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SRI LANKA Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (SLCERT| CC) has endorsed ‘What the Hack?’ corporate IT security seminar organised by CICRA Institute of Education on 27 September in Colombo.

 “We have partnered with CICRA Institute of Education to further our mission by conducting a workshop titled ‘What the Hack’ for the benefit of top management of the Sri Lankan corporates including CEOs, COOs, Human Resource Managers, IT Managers and the university academia to raise awareness among them on the IT security risks and how to take preventive measures,” SLCERT|CC Chief Operating Officer Lal Dias said.

Dias said that their vision includes protection of Information Technology users in the Public and Private Sector Organisations and the General Public by providing up-to-date information on potential threats and vulnerabilities and by undertaking computer emergency response handling services; and to act as the most authoritative national source for all ICT security related issues across the nation.

Meanwhile, CICRA Director/CEO Boshan Dayaratne saidthat it is reported that thousands of systems are being attacked around the world daily. No web sites or systems are 100 percent safe. Even with high-level security, there is always a weakness. “It is war out there!” Dayaratne said.

“Malicious hackers are waiting to attack with every live application that an organisation brings online. Hackers are using new tactics to disguise their malicious code, trying to outsmart security controls... Are you going to just wait, watch, and wait?” Dayaratne said.

Following the seminar, participants will learn how to instillbetter practices and assist in creating good security habits in their corporates; they can also learn how to influence positive behavioral change for all employees towards cyber security awareness, and to make users aware of information security threats and vulnerabilities. The participants will also learn how to teach IT users in the corporate sector secure habits that will promote a secure environment; to help their organisations to avoid an information security breach; and how to create a more secure environment with users understanding the various threats that exist in the cyber world today.

The seminar will also talk about how to meet and pass corporate audit requirements for information security awareness training - compliance.

CICRA is an accredited training center of EC-Council, USA.

EC-Council qualifications are recognised by the US Department of Defence.