DCS International offers ESET to mitigate cybercrime

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The quote ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ stands true in most instances in life and business. With the advancing of technology, to heights never imagined before, crimes that are associated with technology are also on a rise.

Cybercrimes are identified among the fastest growing threats in the society and have placed immense responsibility on organisations associated with technology to come up with systems and software’s to mitigate this ever rising challenge.

DCS International, formed in 2002 with the focus on ‘protecting the net’ as stated in its tagline, has over the years introduced a number of information security products focusing on specific requirements in the field ,such as protection against malware, securing data and ensuring confidential information remain classified.

The company partnered in 2009 with ESET, a leading anti-malware solution. DCS International Director Shihan Annon explaining the benefits of the software stated, that the beauty of ESET is that being an anti-malware, it does not consume resources, which is well suited to the local context of IT Infrastructure solutions.

“Any organisation’s first level defence should be protecting their end point assets and therefore with ESET, the first level of protection focus is given to organisations and businesses,” he stated.

He further affirmed that finance is an obvious target for such attacks, whilst noting that mobile device attacks are also growing at a rapid speed. “As most of the sensitive personal/corporate data reside in it, we can safely assume attacks tend to grow and vulnerability of such devices are high , whilst protections mechanisms will also have a great demand due to this situation,” he said.

He also pointed out that infrastructure-based attacks as seen in the recent past , with incidents reported in disabling massive power plants, commuters systems (railway, motor traffic etc), and Government entities are also likely to be under threat.

“Most of the countries are adapting offensive and defensive mechanisms which they believe to be next the historic milestone of world evolution. This will eventually be seen as the next super power. This is now known as Cyber warfare. According to statistics, ‘Cyber Mafia’ or the underworld cyber crime market, is much bigger than the entire world security market space, which is believed to be US$ 20 billion. It ranges from customising virus to Botnet supply for DDOS attacks on hourly rate basis ,which can be used to paralyse even an entire nation,” said Annon.

Speaking on how often such crimes take place, he stated that it depends on countries and different contexts. In a local context, there is an attempt of intrusion every 20-30min, Annon acknowledged.

“However in some countries we have seen intrusions every 10 or 20 seconds. Most of the organisations lack complete awareness and visibility. In case of theft, you can see physical appearance or some form of footprint for forensic analysis. But in the cyber world things are intangible and invisible, so most of the organisations tend to think they are safe and that there are no specific reasons to target them. What is shocking is that most organisations do not even know there is an intrusion and when information is being leaked, until there is massive disruption of infrastructure or monetary loss,” explained Annon.

“Organisations therefore must give high priority for awareness and education of cyber crimes, especially to executive staff,” he asserted, adding that it does not make sense to have high technologies in the companies, unless those within the company are aware of the threats and the uses of the systems.

In this regard, DCS International offers a total system solution to companies to upgrade their systems and be updated on such issues, so as to take immediate steps in case of a cyber crime.

Annon also affirmed that DCS was very keen to explore the R&D facility for cyber security and stated that the company would be introducing new product lines for the next level of defence for information security.