NCINGA launches Cloud native autonomous SOC service

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  • Available from any location solution to solve cybersecurity challenges

Global technology solutions provider NCINGA has announced the launch of its autonomous Security Operations Centre (SOC) service offering.

Unlike conventional SOC, NCINGA’s SOC services are available from any location (rather than being limited to a fixed location) and cloud native. Meeting today’s cybersecurity needs is not solely a technical challenge – but a business problem that relies on the harmonising of technology, processes, and people to solve these challenges in a methodical way. Combatting and protecting futuristic connectivity trends in a more intelligence-centric manner require continuous integration, autonomous technologies. 

Accordingly, NCINGA’s autonomous SOC is underpinned by the three pillars of data, analytics, and community. This service offers complete data visibility, scalability, interoperability, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered analytics, autonomous investigations, and attack stories. The NCINGA team will also share their extensive industry experience, best practices, and security content.

The team behind SOC comprises detection engineers who work closely with developers and identifies threats from the event source to the machine first before it affects individuals and organisations. 

Other benefits of NCINGA’s autonomous SOC include ability to host and deploy security operation services quickly from anywhere with lower false positives due to the use of AI/ML driven analytical capabilities, the 24/7 availability of the detection team to ensure effectiveness and quick responses to incidents and built-in distributed architecture concept (with distributed systems, processing, and computing) that provides better scalability and faster availability at a lower cost.

Moreover, NCINGA’s approach to SOC and the use of new technologies have enabled it to transform service delivery, keeping abreast with the wider evolution of SOC to an increasingly cloud-based, analytics driven function. 

The following are available from NCINGA as a part of its SOC service: Cloud platforms, observability apps, and other cloud services (besides firewalls and load balancers); virtual devices and container functions, and SaaS services monitoring (besides on-premise services) and new micro-segments and virtual interconnects (besides accounts and resource groups).

NCINGA Cybersecurity Vice President Aruna Malalasena said: “We believe that businesses need robust digital experiences that are closely linked to cybersecurity. It is critical that we assist our customers in taking advantage of the transformative power of today’s advanced technologies. “Machine-to-machine intelligence, informed by AI, excels at augmenting human response, which determine many, if not all, of these outcomes. Coupled with platform-independent content, ranging from alerts and threat detection to playbooks, that is readily available from the global security community, a SOC can shift the odds in its favour while mitigating threats in real time. NCINGA’s autonomous and cloud-native SOC service has been designed with both current and emerging cybersecurity challenges in mind.”