Calorie Counter debuts in Colombo

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With numerous reports of celebrity diets and amazing figure changes, it is easy for us normal folk to assume what really makes for change. The right approach to a fit body and good health is maintaining a balance of regular workouts as well as eating more nutritious meals, but the challenge has been to find expertly-formulated, healthy meals in Colombo. Now, a health restaurant concept, dedicated to living a fit life will soon make its debut and meet this need. Calorie Counter by Duaine Peiris a healthy food restaurant concept, will shortly open doors in Thimbirigasaya, Colombo. Get set to take away or be served specially formulated meals which come with a full breakdown of nutritional and calorie information. Prepared with both the customer’s tastes and healthy lifestyle in mind, all meals use only the most nutritious of ingredients and exclude unhealthy preparation styles that overly rely on sauces, condiments, etc. This restaurant concept is not a passing fad but a living testimony to the founder, Duaine’s own transformation from a mundane existence and overbearing gait to a fit personality. Calorie Counter has the personal involvement of founder Duaine, who is a healthy living ambassador par excellence, offering customers, advice on eating right and positive body transformation. He is uniquely qualified to provide this advice, with his track record of having slimmed down by 45 kg in just two years, without resorting to extreme dieting or surgeries; so restaurant customers can be assured of the best result in consultation with him. “There is no such thing as an easy fix if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, in a sustainable, long term way. Eating right, exercising regularly and being disciplined and moderate in all things is not just a healthy living concept, but a way of life you have to embrace to live a long and productive life,” says Duaine. At Calorie Counter diners are given the opportunity to meet renowned nutritionists, an on-board doctor and a cardiologist regularly sharing their advice, to help the customers to devise the best combination of food to suit their requirements. In addition to ensure best in class methods of preparation, Calorie Counter is equipped its kitchen with a state of the art German Rational Oven preserving wholesome nutrition of food to effortlessly make delightful meals. Enthusiastic figure conscious diners can now enjoy this one-of-a-kind healthy restaurant that will certainly change the eating patterns to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The team at Calorie Counter is committed to give the most accurate calorie count on each dish on offer to make sure the diners know their daily calorie intake and make adjustments to achieve the perfect balance.