Excitement continues as Lux excels with ‘Suwadaka Siwu Abarana’

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  • Jewellery designer Harshini speaks about Lux’ latest innovation

As the excitement that surrounds Unilever’s iconic beauty brand Lux heightens as a result of their latest promotion ‘Lux Suwadaka Siwu Abarana’, where Lux consumers now have the opportunity of winning for themselves an exquisitely crafted piece of jewellery that can be worn as it is, or as a pendant, a pair of earrings as well as a ring, and what’s more it contains a signature fragrance co-created by the winner as well, jewellery designer Harshini and Lux’ master perfumers have added to the magic that is and always will be Lux! 

Fragrances tell a story and each ingredient is a character, each note, a word, with the best of fragrances, fine fragrances, evolving as they are immersed into your skin. 

 “Creating the best Lux perfumes ever is a continuing journey of exploration and imagination – because the Lux woman isn’t easily defined. To do her justice, you have to find the scent equivalent of her sassiness, her strength,” says Lux Brand Manager Inura Jayasuriya. 

“The opportunity for Lux to create perfumes inspired by Sri Lankan women is such a compelling idea, as here women express themselves so subtly; there’s so much under the surface. There’s a wonderful mystery about Sri Lankan women that I think the Lux perfume could do justice to.”

“It’s a chance to feel iconic; only a few women in history have ever had the honour of being captured in scent – Marilyn Monroe, for example,” said Jayasuriya. She went on to say that 25 lucky women in Sri Lanka will have the opportunity to become a part of that elite club; namely they will be the owners of the rarest perfumes ever, a piece of beauty history. That’s the power of Lux, to make you feel limitless, to feel celebrated in every moment, to bloom better than ever before.

As for this unique piece of jewellery, designing the jewellery that encases the rarest of perfumes in the world is a tall order! Like the perfumes it will hold, this item of jewellery is an expression of the amazing character of the Lux woman. It is her timeless charm, her versatility, the way she looks delicate but stays strong, her ability to adapt yet stay true to herself, to play different roles with the same beauty and integrity that this unique piece of jewellery will embody. “The earrings, ring and necklace are all facets of the same core – inspired by French Roses in Lux perfume. They blossom out of golden vines that encapsulate the perfume, and bloom into pieces that adorn your ears, neck and hand. It’s a testament to the ultimate Lux woman – who is constantly drawn to the treasures within herself, so she can bring them out and add more value to the world in various ways,” says jewellery designer Harshini who has been given the amazing task of designing this iconic piece of jewellery. Jewellery designer Harshini herself is a former miss Sri Lanka and no novice to the allures of beauty and femininity that Lux embodies in its task of reaching out to all women who are unapologetically feminine. 

“We hope that with this piece of iconic history, this world’s first jewellery perfume bottle innovation, Lux can inspire that in 25 women. Ignite that moment when she feels she can stop looking elsewhere, and find the confidence she needs from within to be anything she wants to be,” said Jayasuriya. What more could a girl want? Surround yourself in all that is magically Lux, as ‘Lux Suwadaka Siwu Abarana’ creates yet another milestone in Lux’ unique and star studded history.  “So hurry up and send in your Lux wrappers and be a part of the ‘Lux Suwadaka Siwu Abarana’ promotion,” said Jayasuriya.