The new face of Soorya: Yashodha Wimaladharma appointed as Brand Ambassador

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By Safna Malik

Sun Match Company, a pioneer in the production of wax-coated safety matches in Sri Lanka, officially announced the renowned Sri Lankan actress Yashodha Wimaladharma as the brand ambassador for their flagship brand ‘Soorya.’ The announcement took place grandly at the Cinnamon Grand hotel last week in Colombo.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Sun Match Company and Yashodha Wimaladharma, marking the beginning of a promising partnership, and a milestone in the history of the company.

Addressing the gathering, Sun Match Company Executive Chairman Deshamanya Suri Rajan highlighted the journey of evolution that their flagship brand ‘Soorya’ has undergone throughout the years and how successfully they have gained a credible reputation and trust of consumers across the country for the past 40 years.

Rajan also expressed his excitement about appointing Yashodha as the brand ambassador which was a strategic move by the Sun Match Company to enhance the brand’s visibility and to reach a wider audience.

He emphasised his trust on Sri Lankan award winning actress Yashodha Wimaladharma’s impressive reputation and popularity in the film industry, which will help the brand to build a strong relationship with consumers, which will also reinforce the trust and loyalty that the company has earned over the years.

He said as the brand ambassador for Soorya, Yashodha Wimaladharma will represent the brand across various platforms, including advertising campaigns. Wimaladharma’s positive image in Sri Lanka makes her an ideal fit for the brand. Overall, this partnership is set to create a significant impact in the market, and both parties are eagerly anticipating the journey ahead.

Speaking about the history and achievements of the Soorya brand, Sun Match Company Group Marketing Director Gowri Rajan said, in the early ’20s, the use of wooden matchsticks was widespread, until a new innovation was introduced to the Sri Lankan match industry – the wax match stick. “And it was none other than my late father T.R. Rajan who brought this revolutionary product to the market. My father T.R. Rajan, a businessman with a keen eye for innovation, recognised the potential and the need for wax matches,” she added.

She said the first wax-coated safety matches were introduced to the market under the brand name ‘Soorya.’ Today, Soorya matches have become the market leaders in Sri Lanka, with an island-wide distribution supported by a fully automated sales and distribution system.

Speaking about the certifications, she said being a leading manufacturer of the sustainable household products, the Soorya brand received the first-ever SLS (Sri Lanka Standards) certification.

The SLS certification is a prestigious recognition that has been awarded to Sun Match Company that complies with the national standards set by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution. The certification process involves a rigorous evaluation of the company’s manufacturing processes, product quality, safety, and environmental impact.

SLS certification is a significant achievement for the company, as it is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and it shows that as a company Sun Match was committed to delivering products that are not only effective but also safe for use, she added.

She said, there was a growing concern about the use of toxic chemicals in everyday products, including incense sticks. That’s why they introduced 14 non-toxic incense sticks, which are made with natural and sustainable ingredients that are safe for both humans and the planet.

These non-toxic incense sticks come in a variety of fragrances, from floral to woody scents. Sun Match has always been at the forefront of innovation like drip less candles, and she said they are set to introduce another new product by this year to the Sri Lankan market.

Rajan shared reasons why Sun Match Company decided to appoint Yashoda Wimaladharma, saying, “She is a combination of traditional and contemporary charm that makes for a perfect match to represent our brand. Yashodha’s positive image in Sri Lanka makes her an ideal fit for the brand.”

Yashoda Wimaladharma, a well-known public figure and an influencer, shared her reasons to become the brand ambassador for the Sun Match Company. She believes that the scent of incense can help to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. By promoting the use of incense sticks in homes and workplaces, Yashoda hopes to encourage people to prioritise their mental and emotional health.

She said, “The Soorya brand embodies values that resonate with my own life, such as authenticity, hope, trust, and reliability. As someone who takes responsibility for my actions and endorsements, I am very selective about whom I choose to work with, and I am thrilled that we have joined forces. My personal values align perfectly with those of the brand, and I always strive to stay true to my soul and innermost beliefs. I am delighted to be associated with a brand that shares the same principles as I do and look forward to promoting it with sincerity and dedication.” 

By partnering with a company that shares her values, she hopes to inspire others to make more conscious choices in their own lives and promote a more sustainable and equitable world, she added.

By Shehan Gunasekera