CJS showcases equestrian grandeur of an era past

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An equestrian sport that has its origins in ancient Babylon, Syria and Egypt and a strong presence at the Greek Olympics in 648 BC, thoroughbred horse racing became the Sport of Kings when the Roman Empire and later aristocrats and royalty made it the preferred pastime for the upper echelons of society. Undoubtedly, horse racing events evolved to epitomise style, elegance and sophistication and over centuries, ladies donned their finest to turn heads at these events with their ground breaking fashions.  

Thaha Cassim, whose dream of creating exquisite jewellery that surely augmented unmatched beauty and elegance, firmly entrenched this aspiration into the very foundations Colombo Jewellery Stores (CJS), which at its birth in 1922, was very much in the throes of the 1920s revolutionary fashion trends. It was also an era when women came into their own, donning their beauty, grace and elegance as a mantle of power, a concept that the progressive Cassim comprehended well. These traits became the flag bearers for CJS which thereafter, through the decades, saw this flagship high-end jewellery store become sought after by elite trendsetting fashionistas.  

Into this equation, Thaha Cassim infused his other passion, horses, given that he not only bred and owned magnificent thoroughbreds, but raced them too. Exclusive Jewellery and thoroughbred horses is surely an invincible combination when it comes to setting trends, prompting style and epitomising elegance. Cassim successfully and effortlessly blended all three, when in 1951, his favourite steed, ‘Golden Buckles’, galloped ahead of his contenders to proudly and gracefully don the winning crown.  To Cassim, this was diadem that was emblematic of all CJS stood for excellence and ground breaking. And in honour of Golden Buckles, Cassim created and designed a one of a kind timepiece, with the expertise of a renowned Swiss watchmaker in 1951.

Taking this legacy of the CJS founder’s passion for these magnificent horses and in particular Golden Buckles’ unique persona that swathes beauty, elegance, glamour and most of all undying spirit, all very much within the fundamental rudiments of this exquisite jewellery store, CJS now climbs a new realm. As a tribute to the visionary and creative Thaha Cassim, CJS unveiled its newest collection, ‘Perpetual Grace’, signifying the eternal grace that is an inherent hallmark in horses who, for centuries have carried their grace with pride, panache and understated elan. In an elegantly themed event at the apt ‘The Stables’ at Park Street Mews, the beautiful and elegant CJS Brand Ambassador and award winning Bollywood movie star Jacqueline Fernandez, an ideologue of stylish chic and dazzling appeal, became the muse for Thaha Cassim’s incendiary passion for horses and thus, the maven to showcase the ‘Perpetual Grace Collection’.

Visiting Sri Lanka especially to unveil the Perpetual Grace Collection, she articulated her preference for beauty, elegance and exclusive craftsmanship which is very synonymous with CJS.  “This beautiful collection opens yet another chapter in the relationship that CJS has forged in the annals of high fashion jewellery. I’m so honoured to be a part of the legacy that has been founded by Thaha Cassim and to traverse through a journey that continues to reiterate the core brand values and brand promise of CJS, while forging new boundaries and new horizons in exclusive and very glamorous jewellery.”

Adding to Jacqueline’s statements, Chairman of CJS Akram Cassim emotively stated that CJS will continue to strengthen and nurture the legacy of his grandfather. “Thaha Cassim was a man who believed in excellence in whatever he did. He did not believe in compromise and this he carried through to CJS which is what you see; the strength of a legacy that becomes more than a fashion accessory; it is about telling a story that brings to life the country’s rich colonial tapestry, while infusing uncompromising quality and exclusivity into design that suits individual tastes.”

Pix by Sameera Wijesinghe