the way forward. 

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Juergen Morhard, who was the Guest of Honour on this occasion, pointed out that the theme ‘Good Governance: Challenges and Strategies’, was relevant not only to Sri Lanka but globally.

Whilst highlighting examples from Germany, he said that good governance is the foundation on which a society is built and is essential for the development of a country. He further mentioned that good governance is a sense of exercising state power responsibly as a concept which encompasses democratic involvement of the people, civil society participation and fundamentally the rule of law.

The conference highlighted the importance of good governance in the context of empowering people to engage with the government in order to ensure transparency, accountability, following the rule of law, etc., which would result in bring about financial and social stability.

Professionals were challenged to play a more decisive role in analysing issues of national interest which would ensure good governance in both, Government and the corporate sector and influence the way forward.

The Institute of Management of Sri Lanka proposes to join hands with The Management Club to make every endeavour to pursue in this direction and carry forward the deliberations and reflections of the National Management Conference – 2015.