Colombo’s leading tech outfit, Leapset Engineering, rebrands as CAKE LABS

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After having changed its name in the US from Leapset to CAKE, the Silicon Valley firm’s engineering arm, Leapset Engineering, has been renamed and branded as CAKE LABS. CAKE LABS is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Sri Lanka and the rise of CAKE LABS has been meteoric, turning them into one of the major players in the country’s tech sector in a very short period of time. The rebrand also allows for an even closer connection to Silicon Valley, bringing the innovation and disruption to Colombo.

Expressing his thoughts on the initiative, Managing Director of CAKE LABS and Senior Vice President Engineering, Shanil Fernando stated, “Rebranding Leapset Engineering to CAKE LABS was an important and necessary step for us. It not only aligns us with the rebrand of our parent company, CAKE, but more importantly allows us to be a Silicon Valley-style company in Sri Lanka. In our engineering efforts, we use and implement the same leading edge technologies that companies like Facebook, Apple and Google use, and we build truly disruptive solutions for the restaurant industry.” 

CAKE LABS is part of CAKE Corporation and is building a restaurant technology platform. CAKE Corporation itself is a part of the restaurant industry giant Sysco (NYSE: SYY), a Fortune 500 company. 

CAKE’s platform provides several nationally available, integrated solutions that are disrupting the restaurant industry by revolutionizing the merchant-customer relationship.  According to CAKE’s CEO Mani Kulasooriya, “Technology has the power to change lives and disrupt industries, and that is the kind of technology we build. In order to achieve this we look at the touch points in the merchant-customer relationship. How do you find a restaurant? How do you make a reservation? How do you pay and what makes you come back again? Our vision is to make this process easier and to be an essential part of it”. 

CAKE’s platform has already processed over $1 billion dollars of transactions though its Point of Sale System and seated more than 45 million guests through its Guest Manager Reservation System. 

To power and evolve this platform, CAKE LABS is attracting world class engineering talent in Sri Lanka. The result is no accident and can be linked to the strong focus of CAKE LABS becoming a “Silicon Valley” innovator. Fernando further pointed out, “In Silicon valley, engineers don’t choose to join a company based on what language they code in or what framework they use, they join companies that are changing the world and re-imagining the way entire industries function. We are one of the only companies in Sri Lanka that offers an engineer that experience. With our rebrand to CAKE LABS, we will place even more emphasis on this competitive advantage.” CAKE LABS is also one of the few technology companies in Sri Lanka that produces full-stack engineers; engineers who are not just proficient in one area or language but who have an end-to-end understanding of the technology necessary to build products. Working in small, agile, autonomous teams, it allows their engineers to look at real world problems and develop tech solutions for them.

CAKE LABS (Pvt) Ltd is the Sri Lankan based engineering and operations engine behind the integrated restaurant technology platform CAKE. CAKE Corporation, based in Silicon Valley (Redwood City, CA, USA), is a part of the fortune 500 company Sysco.

Pix by Lasantha Kumara