Mega Lifesciences promotes Glow

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Nutritious food and beverages at the right time and right amount are a must for a healthy life. Correct nutritional habits keep your body in good function, help growth in your body and build your personality. There are specific nutrients designated to specific parts of the body. Among them your skin is prominent. 

Skin is the largest body organ which gives protection and attraction to your body. It is important to protect your skin from all internal and external harmful impacts and nourish it with due nutritional habits to keep your skin healthy.

Sun rays cause 90% of skin damages and lead to skin infections, discoloration, wrinkles, dark spots and scars. According to medical experts, to refrain from all those skin conditions and maintain a healthy, bright skin, extra care must be given to your skin.

Internationally acclaimed company, ‘Mega Lifesciences’ has introduced many products helpful to keep your body healthy: ‘Glow’, a nutritional supplement is very popular in many countries in keeping human skin healthy and radiant. Glow protects your skin from sunlight, minimising skin damage. It also provides nutrition to keep your skin healthy and bright. The nutritional elements included in ‘Glow’ enhances skin brightness and colour and also the softness of your skin. Glow is enriched with natural plant extracts, marine proteins, horsetail extract, green tea extract, collagen, natural vitamin ‘C’ and ‘E’, natural beta carotene, pine bark extract, grape seed extract and many other internationally accepted essential nutrients. Glow has been clinically proven for its content and effectiveness by the internationally acclaimed beauty products researcher, ‘Spin Control institute’ in France.

According to the Spin Control institute’s research, continuous two months usage of Glow enhances your natural skin colour by 41% while enhancing brightness by 21%. It also help to increase skin luminosity by 51% while enhancing transparency by 51%. Using a Glow capsule in morning and night after meals will keep your skin healthy, radiant and smooth.

Mega Lifesciences was launched in 1983 and operates in over 32 countries. The company has earned the trust of thousands of people with their medicinal products. With the theme of ‘Human wellness’ the company operates by identifying tomorrow’s needs today and developing their products to fulfil the needs of consumers. Mega Lifesciences has already introduced many products that has earned the trust of thousands of consumers in international markets.