Culinary maestro Dominique Schrotter to entice diners to London Grill with bountiful dishes

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From left: Dilan Wijeratne, Tharindu Weerasinghe, Kapila Jayasinghe, Dominique Schrotter and Marcq Wijeratne



By Zahida Rizvi

Executive Chef Dominique Schrotter 

Cinnamon Grand Colombo teams up with Switzerland’s culinary maestro, Dominique Schrotter to deliver a specially crafted dining experience at the venerable London Grill.

Chef Schrotter had obtained a passion for food at a young age and brought “La Riva”, to life with a flavourful range of dishes, which is a 1 Michelin star, in Switzerland. Schrotter’s distinctive culinary and aesthetic abilities and cooking techniques have been shaped by many foreign cuisines. Culinary teams for the British Summer Olympics and, more recently, the British Monarch were fortunate enough to include Chef Schrotter.

Dominique hails from a family of restaurateurs that shares a passion for gastronomy passed down through all of the generations. He has since broadened his culinary experience by traveling and teaching in Bangkok and Singapore, and he has developed a particular fondness for East Asian cuisine.

“My mother is a chef and I grew up in an environment where food played a prominent role in my life, and the kitchen is my happy place,” says Switzerland’s Gourmet Chef of Michelin-starred “La Riva”, Dominique Schrotter.

The London Grill’s menu will feature dishes that express a special fondness for East Asian cuisine, and diners will gain insight into Chef Schrotter’s distinctive ability to mix mouthwatering wines with mouthwatering cuisine.

“There is a different taste in each country as they represent a different culture, and I like to explore it and the menu made for the Grill, Colombo carries my signature dishes,” explains Schrotter to Daily FT.

Schrotter continues to speak warmly to Daly FT, about Jeremy Pang’s Asian Kitchen program, which was his all-time favourite as a child. As he continued on his culinary journey, he met Gordon Ramsey and shared his culinary experience with him, describing Ramsey’s cuisine as brilliant.

“My cooking philosophy combines French and Eastern cooking, as the dishes consist of similar ingredients but the technique differs for each dish,” stated Schrotter.

Moreover, a traditional French cuisine with a modern twist will be presented by Schrotter in Colombo, to showcase the unique style of dishes that the culinary maestro specialises in and with an aim to give the people a revitalizing experience on the artful nouvelle cuisine.

Dominque started his training under renowned chef Robert Haupt in “Flühigasse,” then he broadened his knowledge with Rolf Grob at Gasthof Rössli in Lindau, before being pulled to the great wide world and visiting, among other places, Australia and Bangkok. He worked as Juan Costa’s deputy chef de cuisine when he returned to Zurich. Before becoming the head chef at the Caprice hotel, he worked as a sous chef to transform the Breitenloo golf club restaurant into a fine dining establishment.

- Pix by Ruwan Walpola