Swedens top health care systems firm expands Software Engineering Division in Sri Lanka

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One of the largest healthcare systems providers in Sweden, Cambio Healthcare Systems has set up a research and development centre in Sri Lanka and is now poised to expand further with the vision of being the leading healthcare systems provider in the Nordic regions.

“Cambio Healthcare Systems is currently one of the largest e-Health providers in the market with a total of approximately 85,000 licenses sold. Doctors, nurses and administrative staff use Cambio COSMIC daily at hospitals, teaching hospitals, medical centres and specialist units all over Europe,” Cambio Software Systems Sri Lanka Head Dharshana Jayawardena said, adding “Cambio’s vision is to create healthcare solutions that support exceptional care at every stage of a person´s life and thus health care systems functionality is as complex as the human body and is constantly expanding, also aided and abetted by new technologies; especially with advances in the mobile and tablet industries.

Today Cambio COSMIC consists of fully integrated functions within patient administration and clinical healthcare support.

Regardless of where they are used, all functions share the fundamental product vision of Cambio COSMIC- a focus on patient safety, effective care and clinical benefit. With an ISO 9001 certification, Cambio’s design of platform-based open systems, public interfaces and standard solutions , offer major customer benefits such as higher quality and more efficient medical services, shorter lead times in healthcare processes, greater patient participation and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Jayawardena further stated, “As an expanding software engineering company in Sri Lanka, Cambio has already contributed significantly towards the local economy by job creation and foreign exchange revenue, having provided job opportunities for 200 persons in Sri Lanka at the moment after expanding from a start of just a dozen software engineers in 2005.”

Giving employment opportunities for local graduates from both public and private universities and colleges, the company is always on the lookout for fresh talent and new thinking. “Cambio believes that its employees are at the core of the company’s success. Therefore we support individuals to achieve both personal and professional goals. We are an equal opportunity organisation and promote gender diversity. The company believes that a balance between personal and professional life must be maintained and therefore presents realistic deadlines and offers flexible working options in a safe and enterprising work environment,” explained Jayawardena.

He added, “We use a combination of training and mentoring to enable staff to identify and utilise their inherent leadership skills and reinforce the company’s commitment to developing Sri Lankan talent.” Jayawardena noted that Cambio is continuously focusing on ‘people-driven’ strategies and that has made a difference in the business as well as in the lives of employees. Asserting that the company offers challenging and diverse careers that include short term international assignments in the Nordic region, he also stated that employees in Cambio Sri Lanka received a truly international experience working day to day with their colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and UK.  Also through an ambassador program, Cambio ensures close cultural interaction by offering a few people in each office in countries where cambio operates, work opportunities in other countries.

Jayawardena pointed out, “Following the positive response from our markets, Cambio is expanding globally and we in Sri Lanka will also move forward keeping pace with our international operations.”  Basing its standards on high values of reliability, team spirit, innovativeness, respect, commitment and honesty, Cambio is an ideal work environment for those who would step up for challenges.

“The company is poised for growth and we are constantly looking at talented software engineers with the same values we have and who aspire to reach high and would work hard to realise their goals” he said.